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55th Match (N), DY Patil, May 08, 2022, Indian Premier League
(17.4/20 ov, T:209) 117

Super Kings won by 91 runs

Player Of The Match
87 (49)
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123.05 ptsImpact List
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This Sunday offered us two matches with big winning margins. DC would have loved to win but CSK, as MS said, had the perfect game. The weekend has helped get a clearer picture of where this tournament is heading and that trend should continue in the next seven days. The action continues here on ESPNcricinfo, so come on and enjoy the content. For now, it's goodbye from me, Ekanth, on behalf of my fellow commentator, Sidharth Monga, and our scorers, M Venkat Raghav and Ranjith P.

Munafahmed: "4 bowlers today took 2 wickets in 2 balls. What a day."

Devon Conway, POTM for his 87 (49): The focus is to keep it simple, communicate with Ruturaj and execute our plans. Knowing what their bowlers are like and learning about the pitch was the topic of discussion with Michael Hussey. I was happy to build a partnership with Rutu, the way he is playing eases my job. Being an all-format player is my brand, being positive up-front and assessing the situation is my focus thereon. I got out to the sweep, MS told me that I will get full balls and to go down the track and hit the ball straight.

MS Dhoni, CSK Captain: The big-margin win helps, would have been better if it had come earlier. But this was a perfect game. The batters did well. I wanted to win the toss and field first but this was a game where you'd want to lose the toss. The ball stops and comes and behaves only after 13-14 overs. The way the openers batted, runs on the board helped. And we had to make sure the opposition's big hitters did not get going. Simarjeet and Mukesh have taken time to mature, each player takes his own time. Game sense is crucial, finding out what to and what not to bowl. The latter is more important in T20s. The first ball is to see what was happening. When you go in the 13th-14th over, you can tap for one. But with 12 balls to go, you have to go big from ball one. We haven't done well to go , getting 4 off 2 is not good. We will look to take one game at a time. I am not good at maths, not even at school. Enjoying the game in hand is the best. See the combinations that work and plan for the next year if qualification is possible is the key.

Alex Frank : "Who would have thought only 5 teams will have positive NRR and CSK would be one of them!!!"

Vasisht: "Had we won one of the three games (RCB, GT, LSG) where we lost from a winning position, we would have been at no.6 with a real shot at qualifying. "

Hari: "Whenever I see Bravo's slow Yorker, I get reminded of his delivery Yuvi in a bilateral series against Ind. Requiring 10 runs to win, Yuvi hits him for 2 fours and gets out to this delivery off the next ball. If you could find me that match it ll make me happy @Ekanth :)" Here it is! :D

DC's innings started okay but Warner's wicket was huge. Marsh and Pant tried to continue with the aggressive shots but once they went, the clusters of wickets prolonged. It was a slow but sure end with a big win for CSK. It takes the NRR to the numerical positive side of the Points Table. They've overtaken KKR as well.

Rishabh Pant, DC Captain: They outplayed us in all the departments. I felt this was coming, the only thing we look forward is the next three games. If we win them, we should qualify. There are flus and Covid cases, a lot going on but we are not using that as excuses. The only thing we can do is be more positive and proactive, we need to be in a good frame of mind and make good decisions.

Moeen Ali, 4-0-13-3: It's great for us, the confidence going forward is up because of the win. Ours was a good score, at one point we thought of 215 but we got over 200 with which we were happy. We got a bit less, but we stayed in the game with runs on the board. My primary aim is to spin the ball and the wickets are assisting me. We have an amazing fanbase, I didn't realize how big the franchise is but am thrilled to see it.

11:11 pm The DC team is applauding the CSK team as they make their way back to maintain distance as a safety precaution.

Dwayne Bravo to Khaleel Ahmed, OUT

Slower yorker dips like a nacho and hits the stumps. Bravo runs around in celebration, it was low, Khaleel's bat went down from up, he stood still while he did it, the ball went underneath the bat and made its way to the stumps

Khaleel Ahmed b Bravo 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 2m) SR: 0

Khalil comes in with a ginger walk.

Dwayne Bravo to Thakur, OUT

Strangled down leg! It was a length ball pitching down leg, Thakur tried to nudge it fine. It took the edge and went low to MS' left and he took it. Bravo and Thakur have a friendly chat with smiles.

