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India vs Netherlands, 7th Match at Paarl, , Feb 12 2003 - Full Scorecard

7th Match, Paarl, February 12, 2003, ICC World Cup
(48.1/50 ov, T:205) 136

India won by 68 runs

Player Of The Match
India Innings
Netherlands Innings
Match Flow
India  (50 ovs maximum)
c †Smits b Lefebvre832390025.00
c †Smits b de Leede5272917072.22
c Zuiderent b Kloppenburg69151066.66
b de Leede1738450044.73
c & b Adeel Raja3756873066.07
c Lefebvre b Adeel Raja921250042.85
run out (Kloppenburg/de Leede)4249782085.71
b de Leede1381201162.50
run out (Scholte/de Leede)97900128.57
lbw b de Leede025000.00
not out 00100-
Extras(lb 2, nb 1, w 8)11
TOTAL48.5 Ov (RR: 4.17, 206 Mins)204
Fall of wickets: 1-30 (Sourav Ganguly, 11.5 ov), 2-56 (Virender Sehwag, 14.6 ov), 3-81 (Sachin Tendulkar, 23.3 ov), 4-91 (Rahul Dravid, 25.6 ov), 5-114 (Mohammad Kaif, 31.5 ov), 6-169 (Yuvraj Singh, 43.5 ov), 7-186 (Harbhajan Singh, 46.2 ov), 8-203 (Anil Kumble, 48.2 ov), 9-204 (Dinesh Mongia, 48.4 ov), 10-204 (Zaheer Khan, 48.5 ov)
11.5 to SC Ganguly, fine little edge to the keeper standing up. 30/1
23.3 to SR Tendulkar, just short of a length and outside the off, and Tendulkar is tempted into the fierce cut, but the ball bounces more than expected, takes the edge and bobbles in the air for Smits to take an easy catch. The ball appears to have hit either glove or bat handle, and the stroke was clearly essayed in frustration that built up over the last few overs. 81/3
25.6 to R Dravid, shocker! this one from de Leede keeps just a touch low, and Dravid, who was looking to play forward, cannot adjust to his back foot before the ball sneaks through between bat and pad to thud into the stumps. 91/4
46.2 to Harbhajan Singh, one! flighted delivery on the off and spinning into the right hander, Harbhajan Singh has a wild go at it and misses by miles, the ball crashes into the stumps and de Leede strikes again. 186/7
48.5 to Z Khan, pitched up delivery on the off and angling into the right hander, Khan goes for a swing and misses, the ball hits the pad plumb in front of the wicket, it's all over!. 204/10
14.6 to V Sehwag, full and straight, driven back past the bowler. 56/2
31.5 to M Kaif, Kaif dances down the track and Raja bowls it fuller and to leg. Kaif tries to adjust and flick it away on the legside, but he cannot keep the ball down, and Lefebvre at short midwicket takes a fine, fine diving catch to his right. 114/5
43.5 to Yuvraj Singh, on the off, Yuvraj Singh comes down the wicket and gives the ball a thrash, impatience from the youngster, the ball rockets back towards Adeel Raja who takes a fine, fine catch. 169/6
Netherlands  (T: 205 runs from 50 ovs)
c Sehwag b Srinath042000.00
b Srinath621161925053.44
c †Dravid b Srinath23038006.66
c Sehwag b Khan067000.00
c †Dravid b Harbhajan Singh0917000.00
c †Dravid b Kumble110100010.00
lbw b Kumble1550020.00
lbw b Kumble314140021.42
c Mongia b Kumble1321282061.90
c Sehwag b Srinath2666760039.39
not out 01012000.00
Extras(b 2, lb 6, nb 2, w 18)28
TOTAL48.1 Ov (RR: 2.82, 204 Mins)136
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Feiko Kloppenburg, 0.4 ov), 2-29 (Henk-Jan Mol, 8.2 ov), 3-31 (Bas Zuiderent, 9.4 ov), 4-38 (Tim de Leede, 12.6 ov), 5-42 (Luuk van Troost, 15.5 ov), 6-44 (Reinout Scholte, 17.1 ov), 7-54 (Roland Lefebvre, 21.3 ov), 8-82 (Edgar Schiferli, 27.5 ov), 9-131 (Daan van Bunge, 44.4 ov), 10-136 (Jeroen Smits, 48.1 ov)
0.4 to JF Kloppenburg, fuller and on the off, and Kloppenburg is induced into the drive. The ball takes the edge low down on the bat, flies to Sehwag at second slip, who pouches it to give Srinath his 300th ODI wickets!. 0/1
8.2 to HJC Mol, pitched on a good length, angled across Mol, who pokes at the delivery without any foot movement, and Dravid makes up for his previous lapse by diving to his left and snapping the catch in front of first slip. 29/2
44.4 to DLS van Bunge, this time Srinath hits the stump and knocks the bail off, and van Bunge's essay down the wicket is thwarted by the full delivery on middle stump. 131/9
48.1 to J Smits, a short ball, dug in on leg stump, and Smits takes evasive action, the ball striking the bat held out in defence and bobbling high up in the air for Sehwag to take an easy catch at short midwicket. 136/10
9.4 to B Zuiderent, full and outside the off, and Zuiderent goes for the expensive drive and edges it sharply to second slip, where Sehwag takes an easy catch, his second of the innings. 31/3
12.6 to TBM de Leede, Harbhajan tosses it up outside the off, the drifter that turns marginally away from the batsman, and de Leede falls into the trap, prodding at it and feathering a catch to Dravid behind the stumps. 38/4
15.5 to LP van Troost, . 42/5
17.1 to RH Scholte, full, straight, fast, sliding on, Scholte plays for the spin and is trapped absolutely plumb in front by a vintage Kumble delivery. 44/6
21.3 to RP Lefebvre, quick delivery on the middle and off, Lefebvre not able to bring down the bat in time, the ball hits the pad plumb in front of the wicket, 7 down 3 more to go!. 54/7
27.5 to E Schiferli, quicker delivery on the middle, Schiferli again goes for the cross batted shot, this time the ball takes the top edge and goes high up towards the deep wicket region, Dinesh Mongia gets under it and makes no mistake, 4th wicket for Kumble. 82/8
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  • 4th (reserve) umpire: R D'Mello (Kenya)
  • 50 up in 50 mins off 83 balls including 8 fours
  • SR Tendulkar 50 in 88 mins off 69 balls including 7 fours
  • 100 up in 112 mins off 176 balls including 8 fours
  • India 150 in 162 mins, 249 balls, 4X11
  • DLS van Bunge 50 in 172 mins off 101 balls including 5 fours
Boland Bank Park, Paarl
TossIndia, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Match numberODI no. 1948
Match daysday (50-over match)
ODI debut
TV Umpire
Match Referee
PointsIndia 4, Netherlands 0
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