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10th match (N), Mohali, April 25, 2008, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:183) 116/9

Kings XI won by 66 runs

Player Of The Match
94 (56)
Cricinfo's MVP
148.53 ptsImpact List
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end of over 20Maiden
MI: 116/9CRR: 5.80 
Ashish Nehra2 (10b)
Dhawal Kulkarni2 (16b)
Irfan Pathan 4-1-19-2
Vikram Singh 4-0-40-1

The 66-run win is the second largest in the tournament in terms of runs. Preity Zinta is out on the field congratulating her team. It's been a comprehensive effort from Punjab. Sangakkara's 94 made him the leading runscorer of the tournament and set up a competitive total. Brett Lee's opening burst set Mumbai firmly on the back foot and Piyush Chawla's wily legspin sealed the deal.

Sreesanth's crying on the field for some reason. He's bawling in fact. VRV and Karan Goel are consoling him. Now Sangakkara also goes up to him. I wonder what that is about. Curiouser and curiouser.

Anyway Punjab have got on the scoreboard while Mumbai join Deccan Chargers as the only only teams without a win in three matches. A whole horde of players have hit one six each in this match so Sangakkara goes up to collect a cheque on their behalf.

The Man of the Match is also Sangakkara for his 94 which made the difference between the two sides. That's it from us at Cricinfo today. We'll be back for tomorrow's double header - Chennai Supe Kings take on Kolkata Knight Riders in Chennai while Bangalore Royal Challengers host Rajasthan Royal later in the evening.

Thank you for all your emails. I will let you know why Sreesanth was crying as soon as I find out. This is George Binoy signing off, cheers.

Pathan to Nehra, no run

that's it, Punjab have won their first match of the tournament, Nehra digs the last ball towards point to end the game

Pathan to Nehra, no run

bowled short outside the off stump, Nehra lets it go through to Sangakkara

Pathan to Nehra, no run

banged in short on middle and leg stump, Nehra moves across his stumps and fends it down

Pathan to Nehra, no run

full ball on off stump, defended off the front foot towards the off side

Pathan to Nehra, no run

short of a length delivery outside off stump, defended off the back foot towards backward point

Pathan to Nehra, no run

played towards point off the back foot

Mumbai need 67 off the last over. Purely academic of course.

end of over 193 runs
MI: 116/9CRR: 6.10 RRR: 67.00
Dhawal Kulkarni2 (16b)
Ashish Nehra2 (4b)
Vikram Singh 4-0-40-1
Sreesanth 4-0-31-2
Singh to Kulkarni, no run

good length again from VRV outside off, Kulkarni gets beaten

Singh to Nehra, 1 run

Nehra moves forward and defends, the good length ball hits the outside edge and speeds towards third man where a sharp piece of fielding from Pathan saves the four

Singh to Kulkarni, 1 run

good length ball on off stump, driven on the up through the off side for a single

Singh to Kulkarni, no run

short of a length delivery gets big on Kulkarni who tries to fend at it without moving his feet, he gets beaten

Singh to Kulkarni, no run

another short ball from VRV, Kulkarni ducks once again

Singh to Kulkarni, no run

good length delivery just outside off stump, Kulkarni lets it go through to Sangakkara

Singh to Kulkarni, 1 wide

short ball over the stumps, it's been called wide for height after Kulkarni ducked under it

end of over 187 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 113/9CRR: 6.27 RRR: 35.00
Ashish Nehra1 (3b)
Dhawal Kulkarni1 (11b)
Sreesanth 4-0-31-2
Brett Lee 4-0-9-1
Sreesanth to Nehra, no run

the yorker bowled at 140 kmh on middle stump, defended back towards the bowler

Sreesanth to Kulkarni, 1 run

full ball outside off stump, driven off the front foot through cover point

Sreesanth to Kulkarni, no run

full and wide outside off stump, Kulkarni backs away but gets beaten by the length and pace

Sreesanth to Nehra, (no ball) 1 run

Nehra gets squared up by a bouncer which he defends awkwardly in the air behind point, Sreesanth had over-stepped so there's a free hit coming up

Sreesanth to Nehra, no run

defended on the front foot towards midwicket

Sreesanth to Khote, OUT

bowled him! or is it hitwicket? Khote backed away once again to make room to slice the ball on the off side, Sreesanth bowled a full and fast ball on off stump, it appeared as though Khote hit his leg stump with his bat while he was bringing it down and then the ball crashed into off stump after he missed the shot

Musavir Khote hit wicket b Sreesanth 8 (7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 114.28
Sreesanth to Khote, FOUR runs

Khote backs away and slices a full toss from Sreesanth over backward point for over

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Over 20 • MI 116/9

Kings XI won by 66 runs
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