33rd match, Centurion, May 7 2009, Indian Premier League
(15/20 ov, target 106)107/3
Royals won by 7 wickets (with 30 balls remaining)
player of the match
Amit Singh
Rajasthan Royals
end of over 1516 runs
RR: 107/3CRR: 7.13 
Naman Ojha52 (38)
Ravindra Jadeja1 (3)
Praveen Kumar 4-0-31-0
Dillon du Preez 3-0-24-1

Rajasthan Royals go to the top of the league for the first time in the season. They have 11 points with five wins from nine games (one point for a washout) while Delhi are second with ten points, although they have two games in hand. It was smooth sailing for Rajasthan today, their bowlers set up the win by dismissing Bangalore for 105.

I'm off for a break before the second game begins. Punjab are playing Chennai, also at Supersport Park. The toss for that game is at 4.00 pm. See you soon.

Praveen to Ojha, FOUR runs

that's the end of the game! Ojha finishes it by pulling the short ball to the midwicket boundary, back-to-back fifties for him, well played!

Praveen to Ojha, SIX runs

is that six? Ojha made room and slashed the ball with tremendous bat speed, the ball flew flat and bounced on the rope, so that's a six

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Praveen to Ojha, FOUR runs

Ojha waits for the short one, picks his spot, and pulls the ball into the gap at deep midwicket

Praveen to Jadeja, 1 run

Jadeja waits for another short one and pulls towards deep square leg

Praveen to Jadeja, 1 wide

short once again but down leg side this time, another wide, just 14 needed now

Praveen to Jadeja, no run

short of a length outside off stump, played off the back foot to point

Praveen to Jadeja, no run

Praveen sends down a bouncer at Jadeja who sways out of the way

end of over 146 runs • 1 wicket
RR: 91/3CRR: 6.50 RRR: 2.50
Naman Ojha38 (35)
Ravindra Jadeja0 (0)
Dillon du Preez 3-0-24-1
Vinay Kumar 1-0-9-0
du Preez to Ojha, no run

the batsman backs away to make room but gets beaten outside off stump

du Preez to Pathan, OUT

right, are the other bowlers watching? du Preez bowls another short one which doesn't bounce as much, Yusuf tries to pull but gets a top edge towards long leg were Jaffer takes the catch, Yusuf has looked suspect against the short balls today

Yusuf Pathan c Jaffer b du Preez 22 (19b 2x4 0x6) SR: 115.78
du Preez to Pathan, no run

defended on the off side

du Preez to Pathan, FOUR runs

short ball and this time Yusuf swivels and pulls the ball flat towards the long-leg boundary

du Preez to Ojha, 1 run

Ojha plays the ball towards point for a single

du Preez to Pathan, 1 run

he bowls a short one but it doesn't bounce much, Yusuf pulls towards long leg

I've just received an ominous email from Craig. "There is one serious storm making its way to Centurion," he says. It's very sunny at the moment though.

du Preez returns for another over.

end of over 139 runs
RR: 85/2CRR: 6.53 RRR: 3.00
Naman Ojha37 (33)
Yusuf Pathan17 (15)
Vinay Kumar 1-0-9-0
Jacques Kallis 4-0-20-1
Vinay to Ojha, no run

yorker to end the over, Ojha plays it out on the off side

Vinay to Pathan, 1 run

banged in short angling into the right-hander, Yusuf gets cramped for room but manages to steer the ball towards third man

Vinay to Pathan, 1 wide

Vinay bounces Yusuf this time but that ball is far too high even for a tall batsman like Yusuf, wide called

Vinay to Ojha, 1 run

fuller length on middle and leg, Ojha flicks off his pads through midwicket

Vinay to Ojha, no run

Vinay replies with the bouncer, forcing Ojha to take cover

Vinay to Ojha, SIX runs

shot! Ojha backs away a touch, just enough to make room, and hits through the line, it didn't go off the middle but the ball had enough on it to fly over the long-off boundary

Vinay to Ojha, no run

good length on off stump, Ojha defends off the front foot towards cover

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Vinay Kumar replaces Praveen Kumar.