2nd ODI, Port of Spain, July 24, 2022, India tour of West Indies and United States of America
(49.4/50 ov, T:312) 312/8

India won by 2 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
64* (35) & 1/40
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It seems the exhilaration levels of this series has been dialed up to seventeen in this series. West Indies are 0-2 down but it's not hard for them to have been 2-0. Towards the end, this game was lost due to a couple of bowling errors which weighed down on them and deny the team a series-levelling win. But they stayed in it for a long time. Spare a thought for Shai Hope who got a 100 on his 100th ODI. The upside is he'll get another chance to make a mark on his 101st outing. That'll come in a couple of days, we'll see you there. For now, it's goodbye from me, Ekanth, my co-commentator Himanshu Agrawal, and our scorer, Thilak.

Stat from Sampath: Most runs chased successfully in the last 10 overs (41-50) in Men's ODIs since 2001:

109 - Pakistan vs Bangladesh, Mirpur 2014

102 - New Zealand vs Australia, Christchurch 2005

101 - New Zealand vs Ireland, Dublin 2022

100 - India vs West Indies, Port of Spain 2022

India's previous highest was 91 runs against Zimbabwe in the 2015 World Cup

SaraT: "1 bad over from A.Joseph costed game for WI, if not things could have been different for them, well played WI though"

Romarsha: "Maybe India takes all the luck from bilateral series and none is left in ICC tournaments "

Prasu KL: "Regardless of the result, WI must feel really proud with the way they played and fought till the last ball in both these games. They must not be disheartened "

Jeetu Sangwani: "India wins coz may-errs"

Shikhar Dhawan, India Captain: I feel it was a great a team performance. We made mistakes, we took the challenge and we had self-belief. I was also surprised. Hats off to our middle order. All the batters were amazing, Axar and Avesh, who got those boundaries, were amazing. Our domestic and IPL cricket keeps us ready as we play in front of big crowds. As Axar said, he's done it multiple times in IPL. That brings a big stage. At the halfway stage, we felt we pulled them. We got a couple of wickets, then Hope and Pooran took off. We thought we can do it if they can. We started slowly, I thought we can take off against left arm spin. I got out, Shreyas and Sanju played well. There was a silly mistake with the run out. But the way Axar played was amazing. Our support staff has been excellent. (On Hope) It was great when I scored a 100 on my 100th match. Congrats to Hope on doing it, he's a quality player. He's got a bright present and future with West Indies.

Nicholas Pooran, West Indies Captain: We lost it in the last overs, Axar played well and we didn't hold our nerves. We could not keep things down in the last five overs. We felt that it got easier to hit spinners. And we gambled with Akeal bowling against left handers. One wicket would have opened up things but Axar played brilliantly. Hope's innings was impressive, it was exceptional as a batting group. We wanna win, we wanna win pretty bad in the next game. That's all we are aiming for.

Axar Patel, POTM for 1 for 40 and 64* (35): It's very special, to get it in a crucial, series-winning cause is amazing. When I went out, I aimed for 10-11 an over. We thought it could be done as we have IPL experience. We wanted to be calm and keep cover of the rate. This was special as this is my first ODI since 2017, even my first fifty came here. Winning the series too makes me feel wonderful.

6:22 pm: Axar is still in smiles as he's greeted by his team-mates as he walks back. He's turned this one. India started well despite Dhawan's low scoring, Gill got off the blocks. Iyer and Samson consolidated and their wickets signalled trouble. Every bowler aside from Hayden Walsh, who bowled only three, were among the wickets. Shepherd and Seales hit their lengths consistently, Alzarri was excellent till his last two overs. His leakage of runs put India back in. There were ample turning points and potential moments of truth. Gill's hard-to-comprehend scoop, Samson's run out, Hooda's wicket after being unable to launch big shots. But Axar stood tall, Avesh got lucky breaks with swings falling in gaps, bowlers going wrong in a couple of overs and it almost inexplicably finished with India winning.

Arun Prakash: " Sixar Patel! What a finish! "

Mayers to Axar Patel, SIX runs

Nailed! Axar yells in delight right after bat hit ball. West Indies' fielders are lunging in disappointment as this match and series slips away. Mayers tries the yorker again, misses. It's a full toss. Axar was across to off, he slapped it straight and it sailed. Jubilation in the stands among the Indian players.

6 off 3. One hit or one wicket could clear the game.

Mayers to Siraj, 1 run

Yorker at the feet, Siraj opens the bat-face and gets it to backward point.

