'Lara came close to crossing that line during the course of the delay' © Getty Images
After almost a week of confusion, the ICC have explained the reasoning behind the umpires' decision not to report Brian Lara to the match referee in relation to events following the catch which dismissed Mahendra Singh Dhoni during the Antigua Test.

"The circumstances surrounding whether or not Dhoni was dismissed were confused and confusing, and the delay in arriving at a decision provoked frustration and uncertainty among players, officials and spectators alike," an ICC spokesman told Cricinfo. "Cricket is an emotional, passionate game but, at the same time, there is a thin line between an expression of frustration or disappointment and something more serious, and Lara came close to crossing that line during the course of the delay."

The spokesman also dismissed allegations of double standards in the way its rules are imposed. "Any accusation of bias for or against any player or team is wholly inappropriate and, quite simply, wrong as incidents will always be viewed on a case-by-case basis. The context of this one was unique given the circumstances surrounding it, and is something that needs to be considered when forming a judgment over what went on.

"In this instance the two captains, umpires and the match referee discussed the incident afterwards and felt that, in that forum, it was resolved satisfactorily."