8th match (N), Chennai, April 23, 2008, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:209) 202/7

Super Kings won by 6 runs

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end of over 2012 runs
MI: 202/7CRR: 10.10 
Abhishek Nayar45 (20b 6x4 1x6)
Ashish Nehra1 (2b)
Joginder Sharma 4-0-29-2
Muthiah Muralidaran 4-0-40-2

We can safely say this has been the game of the tournament so far. Hayden said at the interval that 208 would be a par score and Mumbai really ran them close. Abhishek Nayar has shown tremendous potential for Mumbai at the domestic level and really is a dangerous hitter. Today unfortunately, his 20-ball 45 went in vain.

It's never easy batting under such pressure in the bull-ring like atmosphere at the MA Chidambaram Stadium. The crowd were as sportive as ever and never went quiet at any stage, even when Harbhajan and Nayar were clobbering it around. The Super Kings are happy with two wins out of two. Mumbai, well have to nurse successive defeats now. Stay with us for the post-match presentation.

Harbhajan: "I'm happy with the way we fought. Amazing wicket to bat on, it was hard for the bowlers to grip the ball. We've got plenty of time to regroup. Hopefully we'll try and win in Mohali. We're hoping to get Sachin back for that game."

Dhoni: "Something needs to be done about the dew. We thought 208 was a very decent score though. The franchises should, hopefully, use some chemicals to control the dew. You can't control the toss but you can do something about the dew. It was a good game of cricket."

Hayden is the Man of the Match: He says it was a bit of a finger biting experience. On the communication issues mingling with so many local players, Hayden smiles and says, " One of the beautiful things about India is that everybody speaks English."

I enjoyed bringing this thriller to you. On behalf of our scorers Raghav and Raju, this is Kanishkaa signing off. Cheers!

Joginder Sharma to Nayar, 1 run

Joginder doesn't overstep, Nayar scoops this down to long-off

Now Super Kings really can't lose this

Joginder Sharma to Nayar, no run

Oh my goodness, a dot ball! Nayar makes room and digs out a yorker straight to cover

That's 8 off 2. Dhoni runs across and has a word with Joginder. The crowd are on their feet

Joginder Sharma to Nehra, 1 run

dishes out another yorker and Nehra manages to dig it out towards cover for a single

9 off 3 now!

Joginder Sharma to Nehra, no run

Nehra swings and misses, he tries his best to make contact with that yorker outside off

Now Nehra has the free hit, the field can change. Nine needed off 4!

Joginder Sharma to Nayar, (no ball) 1 run

he oversteps! Nayar makes room and square drives this to Badrinath at backward point

Joginder Sharma to Nayar, FOUR runs

that's four more! Joginder errs by dishing out a half volley outside off, he makes room, gets on his knee and carves it over extra cover

It's all tension at the MAC

Joginder Sharma to Nayar, FOUR runs

Joginder bangs it in short, Nayar backs away outside leg and pulls that with intent over midwicket, the ball just falls short of the rope

Now they need 19 off the final over. My bet is on Joginder. And it is! Last-over specialist

end of over 199 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 190/7CRR: 10.00 RRR: 19.00
Abhishek Nayar35 (15b 4x4 1x6)
Ashish Nehra0 (0b)
Muthiah Muralidaran 4-0-40-2
Jacob Oram 4-0-53-0
Murali to Nayar, 1 run

Nayar improvises with a reverse sweep but fails to beat short third-man

Murali to Harbhajan, OUT

Murali finally has his say here! Harbhajan stays at the crease and tries to go downtown, he gets a thick top edge and Badrinath runs across and hangs onto the skier at long-on

Harbhajan Singh c Badrinath b Muralidaran 28 (21m 14b 1x4 3x6) SR: 200

20 off 8. Murali pulls back again. The crowd roars! This is like a bullring. Harbhajan suddenly pulls back as Murali walks up to bowl

Murali to Harbhajan, FOUR runs

shot boss! The captain's leading by example here as he takes a few paces down and caresses a full delivery outside off to deep point

Murali dries the ball. Do the Dew!

Murali to Nayar, 1 run

gives it flight and cuts back on the pace, nayar steps down the track and checks his stroke as he tucks it softly towards Joginder at deep square leg

3 fielders in the deep on the offside

The crowd's very appreciative of this partnership

Murali to Harbhajan, 1 run

steps down the track and picks it on the full to long-on

Murali pulls back. The crowd's tense

Murali to Harbhajan, 2 runs

slides down leg, he steps down the track and flicks it on the full to fine leg, Harbhajan scampers back for the second run and Joginder's throw to Dhoni is a second late as he gathers the ball and breaks the stumps, third umpire has a look

28 off two overs, It's Murali now. They've scored 71 off the last five overs

end of over 1813 runs
MI: 181/6CRR: 10.05 RRR: 14.00
Harbhajan Singh21 (10b 3x6)
Abhishek Nayar33 (13b 4x4 1x6)
Jacob Oram 4-0-53-0
Palani Amarnath 4-0-57-1
Oram to Harbhajan, 1 run

he swings across the line and clubs this one hard, Gony takes it on the first bounce at long-on

Oram to Harbhajan, no run

the slower ball, Harbhajan swings too early and misses

Oram to Harbhajan, SIX runs

wow! Pitches on a fullish length outside off and Harbhajan stays there and clubs that high into the second tier at long-off, it's game on here!

Oram to Harbhajan, SIX runs

Harbhajan connects this time and sends a full delivery outside off high over long-on, that was clubbed 77 m past the rope

Oram to Harbhajan, no run

another yorker, this was further away from offstump, Harbhajan tries to dig it out but misses

Oram to Harbhajan, no run

Oram begins well as he dishes out a yorker and Harbhajan misses as he tries to paddle that

Right, 41 to get off 18

end of over 1721 runs
MI: 168/6CRR: 9.88 RRR: 13.66
Abhishek Nayar33 (13b 4x4 1x6)
Harbhajan Singh8 (4b 1x6)
Palani Amarnath 4-0-57-1
Muthiah Muralidaran 3-0-31-1

That's a 21-run over

Amarnath to Nayar, SIX runs

and there's more! Nayar gets an overpitched delivery outside off and clobbers that high over long-off, the timing was excellent

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