King and Pooran chat with Mayers. He comes in with four deep fielders leg side.

Mayers to Axar Patel, 1 run

Yorker length again, Axar can manage to only jam the flick to deep midwicket.

Mayers to Axar Patel, no run

Yorker outside off, it goes under Axar's bat as he tries to drag the flick. Dot!


Packie Chan: "Axar batting sensibly...waiting for the last over!" It's time. The artificial lights are on.

8 off 6, two wickets in hand. Mayers it will be for his first time bowling the final over in an LOI.

end of over 497 runs • 1 wicket
IND: 304/8CRR: 6.20 RRR: 8.00 • Need 8 runs from 6b
Axar Patel57 (32b 3x4 4x6)
Jayden Seales 10-0-40-1
Alzarri Joseph 10-1-46-2

Mit Thakkar: "SUPER OVER!!!!!"

Seales to Avesh Khan, OUT

Bouncer, pulled. Taken in the deep! This was a slower bouncer at the head, Avesh pulled with eyes off. He got height but could not clear deep square leg.

Avesh Khan c Brooks b Seales 10 (12b 2x4 0x6 19m) SR: 83.33
Seales to Avesh Khan, no run

Short over the stumps, Avesh swings hard. Misses and loses his shape. It goes to the keeper.

Dhairya: "Axar is not framing strike properly? May be he want Avesh to hit 2 or 3 before holding out?" He's framing the innings by outsourcing hitting responsibilities.

Seales to Axar Patel, 1 run

Back of length over the stumps, pulled into the ground to deep backward square.

Chintan : "Who bowls the Final over if required!!!" Mayers is my guess but they might gamble with a spinner.

Seales to Avesh Khan, 1 run

Back of length at the body following him, pulled to midwicket.

Seales to Avesh Khan, FOUR runs

Room offered, slapped again. This goes through wide long-off. Four more. 300 up. Avesh's swinging as hard as he can, connected twice so far. This was fullish but wide enough to free his arms.

Zafar: "Important 49th over for seales" Could not overstate it.

Seales to Axar Patel, 1 run

Full on the pads, swings a flick to deep square along the ground.

Alzarri and Shepherd are done. Seales to start his final over

end of over 484 runs
IND: 297/7CRR: 6.18 RRR: 7.50 • Need 15 runs from 12b
Avesh Khan5 (8b 1x4)
Axar Patel55 (30b 3x4 4x6)
Alzarri Joseph 10-1-46-2
Romario Shepherd 10-0-69-1
Joseph to Avesh Khan, no run

Full ball follows Axar who was down leg. His feet were diagonally place and he heaved. It hit the edge, onto pad, towards short third. No thought of a run as Axar had to retain strike.

Essentially a free hit.

Joseph to Avesh Khan, no run

Bouncer, this one's over the stumps. Avesh clears the way and tries to cut it but swings out of shape and misses.

Joseph to Axar Patel, 1 run

Full outside off, driven to long-off.

Joseph to Avesh Khan, 1 run

Full outside off, tries to whack it. Gets it off the bottom to long-on.

Joseph to Avesh Khan, 1 wide

Bouncer at sixth stump, Avesh shapes up with his back leg to the off side and front to leg. Alzarri bounced him, Avesh let it go. It looked a tight call, but the margin went in the batter's favour.

Joseph to Avesh Khan, no run

Beaten. Slower one into the pitch outside off. Avesh tried to swipe it over the offside and missed.

Joseph to Axar Patel, 1 run

Driven straight, Joseph gets a leg on it. It rebounds to the left. One taken. The ball was fullish outside off.

19 off 18, three wickets in hand. 81 in the last seven.

end of over 4713 runs
IND: 293/7CRR: 6.23 RRR: 6.33 • Need 19 runs from 18b
Avesh Khan4 (4b 1x4)
Axar Patel53 (28b 3x4 4x6)
Romario Shepherd 10-0-69-1
Alzarri Joseph 9-1-42-2
Shepherd to Avesh Khan, no run

Close to the tramline, it's full and Avesh who's across drives it to cover.

Shepherd to Avesh Khan, no run

Full outside off, goes for the drive. Not good enough connection. Goes to mid-off.

Shepherd to Avesh Khan, FOUR runs

Slapped, goes wide of mid-off to the fence! It was short and wide, Avesh had enough room to cut it hard. The fielder leapt to his left but could not reach it.

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