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Daredevils vs Chargers, 37th match at Delhi, IPL, May 15 2008 - Full Scorecard

37th match (N), Delhi, May 15, 2008, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:195) 182/9

Daredevils won by 12 runs

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Daredevils Innings
Chargers Innings
Match Flow
Delhi Daredevils  (20 ovs maximum)
st †Gilchrist b Ojha7948-73164.58
c Singh b Vijaykumar02-000.00
not out 6852-80130.76
c Sharma b Ojha1911-02172.72
run out (†Gilchrist)166-21266.66
not out 41-10400.00
Extras(lb 3, w 5)8
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 9.70)194/4
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Virender Sehwag, 0.6 ov), 2-140 (Gautam Gambhir, 15.1 ov), 3-166 (Farveez Maharoof, 17.4 ov), 4-190 (Tillakaratne Dilshan, 19.5 ov)
0.6 to V Sehwag, caught! Sehwag goes! The length was short and the line was wide outside off, Sehwag does what he always does to such deliveries, he slashes hard but the ball flies fast and flat towards third man where RP takes a comfortable catch, he didn't get the elevation he wanted. 7/1
15.1 to G Gambhir, stumped! Gambhir steps out of his crease and maybe a bit too early for Ojha fires the ball down leg side, Gambhir can't reach the ball and he lets it go through to Gilchrist who whips off the bails with Gambhir well short. 140/2
17.4 to MF Maharoof, caught! Sharma takes it this time, Maharoof tries to clear the straight boundary once again, this time the ball was too far away from him and he slices it high in the air and Sharma takes a simple catch at point, Sharma's earlier drop has cost Deccan 18 runs. 166/3
Deccan Chargers  (T: 195 runs from 20 ovs)
c Dilshan b McGrath149-30155.55
c sub (AB de Villiers) b Mishra3314-32235.71
b Mishra2222-12100.00
b Maharoof3518-32194.44
c sub (AB de Villiers) b Maharoof2928-20103.57
c sub (Shoaib Malik) b McGrath3418-32188.88
c sub (Shoaib Malik) b Mishra95-01180.00
st †Karthik b Mishra12-0050.00
c Dilshan b Mishra01-000.00
not out 11-00100.00
not out 12-0050.00
Extras(lb 1, w 2)3
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 9.10)182/9
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Adam Gilchrist, 2.1 ov), 2-71 (Shahid Afridi, 6.1 ov), 3-75 (Herschelle Gibbs, 8.2 ov), 4-114 (Rohit Sharma, 12.4 ov), 5-154 (Scott Styris, 17.3 ov), 6-171 (Venugopal Rao, 18.2 ov), 7-180 (Dwaraka Ravi Teja, 19.1 ov), 8-180 (Pragyan Ojha, 19.2 ov), 9-180 (RP Singh, 19.3 ov)
2.1 to AC Gilchrist, caught! and it's an exceptional catch! Gilchrist moved forward to a good length ball and smashed it, absolutely smashed it, towards mid-off, the ball flew flat and low towards Dilshan who moved forward and dived to take a low catch, fantastic effort and the Delhi Daredevils mob him. 21/1
18.2 to Y Venugopal Rao, caught! Rao's gone and have Deccan's hopes gone with him? McGrath bowled a fuller length and angled it into the right-hander, Rao got under it and lofted the ball high in the air, it's gone miles in the air but doesn't have enough distance to clear the boudnary, Shoaib Malik settles under the catch at long on and takes it comfortably. 171/6
12.4 to RG Sharma, bowled him! That is that for Sharma, he moves across his stumps, exposing all three to Maharoof , and tries to play the paddle sweep past short fine leg, the length is good and once Sharma misses the ball crashes into middle stump, he's been in excellent form but that shot was fraught with risk and Sharma paid for it. 114/4
17.3 to SB Styris, caught! Nothing gets past de Villiers! Styris backs away to make room and lofts a short of a length ball off the front foot, he's hit it high in the air towards long-on, de Villiers runs in at pace and times his slide perfectly and holds on to a well-judged catch. 154/5
6.1 to Shahid Afridi, caught! What a strike off his first ball! Afridi backs away to make room and tries to smash a flat ball over the off side, he loses grip of the bat handle and slices the ball in the air towards point, de Villiers runs backwards and takes a fine catch over his shoulder, Afridi was looking to hit straight down the ground but sliced it. 71/2
8.2 to HH Gibbs, he's bowled him! Gibbs charges down the track and tries to smash Mishra over cover, the ball beats Gibbs in the flight and it is the googly which spins in to the right-hander and uproots middle stump after Gibbs fails to connect with his wild swing. 75/3
19.1 to DB Ravi Teja, he's cleared the boundary! No he hasn't, Malik's taken the catch at long off! Mishra bowled the flatter and faster ball outside off stump, Teja made room and hit it with a flat bat towards long off where Malik moved to his left and held on to a hard catch. 180/7
19.2 to PP Ojha, caught again! Mishra's got his fourth, Ojha charges down the pitch and tries to heave down the ground, Mishra slips in the goodly and Ojha slices the ball high in the air towards cover where Dilshan takes a simple catch. 180/8
19.3 to RP Singh, he's got the hat-trick! RP charges down the track and swings wildly, Mishra bowls the flatter, faster and straighter ball, RP misses and Karthik breaks the stumps with the batsman well short, Mishra loves sit, he's a hero , the Kotla cheers itself hoarse. 180/9
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  • Delhi Daredevils innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 48 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Delhi Daredevils: 50 runs in 6.2 overs (38 balls), Extras 3
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 37 balls (G Gambhir 30, S Dhawan 17, Ex 3)
  • G Gambhir: 50 off 34 balls (5 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Delhi Daredevils: 100 runs in 12.1 overs (73 balls), Extras 4
  • 2nd Wicket: 100 runs in 69 balls (G Gambhir 56, S Dhawan 42, Ex 4)
  • S Dhawan: 50 off 37 balls (7 x 4)
  • Delhi Daredevils: 150 runs in 16.4 overs (100 balls), Extras 7
  • Innings Break: Delhi Daredevils - 194/4 in 20.0 overs (S Dhawan 68, MK Tiwary 4)
  • Deccan Chargers innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 71 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Deccan Chargers: 50 runs in 4.1 overs (25 balls), Extras 3
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 23 balls (Shahid Afridi 28, HH Gibbs 21, Ex 1)
  • Deccan Chargers: 100 runs in 11.2 overs (68 balls), Extras 3
  • Deccan Chargers: 150 runs in 16.6 overs (102 balls), Extras 3
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
TossDeccan Chargers, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Hours of play (local time)20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.20, Interval 21.20-21.40, Second Session 21.40-23.00
Match days15 May 2008 - night (20-over match)
T20 debut
TV Umpire
Match Referee
PointsDelhi Daredevils 2, Deccan Chargers 0
Win Probability
DC 100%
100%50%100%DC InningsDCH Innings

Over 20 • DCH 182/9

Dwaraka Ravi Teja c sub (Shoaib Malik) b Mishra 9 (5b 0x4 1x6) SR: 180
Pragyan Ojha c Dilshan b Mishra 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
RP Singh st †Karthik b Mishra 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Daredevils won by 12 runs
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