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Canada vs U.A.E., at King City, , Jul 06 2007 - Full Scorecard

King City (SE), July 06 - 08, 2007, ICC Intercontinental Cup

Canada won by an innings and 228 runs

Player Of The Match
7/42 & 5/51
U.A.E. 1st Innings
Canada 1st Innings
U.A.E. 2nd Innings
Match Flow
United Arab Emirates 1st Innings 
c †Mulla b Welsh361041594034.61
c Qaiser Ali b Welsh44700100.00
c Barnett b Welsh421301019.04
c †Mulla b Welsh011000.00
lbw b Welsh038000.00
c †Mulla b Welsh29110022.22
c Barnett b Sandher2245523048.88
c †Mulla b Osinde01528000.00
lbw b Osinde1118272061.11
not out 22162340137.50
b Welsh0316000.00
Extras(b 5, lb 2, w 4)11
TOTAL39.5 Ov (RR: 2.81, 184 Mins)112
Fall of wickets: 1-6 (Arshad Ali, 1.4 ov), 2-15 (Naeemuddin Aslam, 9.3 ov), 3-15 (Saqib Ali, 9.4 ov), 4-16 (Khurram Khan, 11.1 ov), 5-20 (Javed Ismail, 13.2 ov), 6-61 (Shadeep Silva, 25.5 ov), 7-79 (Umar Dar, 32.3 ov), 8-87 (Gayan Silva, 35.1 ov), 9-107 (Mohammad Tauqir, 38.5 ov), 10-112 (Zahid Shah, 39.5 ov)
32.3 to Umar Dar, Caught Behind shorter one, tried to steer away on the back foot, outer edge, direct to the keeper, Osinde at last got one. 79/7
38.5 to Mohammad Tauqir, Gone! shorter deliver on the middle stump, tried to work it away towards square leg, missed, loud appeal and Umpire Dill raised the finger after taking some time. 107/9
1.4 to Arshad Ali, Taken him short one, outer edger, went straight to Qaiser Ali at first slip. 6/1
9.3 to Naeemuddin Aslam, Gone; tried to play forward again, this time there's an outside edge, went straight to Barnett at second slip, another wicket for Welsh. 15/2
9.4 to Saqib Ali, Another wicket snicked it to the keeper, Ashif Mulla, Welsh is on a Hat Trick. 15/3
11.1 to Khurram Khan, Another one for Welsh; rapped him on the front pad, Umpire Young did not have any problem giving him out lbw, UAE in trouble this morning. 16/4
13.2 to Javed Ismail, Gone another caught behind, went on the back foot to a good length delivery, snicked to the keeper, that's Welsh's fifth wicket in his seventh over of the morning, super stuff. 20/5
35.1 to HSGS Silva, Gone Silva gave away an easy one to Mulla at the back, shorter one, wanted to steer away, another wicket to Welsh's tally. 87/8
39.5 to Zahid Shah, BOWLED HIM Over pitched, tried to drive it to the on side, ball beat the bat and shook the middle stump. 112/10
25.5 to EHSN Silva, Taken him! fuller length, played it on front foot, tried to send it over the top of short mid wicket, Barnett went under it and took a simple one, another UAE wicket falls. 61/6
Canada 1st Innings 
c Khurram Khan b Javed Ismail2990022.22
lbw b Ahmed Nadeem1230050.00
c †HSGS Silva b Javed Ismail712092979033.97
b Zahid Shah42951326044.21
lbw b Javed Ismail1019131052.63
c †HSGS Silva b Mohammad Tauqir871031289284.46
not out 14117121825082.45
c †HSGS Silva b Javed Ismail324360012.50
lbw b Zahid Shah034000.00
b Zahid Shah641151577155.65
c sub (Qasim Zubair) b Zahid Shah011000.00
Extras(b 5, lb 5, nb 10, w 9)29
TOTAL123.3 Ov (RR: 3.64, 508 Mins)450
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Aftab Shamsudeen, 0.5 ov), 2-3 (Geoff Barnett, 1.6 ov), 3-70 (Qaiser Ali, 33.1 ov), 4-82 (Hemnarine Chattergoon, 37.1 ov), 5-223 (Ashif Mulla, 70.4 ov), 6-235 (Trevin Bastiampillai, 73.4 ov), 7-265 (Steven Welsh, 81.4 ov), 8-270 (Durand Soraine, 82.6 ov), 9-450 (Kevin Sandher, 123.2 ov), 10-450 (Henry Osinde, 123.3 ov)
0.5 to A Shamshudeen, Gone! good length delivery, pitched on the off, Shamshudeen shouldered arms to leave it alone, ball must have moved in as Umpire Dill didn't have any problem raising his finger to the appeal. 3/1
1.6 to GEF Barnett, Taken shorter one, wanted to steer it away, ball went to the hands of third slip, Canada also in trouble. 3/2
37.1 to H Chattergoon, Given him good length delivery, pitched outside off, Chattergoon shouldered arms, hit him on the front pad, loud appeal, Umpire Yonge took some time and raised his finger. 82/4
73.4 to TC Bastiampillai, Taken short of length outside off, tried to cut it away on the back foot, edged it to the 'keeper. End of a nice and long innings.. 235/6
81.4 to SR Welsh, Given him similar delivery, thicker edge back to the keeper. 265/7
33.1 to Qaiser Ali, Played on lazy defensive shot, inside edge, went on to knock the stumps. 70/3
