3rd Test, Sydney, January 07 - 11, 2021, India tour of Australia
338 & 312/6d
(T:407) 244 & 334/5

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
131 & 81
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end of over 1314 runs
IND: 334/5CRR: 2.54 
Hanuma Vihari23 (161b 4x4)
Ravichandran Ashwin39 (128b 7x4)
Mitchell Starc 22-6-66-0
Josh Hazlewood 26-12-39-2

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Paine: We created enough chances, our bowlers were superb. So this is a tough one to swallow. I will have to take the blame for the dropped catches. Looking forward to Brisbane. We didn't play our best in Adelaide or Melbourne but this was the closest. There were some positive signs out there. A whole-hearted effort from the boys today. two young kids coming and playing international cricket. Will started well with a half-century and Cameron Green was fantastic, helping us setting up the declaration.

Rahane: I think our talk this morning was showing character and fight till the end. It was fightback from the first innings itself. I think getting Australia all out to 338 from 200 for 2 in the first innings was pretty great and special efforts from Vihari and Ashwin. It was a ploy to have right-left combination in the middle but credit to Pant. Injury-wise Pant is looking good, Jadeja the physio will take the call and Vihari we don't know yet. Looking forward to Brisbane.

Steven Smith is the Man of the Match. "India fought really hard, our bowlers kept coming back," he says. "The wicket was pretty benign. It always means a lot when you score a hundred. Scoring at my homeground was special. But that doesn't matter now. I think I batted a bit more aggressively but not much different other than that."

Time for the presentation ceremony.

Shashwat: "@Jiten - Dropped catches and edges falling short...along with a watermark of lady luck smiling!!"

Pranay: "@Jiten - dropped catches!"

Jiten Surtani: "Spare a thought for the guys who prepare the highlights package of the day. What can they show in that 5-10 mins package that will capture the essence of the last session ?"

Deepak Sahu: "Pardon my short-term memory but i refused to believe Ashwin played an inning as significant as this one, including his 4 centuries against WI."

Abdullah: "And Rahane is yet to loose a test as a captain "

Niranjan: "These two batted for 42.4 overs on last day, Outstanding effort!"

Akhilesh: "I remember commenting before the day began that today could make or break Vihari's career which wasn't published. Sincerely hope the Indian team doesn't forget what he's done here because this man is of a different class."

Rajesh pings me: "Ashwin in the top five for most balls played by an India No. 7 in 4th inns, after Dhoni, Pant, Mongia, Kirmani

6.10pm And they are shaking hands with one over left. What an effort by India to draw this Test with Vihari struggling with his hamstring and Jadeja unlikely to come out. Don't forget when Pant and Pujara were in the middle, it looked like they could go for a win also. But when they lost Pant and Pujara in quick succession, Australia were the favourites. So India won't be complaining here. Ashwin and Vihari batted brilliantly and even though the pitch didn't have any demons, it was a tremendous effort by the two during which they negotiated the new ball as well. Australia didn't bowl badly but they were hurt by their fielding. Paine dropped three catches and substitute Sean Abbott put down one. The pitch not deteriorating also worked against them.

All that means the series is still at 1-1 with the last Test to be played in Brisbane - Australia haven't lost there since 1988.

Starc to Vihari, no run

length ball outside off, defended from the crease

Mainak Pyne: "Not sure if anyone already mentioned this, but can espn quietly use a simulator and add runs to Vihari's career total? He deserves the extra effort from us."

Starc to Vihari, no run

length ball in the channel, shouldered arms

Starc to Vihari, no run

beaten again. Fuller outside off this time. Vihari looks to reach there to defend and gets beaten

Adam: "Whenever Ashwin fails to win a match for india on a final day, people start questioning his ability especially on overseas tour. I think same should be applied to Nathan lyon considering this is his home series "

Starc to Vihari, no run

fuller around off, coming in with the angle and moves away after landing. Vihari was looking to drive and gets beaten

Trinity: "It is hardly a limping draw. If another session of play were possible , you would fancy India over Australia to win this, especially with the new ball not due for another 30 overs."

Starc to Vihari, no run

fuller around off, stays in his crease and defends

Alex: "Another reason New Zealand is better than Australia at the moment: Neil Wagner. How the Aussies would like him right now!!"

Starc to Vihari, FOUR runs

fuller on the pads, flicked away towards fine leg for four

Two overs to go. Three slips and a short leg

end of over 1306 runs
IND: 330/5CRR: 2.53 
Ravichandran Ashwin39 (128b 7x4)
Hanuma Vihari19 (155b 3x4)
Josh Hazlewood 26-12-39-2
Mitchell Starc 21-6-62-0

AshR: "Where is Michael Clarke? he should be bowling now"

Hazlewood to Ashwin, no run

fuller around off, Ashwin comes forward and drives it towards long-on. They don't run this time

S Rajesh: Control stats v Lyon in this inns: Ashwin 92.1, Pant 91.2, Pujara 78.2

Hazlewood to Ashwin, no run

a rare play and miss. Fuller in the channel. Looks to for the drive and misses

Hazlewood runs in but doesn't bowl

Hazlewood to Ashwin, no run

length ball outside off, punches it towards extra cover

Hazlewood to Ashwin, 2 runs

length ball outside off, punches it towards long-on and they take not just a single but a double as Vihari comes back for the second

Christopher Dil: "with 8 or 9 wickets down it would be a limping draw...but with 5 wickets down this is as commanding as it gets!"

Hazlewood to Ashwin, no run

fuller around off, comes forward and blocks

Hazlewood to Ashwin, FOUR runs

short outside off and Ashwin swivel to pull it to the deep-backward square leg boundary

Three overs left

end of over 1294 runs
IND: 324/5CRR: 2.51 
Hanuma Vihari19 (155b 3x4)
Ravichandran Ashwin33 (122b 6x4)
Mitchell Starc 21-6-62-0
Josh Hazlewood 25-12-33-2
Starc to Vihari, FOUR runs

short of length outside off, and out of nowhere, Vihari flays it past backward point for four

Starc to Vihari, no run

length ball around off, defended square of the wicket

Starc to Vihari, no run

fuller but down the leg side, ignored

Kartheek: "@Suneet I do the same but because my cricinfo feed is a ball early and I can't wait"

Starc to Vihari, no run

fuller around off, pushes it towards mid-on

Starc to Vihari, no run

fuller around off, comes forward and blocks

Starc to Vihari, no run

length ball around off, stays in his crease and defends

Four overs left

end of over 128Maiden
IND: 320/5CRR: 2.50 
Ravichandran Ashwin33 (122b 6x4)
Hanuma Vihari15 (149b 2x4)
Josh Hazlewood 25-12-33-2
Mitchell Starc 20-6-58-0

Suneej: "Most part of the day i have been following commentary in cricinfo even though i got tv channel. Cant watch keeping heart in my mouth.."

Hazlewood to Ashwin, no run

short of length at the batsman, punched through the vacant mid-on area but they don't want to risk running. And this too doesn't reach the boundary

Hazlewood to Ashwin, no run

fuller on the stumps, flicked towards midwicket. And it stops just inside the boundary line

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