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1st Test, St John's, June 02 - 06, 2006, India tour of West Indies
241 & 521/6d
(T:392) 371 & 298/9

Match drawn

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Scorecard summary
India 241/10(92.5 overs)
49 (173)
4/40 (22)
West Indies 371/10(98.3 overs)
72 (91)
3/80 (28)
68 (92)
3/86 (27.3)
India 521/6(150.5 overs)
212 (399)
3/162 (29.5)
69 (52)
1/50 (23)
West Indies 298/9(95 overs)
69 (188)
4/107 (34)
end of over 95Maiden
WI: 298/9CRR: 3.13 
Corey Collymore1 (8b)
Fidel Edwards1 (36b)
Sreesanth 19-10-49-2
Anil Kumble 34-8-107-4

Phew! what a dramatic draw! The last pair had 19 balls to survive, 19 tense deliveries, and they did it. Dravid entrusted the onus of bowling the last over to Sreesanth, the man who had got rid of Lara and Sarwan earlier in the day. For West Indies, it was Corey Colleymore who had to face the burden and he shouldered it. And the ARG venue, hosting its last Test, has been the stage for a great Test match.

West Indies led the first two days, after bowling out India for not-so-many, and running to a lead before India forged ahead in the third day. They further consolidated on the fourth day, moving into a position of strength and it all came down to the final day. India won the first session, West Indies the second, while the third almost went to India. Just one final nail was left to be hammered to the coffin, but egged on by a vociferous crowd, the West Indian tail stood up valiantly and waged a great battle.

This is Sriram Veera, along with Sajan Nair signing off for now. Join us for the second Test, starting on 10th. We enjoyed bringing the live coverage of this match, but importantly, hope you enjoyed it! please do send us your feedback. Till the next Test, Good bye and Good luck!

Sreesanth to Collymore, no run

Collymore survives! A huge appeal for lbw goes up! A good length delivery that pitched a tad outside the off stump, Collymore shuffles back and across, the ball starts coming in, Collymore shuffles even more across, ends up outside the off stump, rises his bat to avoid any contact, and the ball crashes into his pads. 11 Indians on the field scream for lbw! but the ball had not done enough , it was not going to hit the off stump and so Collymore, and Fidel Edwards, have saved the game! Its a dramatic draw!

Sreesanth pulls out from bowling , just at the point of delivery., The tension must be killing the young man from Kerala., The last ball of the Test coming up. Fasten your seatbelts!

Sreesanth to Collymore, no run

Delivered from wide of the crease, full, almost yorker length, not quite at the blockhole though, on the middle stump, Collymore, the man who gives the three fingered salute whenever he takes a wicket, goes across and offers the full face of the bat in defense. The crowd roar ... !

Sreesanth to Collymore, no run

oh! it was full and well outside the off stump, West Indies would be very happy with it! left alone by the delighted Collymore!

Dhoni rushes to have a chat with Sreesanth. Ganga goes across to have a word with the batsman! Crowd are cheering..

Sreesanth to Collymore, no run

banged in short of length, on the off stump line, coming in, Collymore stays where he is , just brings his bat in front and makes contact and it rolls away to the off side

Sreesanth to Collymore, no run

bouncer! it was short and rising, head high, Collymore sways away in time, goes down on the ground, but importantly he survives! What a Test match!

Three slips, a gully, silly point, short leg and a short midwicket in place.

Sreesanth to Collymore, no run

It was full and on the middle stump line, Collymore gets his bat down in time to block it away.

Down to 6 balls now, Collymore on strike and it will be Sreesanth to bowl the final over of the day. The last man standing!

end of over 941 run
WI: 298/9CRR: 3.17 
Fidel Edwards1 (36b)
Corey Collymore1 (2b)
Anil Kumble 34-8-107-4
Sreesanth 18-9-49-2
Kumble to Edwards, no run

rips across a fullish delivery, on the middle stump, but Edwards is upto it, never before his dead-bat would have fetched him so much praise from the crowd.! they stand up to cheer!

