1st T20I, Potchefstroom, February 13, 2018, India Women tour of South Africa
(18.5/20 ov, T:165) 168/3

IND Women won by 7 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
54* (48)
South Africa Women INNINGS (20 overs maximum)
Lizelle Lee c Kaur b Pandey19181721105.55
Dane van Niekerk (c)lbw b Patil38314651122.58
Sune Luus c Pandey b Vastrakar18131721138.46
Mignon du Preez c Krishnamurthy b Patil31273750114.81
Nadine de Klerk not out 2325300192.00
Chloe Tryon not out 327624457.14
Extras(nb 1, w 2)3
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 8.20, 78 Mts)164/4
Fall of wickets: 1-26 (Lizelle Lee, 4.2 ov), 2-62 (Sune Luus, 7.6 ov), 3-84 (Dane van Niekerk, 11.1 ov), 4-130 (Mignon du Preez, 18.3 ov)
Pooja Vastrakar403418.5094120
7.6 to S Luus, smashed in the air, and Pandey takes the catch at deep cover to dismiss Luss. 62/2
Shikha Pandey4041110.25123400
4.2 to L Lee, played in the air, and Kaur takes easy catch at mid-off area to dismiss Lee. 26/1
Anuja Patil402325.75122100
11.1 to D van Niekerk, Trapped LBW. 84/3
18.3 to M du Preez, smashed in the air, and Veda takes the catch running from long-on boundary to dismiss Du Preez. 130/4
Radha Yadav302107.00102101
Poonam Yadav3031010.3344100
Harmanpreet Kaur201407.0021000
India Women INNINGS (Target: 165 runs from 20 overs)
Mithali Raj not out 54487261112.50
Smriti Mandhana c van Niekerk b Daniels28151832186.66
Harmanpreet Kaur (c)run out (Luus)011000.00
Jemimah Rodrigues c Ntozakhe b van Niekerk37273041137.03
Veda Krishnamurthy not out 37222033168.18
Extras(lb 5, w 7)12
TOTAL18.5 Ov (RR: 8.92, 72 Mts)168/3
Fall of wickets: 1-47 (Smriti Mandhana, 4.4 ov), 2-47 (Harmanpreet Kaur, 4.5 ov), 3-116 (Jemimah Rodrigues, 13.3 ov)
Marizanne Kapp2032016.0054220
Shabnim Ismail3035011.6664200
Moseline Daniels401614.00161030
4.4 to S Mandhana, driven in the air straight to van Niekerk at extra cover, who takes the catch to dismiss Mandhana. 47/1
Ayabonga Khaka1015015.0022100
Dane van Niekerk402315.7572000
13.3 to JI Rodrigues, top edge in the air, and Ntozakhe takes the cacth at short fine leg area to dismiss Rodrigues. 116/3
Raisibe Ntozakhe403408.5063100
Chloe Tryon0.50809.6020100
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Senwes Park, Potchefstroom
TossIndia Women, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
IND Women
Mithali Raj
Series resultIndia Women led the 5-match series 1-0
Match numberWT20I no. 394
Match days13 February 2018 - day (20-over match)
WT20I debut
Jemimah Rodrigues
Jemimah Rodrigues
Nadine de Klerk
Nadine de Klerk
Pooja Vastrakar
Pooja Vastrakar
Radha Yadav
Radha Yadav
Raisibe Ntozakhe
Raisibe Ntozakhe
Taniya Bhatia
Taniya Bhatia
South Africa
Lubabalo Gcuma
South Africa
Siphelele Gasa
Reserve Umpire
South Africa
Stephen Harris
Match Referee
South Africa
Gerrie Pienaar
  • South Africa Women Innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 37 runs, 1 wickets)
  • South Africa Women: 50 runs in 7.2 overs (46 balls, 30 mins, 5x4, 2x6)
  • South Africa Women: 100 runs in 14.1 overs (88 balls, 56 mins, 12x4, 3x6)
  • South Africa Women: 152 runs in 19.3 overs (120 balls, 76 mins, 16x4, 6x6)
  • India Women Innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 66 runs, 2 wickets)
  • India Women: 52 runs in 5.2 overs (34 balls, 24 mins, 6x4, 3x6)
  • 3rd wicket: 50 runs off 31 balls in 20 mins (M Raj 11, JI Rodriques 32, Ex 7)
  • India Women: 100 runs in 10.3 overs (67 balls, 42 mins, 10x4, 4x6)
IND Women Innings
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