3rd Match, Leicester, Jun 25 2017, ICC Women's World Cup
SA Women won by 3 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
player of the match
Shabnim Ismail
South Africa Women
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• Shashank Kishore

Ismail and Luus clinch a thriller for SA

South Africa were cruising at 113 for 0 in a chase of 207 - a straightforward equation - but against a spirited Pakistan bowling attack, it was anything but

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Commentator: Alagappan Muthu
Scorecard summary
Pakistan Women206/8(50 overs)
South Africa Women207/7(49 overs)
Sadia Yousuf2/30(10)
Sana Mir1/27(9)
end of over 4916 runs
SA-W: 207/7CRR: 4.22  • Need 0 from 6b
Shabnim Ismail22 (16)
Sune Luus15 (18)
Kainat Imtiaz8-0-56-0
Sana Mir9-1-27-1

That's all we have for you from the Women's World Cup today. Tomorrow we have a re-match of the 2013 final - Australia v West Indies. See you then

"I think it was a great effort by the girls to fight it out. We were 20 runs short, but the bowlers chipped in with wonderful overs. A couple of missed catches, so a lot of areas to improve on," Sana Mir, the Pakistan's captain says, "The last game when we played them in Sri Lanka was not so close and it's an achievement to run them this close, especially in England. South Africa saved 30-odd runs with their fielding, the track was pretty good. Credit to both team's bowlers really"

"It's never great to lose wickets in clusters. All credit to Sana and here team for causing trouble," Dane van Niekerk the South Africa captain says, "But very pleased with the lower order standing up. The run-outs were bad, there's no excuse, especially for senior players, such as myself too. I was nervous, with Pakistan's attack, but Sune has come a long way and Shabnim has played fine cameos for us. I never doubted them. [On Laura Wolvaardt] She's amazing. She's 18, but she has the head of a 30 year old. She just wants to bat and her youth comes through when she bats so freely. Lizelle can hit them a long way too, she really worked on her game for the past three years and they gave us such a solid start. The middle order will have to go onto the drawing board, and hopefully we can put in a better performance"

Shabnim Ismail is named Player of the Match "Just looked calm, but I was very nervous. Always nice to contribute with bat and ball, haven't been doing so enough times. But I wanted to get my side over the line today. I was bowling the lines the bowlers were bowling and if anything was in my area I was going to hit it over the top. First of all, I don't think I bowled well today but getting my side over the line today. Myself and Marizanne work very hard in our death bowling and we're happy with how things worked out"

[How's the heart?] "I dunno, can you hear it," Sune Luus says, "it's all a blur, I can't really remember what I said to Ismail. We just wanted to make sure we got the runs without going too far into the end. And luckily Shabnim got her power game out. [big relief over the win] Yeah, definitely [smiles]"

With the formalities complete, all of the South Africa squad take a knee on the outfield to soak in the moment.

5.20 pm South Africa do not have the most enviable record chasing targets of 200 or more. They'd only won four such matches in 30 tries. But this one seemed to follow a different narrative as long as Lizelle Lee and the 18-year old Laura Wolvaardt were at the crease. Both openers struck eye-catching half-centuries to put on 113 runs. And then Pakistan did what Pakistan do.

Their spinners Nashra Sandhu and Sana Mir and Sadiya Yousuf put the skids on the scoring so much that the South Africans were looking for suicidal singles. There were three run-outs, forcing their chase way off track. They were 162 for 2 with eight overs left when Sune Luus came to the crease - Luus who has opened the batting and been part of a 200-run partnership - and she rescued her side with great calm and poise.

Ghumman: "Here you go South Africa. Wonderful by Ismail."

Kainat Imtiaz to Ismail, FOUR runs

they win! South Africa win! And with a shot that is out of the top draw from their No. 9. A loft over mid-on results in great joy as Ismail and Luus hug mid-pitch and celebrate raucously

Kainat Imtiaz to Ismail, FOUR runs

just gets it past mid-off! Zafar is the fielder, who moves to her right, dives, reaching for it with both hands, but only gets her fingertips to it. dropped but that was a seriously tough catch!