Slip, gully and a short leg on the off side - Leg slip and two shorts leg on the leg side - in total 6 men around the bat. This is the last ball of Kumble!

Kumble to Edwards, no run

fuller, ripped across, on the off stump line, Edwards comes forward, bat and pad together and presents the full face of the bat in defense!

Kumble to Edwards, no run

applause rings around the arena again! as Edward goes back to a short of a length delivery on the middle stump and dead-bats it away!

Kumble to Edwards, no run

full and on the legs, almost on the yorker length, Edwards stays back, gets his bat in time, pushes it back down the track. huge cheers again!

Kumble to Edwards, no run

tossed up, slower, on the off stump line and it turned away, Edwards gets forward and allows it go through.

Kumble to Collymore, 1 run

Full and outside the off stump, driven through covers! and Edwards will get bakc on strike, huge cheers ring around the arena! Thrilling stuff !

Can they hold back India for 12 more balls?!

end of over 93Maiden
WI: 297/9CRR: 3.19 
Fidel Edwards1 (31b)
Corey Collymore0 (1b)
Sreesanth 18-9-49-2
Anil Kumble 33-8-106-4
Sreesanth to Edwards, no run

banged in short of length, and it kicked up, outside the off stump, Edwards first looks to sway away, then pokes at it, trying to steer through gully for that important single, misses and Dhoni gathers it in delight.,

Sreesanth to Edwards, no run

fuller , much fuller , on the middle stump line, Edwards stays back, gets his bat down in front of the pads, makes contact and it rolls over the off side. one bal to go, Edwards will want a single, India will not!

Sreesanth to Edwards, no run

bouncer that sails over Edwards.

Sreesanth to Edwards, no run

beaten! It was on a length, just outside the off stump and Edwards pokes at it, but luckily for him doesnt get a touch.. He is still standing!

Sreesanth to Edwards, no run

catch dropped! a touch chance to Kaif af short leg. It was dug into towards the ribs, Edwards hops inside the line, pushes it out, the ball goes low to Kaif, boot high but where is he? He has jumped up in a hurry, A proper short leg fielder would have stayed low to ground

five slips! a short leg, a leg slip in place

Sreesanth to Edwards, no run

full and on the legs, turned to vacant midwicket but Edwards doesnt want a run. he will be da maan! and will take the strike! Tension mounting here!

Sreesanth, the man who got Sarwan and Lara in this innings, will have a bowl

end of over 92Wicket maiden
WI: 297/9CRR: 3.22 
Corey Collymore0 (1b)
Fidel Edwards1 (25b)
Anil Kumble 33-8-106-4
Vikram Singh 11-3-35-0
Kumble to Collymore, no run

Anticlimax! a full toss on the middle and leg, pushed to the on side

And then they were one! Four men crowd the bat on the leg side , five men on the off!

Kumble to Mohammed, OUT

That man Anil Kumble! He strikes, yet again, for India to sink in one more nail into the West Indies coffin. It was full, on the blockhole length, on the middle stump line and Dave Mohammed, as he has done through out this innings, goes for a forcing drive, misses and the furniture is disturbed!

Dave Mohammed b Kumble 52 (55b 10x4 0x6 83m) SR: 94.54
Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
W Jaffer
212 runs (399)
24 fours1 six
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
59 runs
9 fours0 six
CH Gayle
72 runs (91)
13 fours1 six
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
22 runs
5 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
DJ Bravo
A Kumble
Match details
Antigua Recreation Ground, St John's, Antigua
TossIndia, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series result4-match series level 0-0
Match numberTest no. 1805
Hours of play (local time)first session 10:00, lunch 12:00, second session 12:40, tea 14:40, third session 15:00, stumps 17:00
Match days2,3,4,5,6 June 2006 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Match Referee
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