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51st Match (N), Brabourne, May 06, 2022, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:178) 172/5

Mumbai won by 5 runs

Full commentary
end of over 203 runs • 1 wicket
GT: 172/5CRR: 8.60 
David Miller19 (14)
Rashid Khan1 (1)
Daniel Sams 3-0-18-0
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-48-0

11:47 pm: That game was like a noir movie that started slow, got exciting, had its ups and downs, looked like it was ending on an underwhelming note. But in the end, twists and turns meant there was a satisfying finish. We hope you enjoyed the coverage here on ESPNcricinfo, there will be reports and analysis on the game. Check them out. For now, on behalf of my fellow commentator, Debayan Sen, and our scorer, M Venkat Raghav, this is Ekanth, signing off. Take care.

Harmin: "So GT can score 25 runs in last over against top quality bowling unit but fails to even score 9 runs against weak bowling unit :)"

Declan: "I don't get it at 19.3. If Tewatia played 19.3, they scored 1, how come Miller was not on strike for 19.4 ?" The throw came at the striker's end as Tewatia came back for the second run. He got run-out on the crease, so they had crossed over.

Jai: "So. Are we saying Rohit is a good captain now? Was he bad when dhoni took apart unadkat in the other game ? MI could have won that one too . It's about match ups , but ultimately to the individual player to execute ." The earlier comments on the captain being as good as the team was rational. Judging captaincy based on one or two games is risky. Inferring the nous in decision making of a captain based on results, skills of the players, and situations over a long period makes more sense. But it is tempting to have polarized views. Sadly, there is no rule, tactic, or strategy that is the be-all and end-all.

Srikanth : "Sams is the MOM for me, an outstanding effort in the last over. Giving just 3 runs, when Boom boom conceded 11 runs to the same batsmen.."

Tim David, POTM for his 44* (21): Given the context, my innings feels great. It was a great wicket, so I thought I missed out to get a few more in the last over. But kudos to our bowlers who did well to finish it off. The wickets was slightly two paced but it was a great pitch. Batters could get in and go big. Sitting out and watching your teammates lose is not ideal, you always want to practice and be ready.

Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians Captain: It was tight towards the back end, very satisfying as we were looking for this. Luck had to turn in to our favour, we will take this with both hands. We were 15-20 short, they bowled well. Tim David played really well. Dew came in, good pitch and lightning outfield meant things were in their favour, credit to our bowlers who finished the job. Lots of factors need to be considered on bowling changes, I felt they like pace coming on to the bat, so we wanted to take that off. The boys pulled it off, which is great. We wanted to take one game at a time, we know we have not played our best cricket, but that happens. Lot of credit to the bowlers at the back end, I want the boys to come out and do what they want to do. (On Sams) He was under the pump in a couple of games, but I have seen him for Australia and in the BBL, he has a lot of skill. It was not easy to defend 9 runs.

Vinay Goyal: "Everybody talked of revenge match-ups like Warner vs SRH, Rashid vs SRH but today MI took revenge against GT for snatching Hardik from them!!!!"

Mahesh: "Hardik's wicket was the turning point. He should have finished the game."

Akrsh: "Anymore comments on captaincy!?! "

Nick: "Today 'SLOG-over luck' was against Gujarat. 1 hit wicket , 2 'on the line' runouts.:("

Ashith: "No statistical algo's including cricinfo's MVP will be able to do justice to Sams' contribution!" Yep, an outstanding outlier. Will he be the POTM?

Afeef: "Conceding only 3 runs in the final over against the best chasing team of the season is truly something special, hats off to Sams."

It was GT's game to lose and they did! The hit-wicket, the run-outs, the swings and misses, everything now needs to be looked back with a different lens. The butterfly effect will have us second-guessing the effects every event, the major talking points are Pollard's innings, Sams' last over, and Miller's inability to execute big shots in the last over. But this chase started serenely for Gujarat Titans, as they cruised to 106, after Saha took-off and Gill followed suit. Sai Sudharshan and Hardik Pandya kept the tempo for finishing touches to be applied, but GT couldn't. M Ashwin's two wickets in the middle were crucial as Jasprit was uncharacteristically taken apart, Pollard's overs on paper look excellent. But the game was won and lost in the last overs, how many is up to the argument made.

Stat from Sampath: Only the fifth time in the IPL, the chasing team lost despite a century opening stand

Daniel Sams, 3 overs off the final over: Awesome we got over the line, it went back and forward. Must have been great for the fans to watch. 9 off 6 made me feel I have nothing to lose and the odds are in the batter's favour. I got a few wide balls in the tramline and managed to execute it well. My intent was to stick to the best balls I could bowl, the slower one is the ball I go back to and it paid off. We did not have the start we wanted, after the 8 losses, we looked it as a mini-IPL with 6 games. We are trying to show what we can do and were able to pull it off which helps our confidence.

Hardik Pandya, GT Captain: On any day, we'd take 9 off the last over. The two run-outs cost us the game. I think batters let us down. IN T20s, you can't lose back to back games. No blame games as we have cleared such games. We have made rookie mistakes which cost us this one. We played good cricket for 19.2 overs in our innings, one or two hits would have made a difference. We should not have let it come down to the last over. I think bowlers did a fantastic job by putting pressure and pull it back to 170, as they were on the way to 200.

