15th Match, Group 1, Sharjah, October 24, 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(18.5/20 ov, T:172) 172/5

Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)

Bangladesh Innings
Sri Lanka Innings
Match Details
Bangladesh  (20 ovs maximum)
Mohammad Naim c & b B Fernando62528460119.23
Litton Das c Shanaka b Kumara16163320100.00
Shakib Al Hasan  b Karunaratne1071020142.85
Mushfiqur Rahim not out 57376452154.05
Afif Hossain run out (Kumara)761410116.66
Mahmudullah (c)not out 105920200.00
Extras(b 2, lb 3, nb 3, w 1)9
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 8.55)171/4
Fall of wickets: 1-40 (Litton Das, 5.5 ov), 2-56 (Shakib Al Hasan, 7.4 ov), 3-129 (Mohammad Naim, 16.1 ov), 4-150 (Afif Hossain, 18.3 ov)
Chamika Karunaratne301214.0080000
7.4 to Shakib Al Hasan, backs away from leg trying to flick over the leg side but Karunaratne bowls the perfect delivery clipping the top of leg stump. He sprints away into the covers making 100% sure to not be anywhere near Shakib after the unsavory incident following the first wicket.. 56/2
Binura Fernando302719.0063100
16.1 to Mohammad Naim, bangs it in the middle of the pitch. Naim goes for the pull but can only top-edge it straight up. Binura moves under it and completes the catch near short midwicket region. 129/3
Dushmantha Chameera4041010.2545002
Lahiru Kumara402917.25104001
5.5 to Liton Das, Liton tries to get a bit too creative and pays the price. And now some spicy exchange after the catch at mid-off! Kumara and Liton have to be separated as Liton was walking off. Naim comes from behind and pushes Kumara to get away from Liton. The umpires have to hustle forward as the players continue making physical contact, pushing, shoving and trash-talking. The NBA/NFL comes to the T20 World Cup! As for the wicket itself, Liton backed away from leg trying to drive a full ball over the ring but picked out mid-off at head height. That's a footnote in the sequence now that. We may have a lengthy match referee report after play.. 40/1
Charith Asalanka1014014.0013000
Wanindu Hasaranga de Silva302909.6612100
Dasun Shanaka201407.0031010
Sri Lanka  (T: 172 runs from 20 ovs)
Kusal Perera  b Nasum Ahmed1350033.33
Pathum Nissanka  b Shakib Al Hasan24213711114.28
Charith Asalanka not out 80499255163.26
Avishka Fernando  b Shakib Al Hasan032000.00
Wanindu Hasaranga de Silva c Mohammad Naim b Mohammad Saifuddin65710120.00
Bhanuka Rajapaksa  b Nasum Ahmed53314533170.96
Dasun Shanaka (c)not out 11200100.00
Extras(w 7)7
TOTAL18.5 Ov (RR: 9.13)172/5
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Kusal Perera, 0.4 ov), 2-71 (Pathum Nissanka, 8.1 ov), 3-71 (Avishka Fernando, 8.4 ov), 4-79 (Wanindu Hasaranga de Silva, 9.4 ov), 5-165 (Bhanuka Rajapaksa, 18.2 ov)
Nasum Ahmed2.5029210.2341200
0.4 to MDKJ Perera, darts this in flatter and quicker at 100 kph on fourth stump and skids on to beat the slog sweep! Clever change of pace by Nasun and he sets off sprinting to third man in an animated celebration for his first wicket of the T20 World Cup in his first match of the tournament.. 2/1
18.2 to PBB Rajapaksa, bowled 'im! Backs away early and exposes his stumps, allowing the bowler slow it down. Goes for the cut but fails to connect and the ball clatters into the stumps. 165/5
Mahedi Hasan403007.5082120
Mohammad Saifuddin3038112.6654220
9.4 to PWH de Silva, slower ball lands full on the stumps, skies a drive trying to clear midwicket but he's through the shot early on a 112 kph delivery and skies this high to the man coming in off the rope. Too easy for Naim holding on to the chance 15 yards in from the rope.. 79/4
Shakib Al Hasan301725.6680100
8.1 to P Nissanka, who else breaks the partnership but the all-time leader in T20Is?! Flighted full on fourth stump and skids on to beat the sweep. He gave it a little more air this time and threw off Nissanka's timing on the shot. All that experience showing off there by Shakib.. 71/2
8.4 to WIA Fernando, goodness what a momentum swing! To be fair this was an innocuous straight ball that Avishka made look far more challenging than it was. Flighted full on middle and off, Avishka plays around a straight ball that continues on to middle and leg. Another arm ball, or was it just a stock delivery that didn't turn. Either way, that just needed a straight bat but instead Avishka gets too ambitious. Bangladesh won't care though.. 71/3
Mustafizur Rahman302207.3362020
Afif Hossain1015015.0001100
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Sharjah Cricket Stadium
TossSri Lanka, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Sri Lanka
Charith Asalanka
Match numberT20I no. 1357
Match days24 October 2021 - day (20-over match)
South Africa
Adrian Holdstock
West Indies
Joel Wilson
TV Umpire
Michael Gough
Reserve Umpire
Rod Tucker
Match Referee
Javagal Srinath
PointsSri Lanka 2, Bangladesh 0
  • Bangladesh innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 41 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Bangladesh: 50 runs in 6.3 overs (41 balls), Extras 2
  • Drinks: Bangladesh - 72/2 in 10.0 overs (Mohammad Naim 40, Mushfiqur Rahim 4)
  • Bangladesh: 100 runs in 13.4 overs (84 balls), Extras 2
  • Mohammad Naim: 50 off 44 balls (4 x 4)
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 38 balls (Mohammad Naim 27, Mushfiqur Rahim 24, Ex 0)
  • Bangladesh: 150 runs in 18.1 overs (111 balls), Extras 5
  • Mushfiqur Rahim: 50 off 32 balls (4 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Innings Break: Bangladesh - 171/4 in 20.0 overs (Mushfiqur Rahim 57, Mahmudullah 10)
  • Sri Lanka innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 54 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Sri Lanka: 50 runs in 5.4 overs (34 balls), Extras 2
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 30 balls (P Nissanka 17, KIC Asalanka 31, Ex 2)
  • Drinks: Sri Lanka - 79/4 in 9.4 overs (KIC Asalanka 45)
  • Over 10.1: Review by Bangladesh (Bowling), Umpire - AT Holdstock, Batter - KIC Asalanka (Struck down)
  • Sri Lanka: 100 runs in 12.3 overs (75 balls), Extras 4
  • KIC Asalanka: 50 off 32 balls (4 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • 5th Wicket: 50 runs in 33 balls (KIC Asalanka 19, PBB Rajapaksa 30, Ex 4)
  • Sri Lanka: 150 runs in 16.2 overs (98 balls), Extras 7
  • PBB Rajapaksa: 50 off 28 balls (3 x 4, 3 x 6)
Win Probability
SL 100%
100%50%100%BAN InningsSL Innings

Over 19 • SL 172/5

Bhanuka Rajapaksa b Nasum Ahmed 53 (31b 3x4 3x6 45m) SR: 170.96
Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
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Sri Lanka Innings
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