Kainat Imtiaz to Ismail, 2 runs

heaves it past square leg for a couple and they make it because of a poor throw - both wide, making the wicketkeeper move away from the stumps and slow

Kainat Imtiaz to Ismail, FOUR runs

pierces the gap at cover! Ismail pulls off a sensational hit, picks on an overpitched delivery and smears it to the right of cover. South Africa needed that

Kainat Imtiaz to Luus, 1 run

full toss, Luus slugs it to mid-on

iqbal: "this WC will do more for women's cricket than men's WC has ever done for itself"

Kainat Imtiaz to Ismail, 1 run

looks for the wide yorker, just misses her mark, and Ismail slashes it to deep point

Two overs left. The allrounder is at the non-strikers' end. South Africa need 16 to win. Here's Kainat Imtiaz, the slingy outswing bowler. Starts from around the wicket. Now, does that mean Mir will bowl the 50th?

end of over 487 runs
SA-W: 191/7CRR: 3.97 RRR: 8.00 • Need 16 from 12b
Shabnim Ismail7 (11)
Sune Luus14 (17)
Sana Mir9-1-27-1
Sadia Yousuf10-0-30-2
Sana Mir to Ismail, 3 runs

short and wide, Ismail slaps it through extra cover, perfectly into the gap and mid-off basically escorts the ball, perhaps worried that if she dives on it and misses, it'll become a boundary

Sana Mir to Luus, 1 run

clips a full delivery on middle through to deep midwicket - Luus wants two, there is two, but Ismail is too slow

Sana Mir to Ismail, 1 run

looks for another slog, but doesn't do well against the slow, loopy offbreaks of Mir. Inside edge to pad to point

Sana Mir to Ismail, no run

misses a full toss! And it misses the stumps too! Phew! The tension's getting to me and this is too much - a juicy ball meant to be clattered over the boundary nearly results in a wicket

Sana Mir to Ismail, no run

steps down the track, but gets too close to the pitch of the ball on leg stump. Can only block down the pitch

Jasnesh: "what a thriller. with india-england being a closely fought contest as well, cant wait for what is in store with the rest of the tournament. australia v WI should be a cracker too."

Sana Mir to Luus, 1 run

sweep again, but finds the fielder at long leg

Sana Mir to Luus, 1 wide

slips it down leg and Luus is unable to make contact with her lap sweep. Still gets a wide

South Africa need 23 off 18 as the crowd gets in the act, horns blaring everywhere. What a comeback by Pakistan! Here's the captain again. Sana Mir. Long-off's back. Deep square leg's back. Long-on's back

end of over 473 runs
SA-W: 184/7CRR: 3.91 RRR: 7.67 • Need 23 from 18b
Shabnim Ismail3 (7)
Sune Luus12 (15)
Sadia Yousuf10-0-30-2
Asmavia Iqbal10-0-55-0
Sadia Yousuf to Ismail, no run

looks for a big hit over the bowler's head, but she misses the non-turning ball outside off

Sadia Yousuf to Luus, 1 run

full and outside off, sweeps to deep square leg

Sadia Yousuf to Luus, no run

full and outside off, drives to extra cover

Bilawal Gul: "Just Don't Give them 4's n 6's . . And You'll Be Safely Home . . . . Good Captaincy By Sana The Clever Mir . . . Let's Do it Skipper !!!"

Sadia Yousuf to Ismail, 1 run

looks to lash a full delivery outside off through cover. Gets an inside edge as the ball wanders in front, and to the right of the bowler. They steal a single!

Sadia Yousuf to Ismail, no run

tosses it up on off stump from around the wicket, defends

Sadia Yousuf to Luus, 1 run

pushes it past the left of short midwicket

Lots of noise from Pakistan as the equation becomes 26 off 24

end of over 464 runs
SA-W: 181/7CRR: 3.93 RRR: 6.50 • Need 26 from 24b
Shabnim Ismail2 (4)
Sune Luus10 (12)
Asmavia Iqbal10-0-55-0
Sadia Yousuf9-0-27-2
Asmavia Iqbal to Ismail, no run

moves around the wicket and beats the left-hander with a short, slower ball. Ismail shapes to cut but is too early on the shot and can't adjust

Match details
Grace Road, Leicester
TossSouth Africa Women, elected to field first
SeriesICC Women's World Cup
Player Of The Match
Shabnim Ismail
Shabnim Ismail
Match numberODI no. 1058
Hours of play (local time)10.30 start, First Session 10.30-13.40, Interval 13.40-14.10, Second Session 14.10-17.20
Match days25 June 2017 - day(50-over match)
Zimbabwe Image
Langton Rusere
Bangladesh Image
Reserve Umpire
West Indies Image
Jacqueline Williams
Match Referee
Australia Image
Steve Bernard
PointsSouth Africa Women 2, Pakistan Women 0