82.6 to D Soraine, Given him Just short of a length; on the stumps, tried to play forward defensive shot, missed, rapped on the front pad, loud appeal, Umpire Dill took some time before raising the finger. 270/8
123.2 to KT Sandher, BOWLED HIM yorker length, missed it, middle stump gone. That's the end of a very good innings from Sandher and a long partnership of 180 runs.. 450/9
123.3 to H Osinde, That's the end over-pitched, tried to play over the top of mid off, taken well by the fielder there. 450/10
70.4 to AA Mulla, Gone; short of length, outside off, tried to cut it away, thin edge to the 'keeper. End of a handsome partnership. Tauqir was able to provide his team a big breakthrough. 223/5
United Arab Emirates 2nd Innings 
c †Mulla b Osinde021000.00
c †Mulla b Osinde2554973046.29
c Sandher b Welsh431021436042.15
c Shamshudeen b Welsh1223283052.17
c Barnett b Soraine214210014.28
c Dhaniram b Welsh828451028.57
lbw b Soraine021000.00
c Shamshudeen b Welsh514221035.71
c Sandher b Welsh2520040.00
c sub (M Mulla) b Soraine022000.00
not out 4551080.00
Extras(b 1, lb 2, nb 2, w 4)9
TOTAL41.3 Ov (RR: 2.65, 191 Mins)110
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Gayan Silva, 0.2 ov), 2-59 (Arshad Ali, 20.5 ov), 3-85 (Saqib Ali, 27.4 ov), 4-90 (Shadeep Silva, 31.4 ov), 5-90 (Khurram Khan, 32.4 ov), 6-90 (Javed Ismail, 32.6 ov), 7-99 (Umar Dar, 39.1 ov), 8-101 (Mohammad Tauqir, 39.6 ov), 9-101 (Ahmed Nadeem, 40.2 ov), 10-110 (Naeemuddin Aslam, 41.3 ov)
0.2 to HSGS Silva, Taken him!; shorter one, on the off, went on the back foot, tried to cut it away, outer edge went straight back to the 'keeper. Good ball by Henry Osinde. 0/1
20.5 to Arshad Ali, Taken him Short pitched delivery, rising, outside leg, wanted to move away, but the ball brushed his wrist, taken very well by the 'keeper, Mulla. First breakthrough by Osinde this morning. 59/2
27.4 to Saqib Ali, Gone! short of length on the off, wanted to play it towards point, outer edge, taken easily by Shamshudeen at 2nd slip, first wicket for Welsh in this innings. 85/3
31.4 to EHSN Silva, Taken him; just before lunch, outside off, tried to play it over the top of point, but straight went the ball to Sandher stationed there, who took a simple catch near his chest.. 90/4
39.1 to Umar Dar, Another blow good length, on the off, wanted it to steer it away, outer edge went to Shamshudeen at 1st slip. UAE in hopeless situation now.. 99/7
39.6 to Mohammad Tauqir, One more gone!; good length, outside off, tried to play over the top of point, Sandher ran towards point and took a good one. Welsh's 4th wicket in this innings. He has already taken 11 in this match.. 101/8
41.3 to Naeemuddin Aslam, That's all over; over-pitched, on the middle and leg, lofted shot over mid on, taken easily at long on boundary by skipper, Dhaniram. Welsh has taken another 5 for in this match, 12 in total. Brilliant bowling by him.. 110/10
32.4 to Khurram Khan, Taken him; good length, pitched on the off stump, tried to place it between gully and point on the back foot, snicked it to Barnett at 2nd slip, who took an easy catch there. 90/5
32.6 to Javed Ismail, Another Gone!; tried to play a defensive forward stroke to a good length delivery on the middle stump, missed the line, struck him on his front pad, Umpire Roger Dill had no hesitation to raise his finger. 90/6
40.2 to Ahmed Nadeem, over-pitched, on the middle and off, came to the front foot and played it in the air direct to the mid off fielder, Mohsin Mulla, substituting for Osinde. It's just a matter of time for Canada now.. 101/9
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Fri, 06 Jul - day 1 - Canada 1st innings 124/4 (Trevin Bastiampillai 29*, Ashif Mulla 28*, 47 ov)
Sat, 07 Jul - day 2 - U.A.E. 2nd innings 40/1 (Arshad Ali 17*, Shadeep Silva 17*, 15 ov)
Sun, 08 Jul - day 3 - U.A.E. 2nd innings 110 (41.3 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
  • UAE (2) 50 in 17.2 overs
  • UAE (2) 100 in 38.5 overs
  • Scorer and Commentator: Sandeep Harnal
Maple Leaf South-East Ground, Toronto
TossUnited Arab Emirates, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Match days7,8,9,10 July 2007 - day (4-day match)
FC debut
Reserve Umpire
PointsCanada 20, United Arab Emirates 0
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