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2nd Test (D/N), Eden Gardens, November 22 - 24, 2019, ICC World Test Championship
106 & 195

India won by an innings and 46 runs

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5/22 & 4/56
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12 wkts
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BAN 2nd Innings
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2.20pm India captain Kohli collects the trophy from Ganguly and Nazmul Hasan. Kohli and his men now take a lap of honour to thank the Kolkata crowd. Great gesture from India's players. Also nice to see reserve wicketkeeper Srikar Bharat hold the trophy during the lap of honour. That's a wrap of India's home Test season. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did bringing it to you. Do look out for post-match pieces from our men in Kolkata - Varun Shetty and Mohammad Isam. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off on the behalf of Karthik Krishnaswamy and Thilak Ram.

Mayank Agarwal speaks to Star Sports: "I think the way we're playing at that intensity and the kind of cricket we're playing makes me proud. It can't be easy to break into an Indian team. Mediocre performances aren't enough and you've to push hard for your place in the team. And if you have to replace somebody in the team… you need match-winning performances. The mindset is something I've carried from domestic cricket. It's the same template: get in and make it count. After I got out for 70 in Australia, Ravi Sir said: it's not on. Openers have the chance to make it big. We all know the crowds in India are loud and noisy and playing at Eden Gardens for us and winning games…there's nothing like it. As the day progresses and dew comes, ball comes onto the bat and strokemaking gets easier. The challenge comes as clearly as you can see in the first session. The conversations with Rohit are quite simple and we make sure we have fun in the field. Not many get the best seat in the house for Rohit. If you're with him, you're on for a show if he bats long. The culture is simple in this team. We all work hard and we look at small areas where we want to improve. In the last session on day two, Bangladesh got about 70 runs in one hour. The captain wants us to be the best side and each player here wants to be the No.1 player."

2.10pm Time for the post-match presentation. Big cheers for local boy and BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly.

Ishant Sharma is the Man of the Match in India's first-ever pink-ball Test. Ishant also scoops the Man-of-the-Series award.

Ishant Sharma: Shami told me that what you're carrying in your pocket, give it to me (laughs). We just developed the last game. Me and bowling coach discussed. It wasn't a fluke and we developed it deliberately. Pink ball is a little difficult, it didn't swing at the start and we need to adjust to the conditions.

Virat Kohli, India captain: Amazing, the numbers have only gotten better. We didn't think so many people will turn up today as we know the game will end earlier. This crowd sets the right kind of example. To reiterate the point of Test centres, this is a great example. It's similar to when we play in other countries: it's about the belief. The way these guys are bowling they can pick wickets anywhere. Even the spinners, it's about believing they can pick wickets overseas. We're in the right frame of mind to capitalise on the opportunities and we're enjoying it. The idea is to establish yourself in the middle. Test cricket is a mental battle. We've learnt to stand up - it all started from Dada's team. The belief is key and to be honest we've worked hard, and reaping the rewards of it. I was thinking if they want to announce me as the Man of the Match, it has to go to either Umesh or Ishant. Nine wickets in a Test in India…

Mominul Haque, Bangladesh captain: "Definitely, the gap between the two teams is concerning. We've to learn from these two matches and follow up what happened. The pink ball new balls are challenging and we couldn't take the challenge with the new ball. If we lose no problem, but there was some positives. Ebadat bowled well. Riyad bhai and Mushfiqur bhai batted well. When we saw the wickets, when we bat second same thing can happen. Batting second might not have made a big difference."

Ravi Shastri, India head coach: "We're bowling as a unit, seeing men bowling at such a professional manner. They've played a lot of cricket in the last 15 months in foreign territory and that's how they learn. The discipline and the hunger to win…they know they're arguably the best side in the world. They've been that for some time and they know there's no short cut. Individuals will not win it and they know it. When you have a crowd like this, they were charged up. They [Bangladesh] need exposure, they're very strong in their country but need to learn when they travel. The more the exposure, the better they'll get. They need more strength in their pace attack overseas. If they have that, they can compete better."