Shardul Thakur c †Dhoni b Bravo 24 (19b 2x4 1x6 31m) SR: 126.31

Around the wicket

Dwayne Bravo to Thakur, FOUR runs

A harder slap this time to similar length ball, a bit slower and Thakur kept it in the air and cleared cover in the ring

Dwayne Bravo to Thakur, FOUR runs

Length ball outside off is creamed nonchalantly and it is in the gap and beats deep-point to his left. He went on a knee and eased it through with a horizontal bat

end of over 177 runs
DC: 109/8CRR: 6.41 RRR: 33.33 • Need 100 runs from 18b
Anrich Nortje1 (6b)
Shardul Thakur16 (16b 1x6)
Maheesh Theekshana 4-0-29-1
Simarjeet Singh 4-0-27-2

Mustafa: "@Gajendra - For the very same purpose, we have NRR."

krishneup: "NRR is more accurate measurement than bonus win point."

Theekshana to Nortje, no run

Defends a length ball on off to cover

Theekshana to Nortje, no run

Inside edges a good length ball on middle by using a full-faced bat. He was squared up and back in his crease but the bat angle helped

Theekshana to Nortje, no run

Goes back and drives a length ball outside off to cover

Theekshana to Thakur, 1 run

Full outside off, pushed to long-off and he takes the run this time

Theekshana to Thakur, SIX runs

Slaps a full ball outside off over long-on. First boundary in 40 balls It was full outside off, whipped in the air for six

Theekshana to Thakur, no run

Full ball on the legs, clipped to deep-square leg. He refused the single.

end of over 163 runs • 1 wicket
DC: 102/8CRR: 6.37 RRR: 26.75 • Need 107 runs from 24b
Anrich Nortje1 (3b)
Shardul Thakur9 (13b)
Simarjeet Singh 4-0-27-2
Maheesh Theekshana 3-0-22-1

Akash: "@Ekanth Ranjith is Live wire ."

Gajendra: "There should be a concept of bonus win points in tournament like these." Thoughts?

Simarjeet Singh to Nortje, no run

Good length on middle, stands still and punches it back to the bowler.

Simarjeet Singh to Thakur, 1 run

Full on the stumps, driven to long-on

Simarjeet Singh to Nortje, 1 run

Another run-out chance missed! UIthappa throws it from cover-point and misses the direct hit at the non-striker's end. It came off a back of a length ball outside off driven to the right of point. Nortje dropped and picked up the bat again and somehow made it.

Simarjeet Singh to Nortje, no run

Good length outside off, pushed with an open-faced to backward point who is well in the circle

Simarjeet Singh to Nortje, 1 wide

Ducks down to a short ball over leg. Wide.

Ranjith informs me there have been 28 runs and 6 wickets between the last timeout and this one. That was 8.2 overs ago.

Zainab's Bilal: "DC being hammered here. Do Punjab still stand a chance.... Plz give me some hope" This is good but if I'm not wrong, they still have to win all and at some point, win big.


Simarjeet Singh to Kuldeep, OUT

Sliced, goes straight up and it is taken at backward point! It was a length ball outside off, Kuldeep swung through the line and the ball took the top-edge, went up and Uthappa settled underneath and took a dolly

Kuldeep Yadav c Uthappa b Simarjeet Singh 5 (17b 0x4 0x6 17m) SR: 29.41

Varun Raj: "Time for the csk bowlers to improve their economy rates"

Simarjeet Singh to Kuldeep, no run

Cuts a length ball outside off into the ground to cover

Slip still in

end of over 155 runs
DC: 99/7CRR: 6.60 RRR: 22.00 • Need 110 runs from 30b
Kuldeep Yadav5 (15b)
Shardul Thakur8 (12b)
Maheesh Theekshana 3-0-22-1
Moeen Ali 4-0-13-3
Theekshana to Kuldeep, 1 run

Clips a full ball on the stumps to deep-square leg

Theekshana to Thakur, 1 run

Yorker on middle and leg, clipped to deep-square leg

Theekshana to Thakur, no run

Full outside off, pushed towards mid-off, short-cover stops it

Win Probability
CSK 100%
100%50%100%CSK InningsDC Innings

Over 18 • DC 117/10

Shardul Thakur c †Dhoni b Bravo 24 (19b 2x4 1x6 31m) SR: 126.31
Khaleel Ahmed b Bravo 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 2m) SR: 0
Super Kings won by 91 runs
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