3rd Investec Test, Southampton, Jul 27 - 31 2014, India tour of England
569/7d & 205/4d
(66.4 ov, target 445)330 & 178
England won by 266 runs
player of the match

1.15 pm Along with England's thumping win, we can confirm that India will be without Ishant Sharma at the next Test at Old Trafford as he is still injured. MS Dhoni their captain said he will definitely not be fit. He was also unsure about the balance of the side - to choose five bowlers or not. England have greased all the gears and are seeming to be working in top shape. Wonder how that will be affected at Anderson's hearing tomorrow? So do make sure to join us next Thursday to see these two sides pull out their dukes again. Until then, this is Alagappan Muthu, along with Alex Winter, saying ta ta.

James Anderson is the Man of the Match "Lovely, Was a good day yesterday., Wanted to finished them off early and get out there and bat again. Don't think we lost a session in the game. Fantastic performance through the five days. 570 is a huge score for the bowlers. Quite easily be Gary of Bell with the award after having set up the game for us. Bowled brilliantly and got this win. We've definitely enjoyed it this well, we've obviously performed well Different atmosphere in the field, me and Broady to set the tone with the new ball, thrown ourselves around. It swung both innings and that makes my job easier cause that's what I;m good at and if it keeps swinging hopefully I can continue. Not sure tomorrow's hearing. have to wait and see and we have done brilliantly to put that out of our minds and level the series"

"Happy is the word, not relieved. We pretty much won every single session and that credit to the guys," Alastair Cook, "It's a great win, we wanted to get on that wicket first and get 570 is a great start and bowled well and batted quickly and knocked em over again., Fantastic crowd, it was a touch Test [scheduling wise], walking out on Sunday after lunch, the ovation was great. It's been a fantastic week and thank you Southampton. I thought my game was heading in the right direction even with 10s and 20s. Frustrating not to get the hundred, but I'd take what I got. Getting back into the ball is vital, I'm pretty good with the short ball. I nick off outside off and I had to take care of that. had to work incredibly hard. The team from 1 to 11 have been fantastic. Moeen's bowling has come on leaps and bounds, credit to him. When you're bowing behind Ajmal at Worcester and he's been bowling a lot. Responding really well and on a spinning wicket to get a six-for, can't really ask for more. Buttler's been brilliant with his quick runs and his keeping has been great too. Leader of the attack, Anderson. Got a couple of wickets to set us off and settle nerves"

"I donl;t think we payed good cricket. We played the fast bowlers wlel,Moeen bowled well, but we let him bowl well," says MS Dhoni. He bowled good lines and one ball will turn, there is some wear on the wicket and we should have been more positive. There were quite a few soft dismissals, the phase where Jinx got out and a couple of other wickets that fell. The last session yesterday we lost too many wickets. We could have looked at the Test today a different way without that. The reason for using four bowlers i is the we never used the fifth. We just used him for 10 and 8 overs. With Shikhar and Vijay and Rohit around we thought we could do it. But it's the bowling we need to improve and hit the top of off stump. We will have to think about the four-bowler strategy. We can say the extra batsman didn't score, but then again the extra bowler didit pick up wickets. So we have to discuss a lot and decide on the basis of the pitch. Ishant won't be fit for the next game, Pankaj bowled really well, tall guy bowled good lengths. In this pitch he bowled the right length. Could have got three wickets but it just didn't go his way. Shami and Bhuvi bowled well too, they dont hit the deck hard when they not normally do. When it comes ot talent, we are good. In the mental approach, we have to play out shots and back ourselves because cricket is about runs and wickets"

1.00 pm Presentation time. The match referee, David Boon, leads the umpires onto the podium to collect their medals

shiv: "this defeat has more to do with india's slip fielding"

12.50 pm Moeen Ali has a stump for a souvenir and leads England off the field. The hosts would have had a mammoth checklist after their Lord's performance. Cook's form? Better. Bell's contribution? Solid. Lack of spinners? What lack of spinners, Moeen supporters would roar in outrage. The questions are now back in the Indian camp. Their batsmen all got starts, but their ability to convert it was virtually non-existent. So much that they lost every session in this Test

Shikhar Ahuja: "Moral of the story: Never ask a bowler to remove his wristband."

