5th Super, Port Elizabeth, Mar 11 2003, ICC World Cup
(30.1/50 ov, target 209)112
Australia won by 96 runs
player of the match
Shane Bond
New Zealand

It is almost unthinkable that a team batting first gets themselves to 84/7 and ends up winning a match by 96 runs - they would almost have been happy to reach 96 runs in total themselves! but not Australia, anything is possible if you believe enough, and when you don't dismiss Michael Bevan early on, and let him collect off the slow bowlers, you will end up shooting yourself in the foot eventually, Bichel proved a master foil, sometimes even outdoing the master himself, top scoring in the end New Zealand came out with a strange approach, mixing very aggressive intent with laconic periods, and whilst that approach may have worked against lesser bowling attacks, it was unlikely to succeed today the use of Vettori at the top of the order was a strange change from what had worked quite successfully with McMillan in his place, even though he still hasn't really shown any sort of sparkling form this tournament except against Bangladesh this exposed Astle very early in the piece, exactly what New Zealand had been trying to avoid in recent times by placing him at No 3, and the predictable occurred, two down for not many this fuelled Australia's ever-growing belief that they could win this match, and after a few handy but unsubstantial partnerships, on came Australia's own wrecking ball to emulate Bond's efforts from earlier today it was a masterly move by Ponting, particularly given how Lee had been taken to in his opening spell, he snared the pivotal wicket of Fleming with a rather poor delivery, but that's what happens when you've got your tail up, you make your own luck from there it was just a procession, with the quick man taking a leaf out of Shoaib Akhtar's book by bowling yorkers angling in from around the wicket at the Kiwi left-handers, knocking over Oram's off pole first ball, and showed he could york a couple of right-handers to boot, finishing with 5-42 from 9.1 overs, New Zealand bowled out with an amazing 19.5 overs left to bat, and they only required 4.89 an over from there to win - but they needed 20 wickets at their disposal today emphatic, comprehensive, clinical.

Words expected to describe a New Zealand victory an hour or two ago if they had managed to polish off the Australian tail, but instead the plaudits go to the defending champions, who extend their winning streak to 14and guarantee themselves top qualifying spot for the semi-finals now, set to face one of Kenya, Sri Lanka or New Zealand at this very ground in exactly a week's time Michael Bevan, Andy Bichel and now Brett Lee will be wanting to roll up this pitch and take it with them everywhere they go now, special things seem to happen here for them New Zealand are now faced with an almost certain must-win clash against India on Friday, unless a couple of upsets occur in other matchesShane Bond has been named Man of the Match for his New Zealand-best performance of 6-23, but it will be a very hollow award for him, as his team-mates failed to come through with adequate support to clean up the dregs and win the match that concludes's coverage of this rather remarkable battle at St George's Park in Port Elizabeth, please join us again tomorrow for Kenya v Zimbabwe at Bloemfontein, starting at 10amlocal time (0800 GMT), until then it's goodbye from us! any comments about today's coverage can be sent to - all feedback is greatly appreciated

Lee to Bond, OUT

it's all over red rover, Lee caps it off in style, Bond tries to hook a short rising straight ball, miscues it straight back down the pitch, Lee dives forward and takes a wonderful catch just above the ground, grabs a five-wicket haul to finish things off, including a spell of 5-3 off 2.3 overs at the end, New Zealand losing their last 5 wickets for 10 runs to end up embarrassing losers by a margin of 96 runs

Shane Bond c & b Lee 3 (10m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 30
end of over 304 runs
NZ: 112/9CRR: 3.73 • RRR: 4.85 • Need 97 runs from 20 overs
Shane Bond3 (9)
Chris Harris15 (24)
Brad Hogg4-0-11-0
Brett Lee9-2-42-4
Hogg to Bond, 1 run

Bond goes for a big heave but it's a well pitched ball on off stump, only manages to drag an inside edge away to midwicket, retains the strike to face the wrath of Lee's last over

Hogg to Bond, no run

it's the flipper, quick and flat, but off line, down the leg side, taken on the pad and drops at his feet

Hogg to Bond, no run

very well flighted up full and straight, comes forward, gets a streaky leading edge away towards backward point, had little clue about that one

Hogg to Bond, 2 runs

flat ball turning just down the leg side,neatly works it away off his hip fairly fine

Hogg to Bond, no run

flighted up full on leg stump, tries to sweep but misses, rebounds high in the air for Gilchrist to take behind the stumps, hopeful shout for caught behind, but it came straight up off the boot

Hogg to Harris, 1 run

shorter ball turning away outside off stump, cut away towards the cover sweeper

end of over 293 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 108/9CRR: 3.72 • RRR: 4.81 • Need 101 runs from 21 overs
Shane Bond0 (4)
Chris Harris14 (23)
Brett Lee9-2-42-4
Brad Hogg3-0-7-0
Lee to Bond, no run

Lee switches to come around the wicket for the final ball of the over, Bond tries to counter him, advancing to a full ball, looking to smite it down the ground but drives it hard into the turf, straight up to mid off

Lee to Bond, no run

good fullish ball, not quite yorker length, tailing in towards leg stump, Bond keeps this one out admirably too, back to the bowler

Lee to Bond, no run

and another, and again Bond keeps it out, dead straight, dug out back down the pitch to the bowler, both share a smile as the result is now inevitable and it's all just by-play now

Lee to Bond, no run

Lee tries to finish it off with another yorker, but Bond holds out for one ball at least, digging it out from his toes into the off side

game, set, match and perhaps championship for Australia? an emphatic turnaround from disaster, and New Zealand are going to walk away from Port Elizabeth well and truly humbled, and wonder what on earth went wrong one wicket in hand, a mere 101 required for victory, and out comes the drinks cart, despite the fact Lee has four chances to knock over his pace-bowling opposite Shane Bond to finish the match off quick smart

Lee to Adams, OUT

Lee reckons if Bond can do it, he can do it, and boy can he do it! a 150kph+ inswinging yorker, Adams plays all over it, about a week too late in getting the bat down, off stump knocked back out of its foundation

Andre Adams b Lee 0 (6m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Lee to Harris, 3 runs

the hat-trick ball doesn't quite go to plan for Lee, good full ball angling in from around the wicket, but Harris manages to not only ease it out to the cover sweeper, but get two bonus runs as the throw to the bowler's end is poorly covered and sneaks away for some overthrows