8th Match, Group B, Port of Spain, Mar 17 2007, ICC World Cup
(48.3/50 ov)192/5
Bangladesh won by 5 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
player of the match

Bangladesh have caused the tournament's first upset. India have been thoroughly outplayed in all departments. Their batsmen struggled against the new ball and Bangladesh's battery of left-arm spinners and crumbled for 191. When it was Bangladesh's turn to chase, three teenagers - Tamim Iqbal, Saqibul Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim - scored fifties on World Cup debut to steer Bangladesh to a splendid victory. India's heavyweight batsmen were outperformed by the freshness of youth.

Bangladesh have a real chance of qualifying for the Super Eights now. Remember they even beat New Zealand in the warm-ups. India, on the other hand, must win both of their remaining matches - against Bermuda and Sri Lanka - to keep a billion hopes alive.

Rahul Dravid: "Quite a disappointing day. We didn't bat well. 240 would have been a good score. They bowled well, spinners bowled really well. We lost a few quick wickets in the end and that hurt us. Credit to them. They came in and got off to a good start. We have our backs to the wall and need to fight really hard."

Habibul Bashar: " The boys did a good job. We would have bowled first if we had won the toss. Mashrafee did a brilliant job and Rasel did a great job too. The spinners came on and did a terrific job. Tamim Iqbal batted really well. Hope he continues like this. Rahim did a brilliant job. He has a good technique and plays the new ball well. This win has given a fair chance to qualify to second round. This is a great day for Bangladesh cricket. We would like to dedicate this win to our friend Manjural Islam."

Man of the Match: Mashrafee Mortaza

Congrats Bangladesh on a great win. A day to remember. That's it for the day. This is George Binoy and Sriram Veera, signing off. Join us tomorrow for more live coverage.

Patel to Mushfiqur, 1 run

and that's that! Rahim drives elegantly through covers to seal the victory, it's been as emphatic as you could have imagined!

Patel to Mushfiqur, no run

good length ball on off and middle, defended on the back foot towards the off side

Patel to Mushfiqur, no run

fuller length on off stump, defended back to the bowler on the front foot

Rahim has a chance to strike the winning runs. The Indian fans look miserable, the Bangladesh fans are dancing in the stands.

end of over 481 run
BDESH: 191/5CRR: 3.97 • RRR: 0.50 • Need 1 run from 12b
Mohammad Ashraful8 (23)
Mushfiqur Rahim55 (104)
Zaheer Khan9-2-41-1
Virender Sehwag5-0-17-2
Khan to Ashraful, no run

slower ball on middle stump, Ashraful defends back to the bowler

Khan to Ashraful, no run

fuller length from Zaheer on off stump, Ashraful plays back and defends

Khan to Ashraful, no run

once again, Ashraful gets behind the line and pushes it towards cover

Khan to Ashraful, no run

Ashraful shows unusual restraint and defends another good length ball to the leg side

Khan to Mushfiqur, 1 run

Rahim runs it down to third man for a single, the scores are tied!

Khan to Mushfiqur, no run

good length ball on middle and off stump, defended on the off side

Zaheer Khan comes back into the attack.

end of over 473 runs
BDESH: 190/5CRR: 4.04 • RRR: 0.67 • Need 2 runs from 18b
Mohammad Ashraful8 (19)
Mushfiqur Rahim54 (102)
Virender Sehwag5-0-17-2
Ajit Agarkar10-0-41-0
Sehwag to Ashraful, no run

defended on the back foot to the off side

Dravid stands disconsolate at slip, watching India's chances of qualifying for the Super Eights become that much harder.

Sehwag to Ashraful, no run

defended watchfully on the front foot

Sehwag to Ashraful, 2 runs

fuller ball on middle and leg, Ashraful moves across and plays the paddle sweep to fine leg, two more to win

Sehwag to Ashraful, no run

he gets a long stride in this time and blocks

Sehwag to Ashraful, no run

tossed up on off stump, Ashraful goes right back and defends back to the bowler

Can Ashraful finish in style?

Sehwag to Mushfiqur, 1 run

pushed down to long on off the back foot for a single

Just five needed now. Sehwag to bowl.