Stu: "@ Shiktar: I think I remember Dean Jones asking Curtly Ambrose to remove his wristband...Very bad decision that"

Harish: "Absolutely disgusted with the Indian batting especially in the second innings. Kudos to England, great performance dominating throughout the test match without any lapse. They were determined enough and have played best cricket in a long time. India has a lot to ponder over - Top order Dhawan, Pujara and Kohli need to buckle up, they cant be giving away after decent starts. Bowlers - Shami needs to be able to support Bhuvi. Pankaj was unlucky but he doesn't have consistent pace to trouble batsmen and finally there has to be a convincing decision on Jadeja or Ashwin for the next test match."

King: "With due credit to Moeen, Indian batsmen have played like the ones who never had played spin, elevating Moeen to deliver a match winning performance. How many times have we seen this in the past?" Think they got stuck between two different approaches. First off they wanted to attack him, then they decided to respect him and then ended up overestimating the turn he usually got. They had reason to though with a few balls fizzing out of the rough. But there is one thing that underlines Moeen's efforts though - his flight and lines were far better than a part-time offspinner.

Ali to Pankaj, OUT

six-for! England are in a huddle, they have ended a drought of ten Tests without a win! Again another Indian batsman plays inside the line of a Moeen offspinner, ball crashes into off stump and that's all she wrote. The five-match series is back on even ground

Pankaj Singh b Ali 9 (15m 7b 2x4 0x6) SR: 128.57
Ali to Pankaj, no run

lovely tossed up delivery outside off, drummed back to the bowler

Ali to Pankaj, FOUR runs

long hop from Moeen and Pankaj has deposited it to the midwicket boundary. Help yourself stuff from the offspinner

Ali to Pankaj, FOUR runs

tossed up and allows him a full swing of the arms, Pankaj takes it up and slogs it wide of mid-on. He's not looking to hang around

slip, gully, silly point, short leg and leg gully in

end of over 665 runs
INDIA: 170/9CRR: 2.57 
Ajinkya Rahane52 (121)
Pankaj Singh1 (3)
Chris Woakes11-3-23-0
Moeen Ali20-4-59-5
Woakes to Rahane, FOUR runs

fifty to Rahane. Stepped down and drilled a cover drive through the gap. Got nicely on top of the bounce to a shortish ball as Woakes tried to outsmart him. Timed to perfection.

Woakes to Rahane, no run

width outside off and he thought he had the opportunity for a fifty. Looks for the slash and is beaten. Poor bloke, he has looked so solid until the lower order crumbled around him

Woakes to Rahane, no run

fuller ball which straightens a touch outside off, Rahane gets the outside edge but he never plays with hard hands so it drops well short of Cook at first slip

Woakes to Pankaj, 1 run

off the mark! This was a good length ball a little too straight and he tucks it past mid-on

Woakes to Pankaj, no run

England go up as Pankaj takes evasive action. This was back of a length and angled in on off stump. The tailender had pulled his eyes off the ball and looks very awkward as the ball kisses the arm guard

Rayner: "sujith - If Rahane is the new chanders then Moeen is the new Saqlain Mushtaq!"

Woakes to Pankaj, no run

fuller and a touch outside off, Pankaj taps it into the off side and tries to scamper across, as is his job, but there is no single there

end of over 658 runs
INDIA: 165/9CRR: 2.53 
Ajinkya Rahane48 (118)
Pankaj Singh0 (0)
Moeen Ali20-4-59-5
Chris Woakes10-3-18-0
Ali to Rahane, FOUR runs

six men in the infield, so Rahane gets down on one knee and heaves it over square leg. Lovely strike, but that means England and Woakes have six balls at the No.11's poster boy Pankaj Singh

Ali to Rahane, FOUR runs

swept away and he will find a boundary in front of square leg. Had to reach out as far as he could to find the gap

Abir Utsha: "Why waste energy with Woakes? Bring on Anderson or Root for that matters." Field comes up now

Ali to Rahane, no run

stays back to block a length ball that doesn't really turn

Ali to Rahane, no run

steps forward to one a touch fuller and outside off to defend

Ali to Rahane, no run

gets in line with a flatter ball outside off

Ali to Rahane, no run

touch flatter on middle, Rahane pushes down the pitch

sujith: "Rahane is the new Chandrepaul"