1st ODI, Dambulla, Jan 28 2009, India tour of Sri Lanka
(48.1/50 ov)247/4
India won by 6 wickets (with 11 balls remaining)
player of the match

Quite an efficient win by the Indians. Since this is a bilateral series there was no need to worry about net run rate so the Indians could afford to take their time. Never at any stage were there any signs of panic and Dhoni deserves credit for nudging the singles. Gambhir and Raina were positive at the top, Yuvraj didn't get bogged down by the spinners and importantly, India took advantage of the fact that the opposition attack enough. Stay with us for the presentation.

This is India's sixth consecutive win.

Here's Mahela Jayawardene: "They didn't panic at the end. MS batted well. The bowlers bowled well upfront but we couldn't keep the pressure. There was no sideways movement as well. We took the 3rd Powerplay at the right time but unfortunately we lost a couple of wickets. Sanath was brilliant today."

Dhoni: "All the bowlers chipped in. Same for the batsmen as well. We could have bowled a lot better with the new ball. We wanted Jayasuriya to take risks and we played to a plan."

Jayasuriya is the Man of the Match for his 107. He said: "I think the Indians batted well and we fell about 25-30 short. We just need to play more positive cricket. We need to put more pressure on the Indian batsmen."

That's it from us. Do join us for the second match on January 31, remember it's a day-night game in Colombo. On behalf of Siddharth Ravindran and Binoy George, this is Kanishkaa signing off. Cheers!

Dilshan to Dhoni, 1 run

angles it on the pads and he nudges it away to the on side, India win by six wickets

end of over 489 runs
INDIA: 246/4CRR: 5.12 RRR: 0.50
Rohit Sharma25 (30)
MS Dhoni60 (64)
Thilan Thushara 8-0-44-1
Ajantha Mendis 10-0-47-0
Thushara to Rohit Sharma, FOUR runs

Thushara misdirects it on the pads and he delicately whips it away wide of square leg

Thushara to Rohit Sharma, no run

gets forward and drives on the up towards cover

Thushara to Dhoni, 1 run

stays on the backfoot and defends to the off side and takes a single

Thushara to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

full on the pads and worked away wide of square leg

Thushara to Dhoni, 1 run

digs out a yorker just wide of Sangakkara and Rohit is determined to go ahead with this single

Thushara to Dhoni, no run

bowls it on target this time as Dhoni stays on the back foot and defends

Thushara to Dhoni, 1 wide

bangs it in short but he misdirects it wide outside off

Thushara to Dhoni, 1 wide

bowls the slower ball wide down the leg side, he tries to nudge but misses

10 to win off three overs, here's Thushara, he comes over the wicket, the Powerplays are over

end of over 477 runs
INDIA: 237/4CRR: 5.04 RRR: 3.33
Rohit Sharma20 (27)
MS Dhoni58 (61)
Ajantha Mendis 10-0-47-0
Muthiah Muralidaran 10-0-52-1
Mendis to Rohit Sharma, no run

gets forward and pushes it straight to mid-off

Mendis to Dhoni, 1 run

stays on the backfoot and cuts it to the off side

Mendis to Dhoni, FOUR runs

gives him the charge to a flatter delivery and whacks it along the turf past the bowler and mid-off

Mendis to Dhoni, no run

steps down the pitch and tries to steal a quick single to cover, Rohit wisely sends him back

Mendis to Rohit Sharma, 1 run
Mendis to Dhoni, 1 run

angled on the pads and he gives him the charge and pushes it firmly wide of midwicket, that's the fifty stand