Good time to also revisit Karthik Krishnaswamy's interview with India bowling coach B Arun

B Arun, India bowling coach: "They do hunt as a pack and they do take pride in others' performances and that's the real secret behind the pack. That's what has given them all the success. We're an experienced bowling attack and the beauty of the attack is how quickly they adapt to situations. I thought they adapted well to pink ball. New Zealand will be a good challenge and we're looking forward to it."

Wriddhiman Saha: "We have such a good pace attack, all 140-plus. They're successful away from home and at home too. The ball was wobbling quite a bit under lights, swinging too. Bumrah is probably the most challenging to keep to, and after that Shami, Umesh, Ishant."

1.48pm An innings and 46 runs. It's India's seventh straight Test win, their best-ever winning streak. The fast bowlers have taken all 20 wickets here. It's only the first time at home India have won a Test without a wicket from their spinners - the last time was in Johannesburg last year, when they played four fast bowlers.

Umesh Yadav to Al-Amin, OUT

back of a length, straightens from a middle-stump line, and India have become the first team to complete four successive innings wins. Al-Amin doesn't get behind the line to defend, and sends a thin tickle through to Wriddhiman Saha. Mahmudullah won't come out to bat. A five-for for Umesh Yadav, and 60 more Test Championship points in the bag for India

Al-Amin Hossain c †Saha b Yadav 21 (20b 5x4 0x6) SR: 105
end of over 416 runs
BAN: 195/8CRR: 4.75 
Al-Amin Hossain21 (19b 5x4)
Abu Jayed2 (2b)
Ishant Sharma 13-2-56-4
Umesh Yadav 14-1-53-4
Sharma to Al-Amin, 1 run

in the blockhole on middle stump. Exposes all his stumps, but brings his bat down in time to keep it out. The ball rolls towards short midwicket, and Ashwin picks it up and throws at the bowler's end, and Shami, backing up from cover, takes a blow to the leg, and the ball runs away for an overthrow

Arfaa: "The point of short balls should be to unsettle batsmen and lead them to be dismissed. The short ball should never be used to try to physically harm the batter. I think India have already crossed that line here, there's no reason to be bowling short ball after short ball to BD tailenders, knowing they can't fend them off." -- Precisely what I'm trying to say,

Sharma to Al-Amin, no run

full now, just outside off, and Al-Amin, skating away from leg stump and jabbing at the ball, plays and misses

We have a regular third man and an extremely fine third man now, almost an old-fashioned long-stop.

Sharma to Al-Amin, FOUR runs

another bouncer, gets up to shoulder height and follows the batsman's movement away from leg stump. Has a big heave at it, eyes off the ball, and sends a top-edge flying high over the keeper

Sharma to Al-Amin, no run

bouncer over off stump, steps away from leg stump and has a jab at it, but can't make contact

Kundan Kumar: "Physical danger? Then all straight drives should be banned. It creates a physical danger for the runner, the bowler and the umpire. Stop with the double standards please." -- I'm not asking for bouncers to be banned. I'm saying it might be dangerous to overuse the bouncer against tail-enders of the quality of Al-Amin and Ebadot.

Sharma to Al-Amin, no run

back of a length on off stump. Stays leg-side of the ball and hops up to defend

Sharma to Abu Jayed, 1 run

full on off stump, jams his bat down and pushes it through mid-off

Change of ends for both bowlers as Ishant returns. Just one over for Jadeja.

end of over 405 runs • 1 wicket
BAN: 189/8CRR: 4.72 
Al-Amin Hossain16 (14b 4x4)
Abu Jayed1 (1b)
Umesh Yadav 14-1-53-4
Ravindra Jadeja 1-0-8-0
Umesh Yadav to Al-Amin, no run

shortish, angling into the hip. Looks to whip it into the leg side but can't connect

Umesh Yadav to Al-Amin, FOUR runs

back of a length on off stump, opens up, exposing all his stumps, to make swinging room and flat-bats it firmly through mid-off

Umesh Yadav to Abu Jayed, 1 run

bouncer over off stump, sways his upper body away but keeps his eye on the ball, and thereby gets into a good position to ramp it over the slips. Slows down near the boundary, though

Abu Jayed is the new batsman.

