5th Match, Group D (D/N), Pallekele, Sep 21 2012, ICC World Twenty20
(20 ov, target 192)132/8
New Zealand won by 59 runs
Player Of The Match
123 (58)
end of over 204 runs • 1 wicket
BAN: 132/8CRR: 6.60 
Abdur Razzak0 (2)
Ziaur Rahman14 (16)
Tim Southee 4-1-16-3
Jacob Oram 4-0-34-1

So that's it from Pallekele but fear not sports fans for England v Afghanistan is coming up, well, pretty much now actually, head over to follow my colleague, Monty Gardner's, coverage of the defending champions' opening match from Colombo. But from me, it's bye for now, see you soon...

Presentation time then. "After winning the toss we bowled well in the first few overs", says the losing captain Mushfiqur Rahim, "But McCullum, even when he doesn't hit the ball well it's still going for six. We'll look at our strengths and come up with a new strategy for the next game."

"When you have someone score a century in T20 you're always in the box seat," Ross Taylor says. "The wicket nipped around early on and seemed to zip on a little bit under the lights. We've still got things to work on but hopefully this will give us momentum."
And the Man of the Match, believe it or not, is Brendon McCullum for his 53-ball 123, and what entertainment he provided.

So a nondescript end to an innings that never got going at all chasing such a large target. New Zealand winning by 59 runs mostly thanks to Brendon McCullum's superb century. He struck the ball so beautifully and became the first man to make two T20 international centuries, setting his side up for a big win. They were nothing more than workmanlike with the ball, knowing they had plenty on the board, Bangladesh lost early wickets and that killed any remote hope they had even before the chase started really. Only victory against Pakistan will do now to give Bangladesh any hope of going through. New Zealand's passage is almost assured already...

Southee to Razzak, no run

defended going back around middle and off

Final ball then...

Southee to Ziaur, 1 run

full and swinging away, reached for and chopped out to deep cover

Southee to Razzak, 1 leg bye

around the wicket, angled in, Razzak falls over as he gets hit on the thigh pad which runs down to long leg

Southee to Ziaur, 1 run

very full, dug out down the ground for a single to long off

Southee to Ziaur, 1 wide

swinging away from the off stump, way too far in fact on a full length

Southee to Ziaur, no run

backs away, bowls full and chopped into the covers, leaning out towards it

Southee to Elias Sunny, OUT

length ball on off stump, chipped into the covers and extra cover takes it coming to his right, sliding and grabbing with two hands, easy chance well caught and a third wicket for Southee, Sunny trying to go over the off side and failing

Elias Sunny c Oram b Southee 5 (5m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 166.66

Last over then...and as predicted by everybody, Bangladesh haven't got remotely close to the target...

end of over 199 runs • 1 wicket
BAN: 128/7CRR: 6.73 RRR: 64.00
Ziaur Rahman12 (13)
Elias Sunny5 (2)
Jacob Oram 4-0-34-1
Tim Southee 3-1-13-2
Oram to Ziaur, no run

back of a length again, slower ball, left in the end and through to the keeper for a dot

Oram to Ziaur, no run

full again and it beats everything through to the keeper as it was tried to be flicked over the on side

Oram to Elias Sunny, 1 run

this is fuller on the stumps, blocked into the covers

Again, do not bowl short! They're not listening to me...

Oram to Elias Sunny, FOUR runs

around the wicket, a top-edged pull goes over the keeper for four

Oram to Mortaza, OUT

stepped back and then forward and then chips a back of a length ball straight to short third man, didn't get anywhere near the required distance on that, simple catch for Franklin. Tried to ramp it over him but the contact was poor

Mashrafe Mortaza c Franklin b Oram 5 (6m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 166.66
Oram to Mortaza, FOUR runs

full ball and chipped back over the bowler's head for four, lovely little strike that, picked up very well

How close can Bangladesh get here? Net Run Rate could be crucial...Oram is back into the attack...