Final, Bridgetown, Apr 28 2007, ICC World Cup
(36/36 ov, target 269)215/8
Australia won by 53 runs (D/L method)
player of the match
end of over 361 run
SL: 215/8CRR: 5.97 
Chaminda Vaas11 (21)
Dilhara Fernando1 (6)
Andrew Symonds2-0-6-1
Michael Clarke5-0-33-2

Well, that's about it. Much will be written about the tournament in the coming days but for now from the whole Cricinfo commentary team, it's goodnight and thank you for staying with us over the last seven weeks. Australia have won the World Cup for the third time in a row. Will they make it four in four in Asia in 2011?

7.08pm At last we are ready to hand over the trophy. And it's Sonn who passes it it to Ponting and the skipper is immediately showered in champagne by team-mates and ticker-tape from off stage. Steel drums burst into life as the Australians adopt the traditional pose for the cameras. The dancers start their act on the outfield. Let the party begin.

7.06pm Tony Cozier interviews Ricky Ponting. "Aw look, an amazing feeling actually. We've got a great support here today, too. Unbelievably proud of what we've been able to achieve. Everything came together for us really well in the final."

7.04pm And now to present the medals to the Australians ... Percy Sonn. Oh Good. Misread things again. It should be a Caribbean legend and not a self-important and unpopular ICC official. Cheers for the players in the squad as they trot up ... McGrath gets a louder than average cheer.

7.02pm Garry Sobers up to present the Player-of-the-Tournament award to ,,, Glenn McGrath. Not a bad way to sign off! "I've really enjoyed this tournament. I just went out there and had fun," he says.

6.59pm Everton Weekes up to present the Man-of-the-Match award to Adam Gilchrist. An easy choice. "A satisfying day and a satisfying finish," he beams. "It's closure on some amazing careers - Glenn McGrath, John Buchanan. "The great thing about walking out to bat with's about the partnership. I want to thank all the team for continuing to show the great belief in me. It's a high standard that these guys and when you're not reaching them, you start to doubt yourself. I want to thank those guys for helping me."

When asked to describe this tournament he calls it: "The never-ending one."

6.58pm Ken Gordon back to present medals to the third and fourth umpires.

6.54pm Now here is Malcolm Speed to present medals to the Sri Lankans ... they come up in turn and are cheered. Jayawardene is interviewed and answers questions warmly and well.

6.51pm Chris Dehring is again booed as he presents a medal to Jeff Crowe, the match referee. And Ken Gordon gets more boos as he presents medals to the umpires ... they get warm applause, rightly. Dehring comes forward ... again ... to present a medallion to the groundsman.

6.46pm Percy Sonn up to say a word. Oh good. Usual platitudes ... thanking everyone who has "contributed to the success of the tournament". Well, he has been in South Africa for most of it, so he can be forgiven. Just what the crowd wants after a long day, much of it in the rain. Percy in full list-achievements-and-records mode. Can we see the cup presented please? Nope ...he's thanking global partners and generous sponsors. This man can really fail to grasp what the people want ... and not even a passing mention of Bob Woolmer.

6.44pm Tony Cozier introduces the dignitaries. Sonn sneaks in almost unnoticed. Speed gets booed. Good. Ken Gordon gets booed. Chris Dehring gets booed ... a lot. Everton Weekes gets a loud cheer. Garry Sobers gets a really loud cheer. Cozier thanks the volunteers, and they have done a great job in trying circumstances, and the fans and the people of the Caribbean. And then he ruins it by thanking the daft Mello.

6.42pm We have arc lights in place which have lit up the outfield ... not sure why they could not have been used in the last few overs, but the rules almost certainly forbade them. But it means that the dancers will get their moment. Almost ready for the presentations and accompanying ceremony.

6.40pm It's really a sad finish for the Caribbean. We have dancers who have been rehearsing for ages for the post-match celebrations out in the middle around the podium, but nobody can see them as it is now night. Clearly, nobody stopped to consider that the game might not finish on time. Meanwhile, Australia are lapping up the acclaim of their supporters, as well they might.

6.30pm Congratulations to Australia who were the best team from the first match and maintained their relentlessly high standard throughout. Sri Lanka gave them a game but on the day came up just short.

There's a certain irony that cricket's four-yearly showcase ended in farce ... Australia, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean and millions of spectators deserved more but given what has gone before today, it was almost inevitable. You can spin it all you like, this tournament has not done the game any favours and people at the top, if they had any decency, would be contemplating their futures. But we all know that won't happen.

The late start and finish at least means that the post-match waffle from the great and good of the game - the officials, not the players - will be mercifully curtailed. I imagine that Malcolm Speed is relieved given that he will hardly be expecting a reception accorded to a returning hero. Percy Sonn could set a record here ... he was booed in 2003 after his trouser episode, so could achieve a unique double.

Australia acknowledge their supporters on a lap of honour as the lights from the stands dazzle out into the night.

Australia win by 53 runs Smiles all round as the two teams shake hands. They have given us good entertainment today. Adam Gilchrist: "We're thrilled. Great support, yeah. Amazing feeling. Really pleasing to do it [get a hundred] on an important day."

"Bit dark at the moment," deadpans McGrath, "but loving every minute."

The helpers are erecting the podium for the presentations ... in complete darkness.

All shake hands with McGrath as he heads off with a stump. He really deserved to go out on a high, and while he has in that he finishes with a winner's medal, the end has been so unsatisfactory.

Australia celebrate, as well they might. The ground is strangely quiet, as if the fans know they have again been sold down the river. Australia huddle again. Ponting's all a-beaming. We're getting a strange sense of deja vu.

Symonds to Vaas, no run

missed, a loud appeal, not out but mercifully it's all over and Gilchrist lets out a roar

Boos ring out

Symonds to Vaas, no run

missed, padded into the leg side

Symonds to Vaas, no run

missed and off the pad

Symonds to Fernando, 1 run

swung into the leg side

Symonds just getting through this as quickly as he can

Symonds to Fernando, no run


Symonds to Fernando, no run

left alone

end of over 353 runs
SL: 214/8CRR: 6.11 • RRR: 55.00 • Need 55 runs from 6b
Chaminda Vaas11 (18)
Dilhara Fernando0 (3)
Michael Clarke5-0-33-2
Andrew Symonds1-0-5-1
Clarke to Vaas, no run

sorry, no idea as we simply could not see

TV has just shown the stumpcam picture. It is pitch black, seriously, you cannot see a thing

Clarke to Fernando, 2 wide

missed sweep down the leg side, Dar signals a wide to the delight of the umpires who feel he has behaved like a complete fool

Clarke to Fernando, no run

blocked again, almost mocking the umpires

Clarke to Fernando, no run

forward defensive shot

Clarke to Fernando, no run

padded into the off side

"I think Mello should do the presentation ceremony," says Matt Drake. "It would be in keeping with this farce."

Clarke to Vaas, 1 run

driven to long-on

Clarke pushing through the over

Clarke to Vaas, no run

floated up and blocked

The post-match entertainers are waiting patiently on the edge of the boundary. You have to feel for them...