4th Match, Amstelveen, Aug 29 2018, ICC World Twenty20 Europe Region Qualifier B
(7/7 ov, target 49)34/3
Isle of Man won by 14 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
36 (33)
end of over 74 runs • 1 wicket
Fin: 34/3CRR: 4.85 RRR: 7.92
Vanraaj Padhaal2 (2)
Nicholas White 1-0-4-1
Chris Langford 1-0-10-1

Match State: Delay

Covers are coming on, Umpires have decided the rain is too heavy

So, whatever happens now with the rain, regardless of if it stops or not we have a result with more than 5 overs bowled in the 2nd innings

Match State: Delay - rain

The rain is getting worse, all the covers including the side sheets are on coving the pitches being used over the rest of the touranment.. It isn't looking good.

I'm logging off now, and going to have a cup of tea - there isn't going to be any play here for quite some time. Keep an eye on the other games in the tournament. I'll be back with an update once there is something more to add

The rain has eased off slightly and the umpires and groundsman are on their ay out to middle, accompanied it has to be said by the groundsmans dog.

The umpires are looking round the covers and on the uncovered side of the square and looking at their watches. - And the rain is getting heavier

The umpires are making their way off the field, deep in conversation with heads down

The coaches join the umpires outside the tent. The Radar shows more rain on the way.

Lots of finger pointing going on. The Fins have some players out on the edge of the field wtih a ball in hand looking like they want to play

Umpires Jesper Jenson has gone back to the changing room as the rain gets heavier once again. Is he looking for an umbrella?

Still more dicusssion with more what appears to be the shaking of hands between coaches and umpires? Is that it?

Yes thats's it. Game over. Isle of Man have won on Duckworth Lewis. What a shame to have the game end like this. We will be back tomorrow for more cricket here from VRA, but for now. Thank you and goodnight

N White to Scamans, OUT

Bowled him, full and on middle, batsmen tries to swing to leg, misses and is out

Jonathan Scamans b White 18 (19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 94.73
N White to Scamans, no run

Pulled to square leg

Rain is getting harder, coming straight down with no wind movement

N White to Scamans, FOUR runs

down the legside and tickled to the fence and fine leg

N White to Scamans, no run

outside off driven to point

N White to Scamans, no run

Swing and a miss outside off

Groundsman is sat on the covers waiting

N White to Scamans, no run

outside off stump and through to the keeper

end of over 610 runs • 1 wicket
Fin: 30/2CRR: 5.00 RRR: 7.64
Vanraaj Padhaal2 (2)
Jonathan Scamans14 (13)
Chris Langford 1-0-10-1
Matthew Ansell 3-0-8-1

Rain has started here. Looks quite heavy

Langford to Padhaal, 2 runs

turned into the onside where White fields and returns to the keeper

Langford to Padhaal, no run

straight on the money to the new bat who defends with an angled bat

Langford to Gallagher, OUT

Off stump has been flattened - pitched up, passes the outside edged and cannons into the stumps

Peter Gallagher b Langford 12 (18b 1x4 1x6) SR: 66.66
Langford to Gallagher, no run
Langford to Scamans, 3 runs

outside off and pushed down to 3rd man where the fielder makes a diving stop

Langford to Scamans, 1 wide

passes down the legside

Langford to Scamans, FOUR runs

outside off and guided with a little late cut down to the fence

end of over 52 runs
Fin: 20/1CRR: 4.00 RRR: 7.80
Peter Gallagher12 (16)
Jonathan Scamans7 (11)
Matthew Ansell 3-0-8-1
Kieran Cawte 2-1-12-0

Chris Langford first change again, bowling from this Scorebox end

Ansell to Gallagher, no run

forward to defend

Ansell to Gallagher, no run

backs away, misses

Ansell to Gallagher, no run

tries to sweep, misses out and the ball goes to 3rd man

Ansell to Scamans, 1 run

sweeps and gets a little edge out to fine leg

Ansell to Gallagher, 1 run

dropped into teh legside and a quick single

Ansell to Gallagher, no run

outside off, swing and a miss