Nithin: "Taking into consideration the skill of the bowler, is there any law to limit the batsman to hit boundaries? No right? Com'on, If you can't play a legal delivery please don't come out and bat.Sorry I love it when the batsman fears the bowler." -- Again, I repeat, it's a question of actual physical danger. Serious harm.

Umesh Yadav to Mushfiqur, OUT

fourth wicket for Umesh, the ball slowing down off the pitch does Mushfiqur in. May have been a slower one too. Length ball outside off, looks to launch it over the covers, but is into his shot too early and ends up spooning it high in the air for a simple catch to the fielder at cover

Mushfiqur Rahim c Jadeja b Yadav 74 (96b 13x4 0x6) SR: 77.08
Umesh Yadav to Mushfiqur, no run

back of a length, angling into the stumps, defended into the on side

Umesh Yadav to Mushfiqur, no run

back of a length on off stump, blocked into the off side

The law continues:

"41.6.3 As soon as the umpire decides that the bowling of short pitched deliveries has become dangerous under 41.6.1, or unfair under 41.6.2, he/she shall call and signal No ball. When the ball is dead, the umpire shall caution the bowler, indicating that this is a first and final warning, and inform the other umpire, the captain of the fielding side and the batsmen of what has occurred.

"This caution shall apply to that bowler throughout the innings.

41.6.4 Should there be any further such delivery by the same bowler in that innings, the umpire shall

- call and signal No ball

- when the ball is dead, direct the captain of the fielding side to suspend the bowler immediately from bowling

- inform the other umpire for the reason for this action.

The bowler thus suspended shall not be allowed to bowl again in that innings."

So umpires do have the option of stepping in if they think the short ball is being overused and in dangerous manner, but they seldom seem to.

end of over 399 runs
BAN: 184/7CRR: 4.71 
Al-Amin Hossain12 (12b 3x4)
Mushfiqur Rahim74 (93b 13x4)
Ravindra Jadeja 1-0-8-0
Ishant Sharma 12-2-50-4
Jadeja to Al-Amin, no run

flat and quick, full and angling into the batsman's feet. Looks to flick and misses and is hit on the pad

Jadeja to Mushfiqur, 1 leg bye

looks for the paddle-sweep now, but can't nail it like he did the previous two shots. Lbw appeal from India - this one went on with the angle from round the wicket - and impact may have been just outside off. Ball-tracking later shows three reds - impact in line, hitting the stumps.

Jadeja to Mushfiqur, FOUR runs

now the conventional sweep. Tossed up on middle and off, and he stretches out and sweeps hard and flat through square leg

Jadeja to Mushfiqur, no run

flatter on off stump, stays on the back foot and blocks it back to the bowler

Jadeja to Mushfiqur, FOUR runs

shot. Brings out the reverse-sweep. The line is on off stump, with a bit of flight, and the hands and feet move like lightning to get him into position to swipe it away wide of slip

Jadeja to Mushfiqur, no run

tossed up close to off stump, driven to long-off, no single

Here's some spin. Ravindra Jadeja.

Here's the law on "Bowling of dangerous and unfair short pitched deliveries":

"41.6.1 The bowling of short pitched deliveries is dangerous if the bowler's end umpire considers that, taking into consideration the skill of the striker, by their speed, length, height and direction they are likely to inflict physical injury on him/her. The fact that the striker is wearing protective equipment shall be disregarded."

end of over 388 runs
BAN: 175/7CRR: 4.60 
Al-Amin Hossain12 (11b 3x4)
Mushfiqur Rahim66 (88b 11x4)
Ishant Sharma 12-2-50-4
Umesh Yadav 13-1-48-3
Sharma to Al-Amin, FOUR runs

looks for the yorker, following Al-Amin's movement away from leg stump, and he jams his bat down on it, and gets a bottom edge that runs away to the fine leg boundary

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