11th Match, First Round Group A, Sharjah, Oct 22 2021, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(18.3/20 ov)126/2
Namibia won by 8 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
28* (14) & 2/22

5.30pm Goosebumps watching the Namibians celebrating, and the heartstrings tug at seeing the despondent Irish camp. The Ireland team have been great at global tournaments, always making the neutrals root for them, but Namibia have produced their greatest moment in the history of their cricket today. A historic day. And we can only hope that the tournament produces more such historic moments. Namibia now move to the group that has India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Scotland and Afghanistan. Wish them all the best as we sign off from ESPNcricinfo. But if you're craving for more cricket, just head here for the Netherlands v Sri Lanka match. Sri Lanka looking to iron out their creases and Netherlands trying to sign off with a win.

Andrew Balbirnie, losing captain:Hurts a lot. Really wanted to win. We didn't get enough runs. It will be hard to get over it, and it hurts a lot. I think Wiese played a brillant hand when the rate was at 8, and their skipper saw them home. There are lot of good cricketers in there in Namibia, it wasn't to be.

Gerhard Erasmus, winning captain: Said in the press conference that we run a tight ship. Small country, small number of people play cricket. We should be proud of ourselves. I count on my senior men to stand up when the pressure is on. And two of us did it tonight. Hopefully we can do it through the tournament. Hasn't sunk in yet, maybe on the way home."

ashish ranjan: "Weise and Morkel - when they hugged each other, the emotion on their face was visible even though they were not expressing it outright. The relief was there of achieving a goal of reaching the Super 12. "

5.21 pm Tears of joy from some of the Namibian players. Stoic faces on the Ireland bench. Two Associates have now slayed Full Members on the way into the Super 12s. A 53-run unbeaten stand between Wiese and Erasmus takes Namibia over the line. Wiese and assistant coach Albie Morkel hug now. Everyone is waiting to hug Wiese. Screams of joy from Sharjah to Windhoek!

Player of the Match David Wiese: "It's completely overwhelming. I don't think I deserve to be sitting here. I think the captain Gerhard Erasmus deserves to be Man of the Match. This is really his moment and the rest of the team has put in so much work before now to be here. I've played in Sharjah a few times and know the wicket deteriorates to suit my bowling a bit more."

Well, Wiese said what I was thinking! Erasmus was my Player of the Match! I don't think he'll care too much though. What matters is Namibia is through to the next round. What a historic day for Namibia, and for the entire Associate cricket community!

Young to Wiese, FOUR runs

Namibia have defeated a Test nation to advance into the Super 12 stage of the T20 World Cup! Full and wide Wiese punches this high over cover. The fielder out there was cheating in off the rope looking to cut off two and it sails over him to the rope on one bounce. Wiese pumps his fists! Erasmus looks like he might be choking up right now! What a moment!

Young to Erasmus, 1 run

full on off, driven to long-off.

Young to Erasmus, FOUR runs

he scored a 50 against Ireland in a losing effort at the Qualifier two years ago, but now Erasmus has scored a 50 on the cusp of what will be Namibia's most famous win! And brings it up in style with a lofted extra cover drive! His father Francois is on his feet in the stands clapping with pride!

Namibia family section is dancing in the stands. They can smell a Super 12 berth.

end of over 1812 runs
NAM: 117/2CRR: 6.50 RRR: 4.50 • Need 9 runs from 12b
Gerhard Erasmus48 (47)
David Wiese24 (13)
Simi Singh 4-0-28-0
Josh Little 4-0-22-0

Hayes: "A Campher 4-in-4 may be the only thing to make this interesting."

Simi Singh to Erasmus, 1 run

fullish length on the legs, chipped inside out over cover.

Simi Singh to Wiese, 1 run

short and slices another leg break behind point to short third man for one.

Simi Singh to Wiese, no run

charges a leg break from Simi darted into the legs, punched back to Simi.

Simi Singh to Wiese, 1 wide

darts this down leg. Ireland crumbling now.

Simi Singh to Erasmus, 1 run

good length ball on the stumps, punches through cover for one.

Simi Singh to Erasmus, SIX runs

ohhhhhh how elegant! Class of Erasmus! Skips down the track to drive a full ball high over Singh down the ground and holds the pose with a high elbow. Julian Baard, Stephan's dad, is dancing in the crowd on camera!

Simi Singh to Erasmus, 2 runs

full on middle, chips this over mid-off for a pair after a fumble by KOB coming in off the rope trying to deny the second.

Simi Singh on for offspin in the 18th.

end of over 175 runs
NAM: 105/2CRR: 6.17 RRR: 7.00 • Need 21 runs from 18b
Gerhard Erasmus38 (43)
David Wiese23 (11)
Josh Little 4-0-22-0
Curtis Campher 3-0-14-2
Little to Erasmus, 1 run

yorker on fifth stump, guided out to deep third man.

Little to Wiese, 1 run

goes for wide yorker, winds up as a low full toss sliced to deep third man for one.

Little to Erasmus, 1 run

short on the body, pulls this to deep backward square for one.

Little to Wiese, 1 run

full on fifth stump, big heave but skittles along the turf for one through midwicket.

Little to Erasmus, 1 run

back of a length on off stump, goes back to flick into midwicket for one.

Little to Erasmus, no run

back of a length on sixth stump at 126 kph, Erasmus swats at this and misses.

Balbirnie is tossing the ball to Little now for his last over. No point leaving him until the 19th or 20th. Around the stumps to Erasmus.

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