11:19 pm: Just three off the last over from Sams! As Graeme Swann reminds us, Tim David rejected change of strike, he scored two sixes and that is the length of the bridge that made it too far.

Sams to Miller, no run

Miller misses, MI win! Sams punches the air, so does Sharma. Everyone gets into a huddle, they celebrate like this is another trophy-lifting moment! It was a wide full-toss that Miller swung across, it went to the keeper on the bounce after beating the bat.

After a conference, the bowler comes in

Sams to Miller, no run

Swings and misses! It was full, wide, and slow. Miller stood his ground and swung through the line and missed. Could he have shuffled or tried to not force it to the legside? Whatever, dot is the result.

Sams to Rashid Khan, 1 run

Top-edges the pull, bowler runs back... but cannot make it! It came after a length ball, cutter, outside off had Rashid puling. It went off the edge, Sams backtracked and kept his eyes on the ball but the distance was too much. Even the dive could not allow access. Only one taken.

Rashid in.

Sams to Tewatia, 1 run, OUT

Run-out review! He's gone! Tewatia pulled a length ball to deep-midwicket and scampered for a very tight second, the fielder ran to his right. Covered decent ground and threw it on a length to the keeper, who reached to his right and whipped off the bails. Tewatia's bat was on the line. MI celebrate, this game can still go both ways!

Rahul Tewatia run out (Tilak Varma/†Ishan Kishan) 3 (15m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75
Sams to Tewatia, no run

Just inside the tramline! It was full and wide, Tewatia reached out and tried to swing through it but missed. Wide not given, looked fair.

Debayan wants this to go to the last ball, can Sams take this deep?

Sams to Miller, 1 run

Slower length ball into the pitch is cut to deep-point

Sams will start the final over, from over the wicket

end of over 1911 runs
GT: 169/4CRR: 8.89 RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
David Miller18 (11)
Rahul Tewatia2 (2)
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-48-0
Riley Meredith 4-0-32-0

Jay Patel: "Can we all focus on this match. 16 required off 8 balls. " 9 off 6, that six has made it less 'on the knife's edge' but can there be another twist in this tale?

Bumrah to Miller, 1 run

Length ball following Miller, who was making room, was able to channel it to deep-cover

Bumrah to Miller, SIX runs

Is that the decisive blow? Waited for the slower length ball and pulled it 93-metres over deep-midwicket, ten rows back. Looked like that was the longer boundary but no matter, it was timed to perfection

Bala: "18.2 - That was a beauty!"

Bumrah to Tewatia, 1 run

Guides a back of a good length ball outside off to short-third man. He was making room but the pace of the ball meant he had to adjust the shot

Bumrah to Miller, 1 run

Works a length ball around off to deep-midwicket

Gnana: "@Eknath I sent the MSD comment first.. You are being biased not to publish it.." With my typing speed, bias is not needed to miss comments.

Bumrah to Miller, no run

Bamboozled! Miller has no clue where the cutter pitching outside off and almost clipping off went! He tried the nurdle from outside leg and missed it by a metre, it looked like.

Three in the deep in front of square legside, two on the offside

Bumrah to Miller, 2 runs

Low full toss on the legs, the attempted yorker is flicked to long-on. Tewatia comes in for a tight two, and has replays show he has made it! He took off early which helped him cover extra ground. Good, proactive running.

20 needed off 12. Bumrah on, can this be his return to form? He starts around the wicket.

end of over 189 runs • 1 wicket
GT: 158/4CRR: 8.77 RRR: 10.00 • Need 20 runs from 12b
David Miller8 (6)
Rahul Tewatia1 (1)
Riley Meredith 4-0-32-0
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-37-0

Mohd Irshad: "Captaincy does matter, if you look at 2018 CSK team no one gave them a chance but they won the title...and its the captain who put confidence in team take out most from the Dada did....dont undermine captains importance." Rajan from the hindi comms team approves the note on MSD.

Meredith to Miller, 1 run

Slow, back of a length ball outside off. Miller slaps it to deep cover along the ground

Meredith to Tewatia, 1 run

Back of a good length on off, driven off the backfoot to deep-cover

Meredith to Miller, OUT

Runout chance after the direct hit from the keeper, sent upstairs. It was a good length ball outside off, Miller tried to chop it and got the underedge, it went behind on the pitch into the keeper. The proactive Kishan ran in and threw the stumps at the striker's end with an underarm throw. Replays show Pandya's bat was on the line! He has to leave, the game is in GT's hands but can this wicket change the status quo match-situation wise? It was Hardik's call and he slid his bat through, no dive. He looked to have known he was short instinctively.

Hardik Pandya run out (†Ishan Kishan) 24 (31m 14b 4x4 0x6) SR: 171.42

Sam: "Seems like virat kohli and rcb fans are coming in with good captain and bad team excuses." Lol

Meredith to Miller, 2 runs

Low full toss on leg, clipped fine to the left of deep-backward square. The fielder chases with a good run and stops it. Two taken

Meredith to Hardik, 1 leg bye

Jams a yorker down leg-stump, beats the flick. Goes on the pad and in front of square. One taken

Meredith to Hardik, FOUR runs

Length outside off, whacks the pull through square leg. In the gap and to the fence. Sweat and dew sprayed as Riley was releasing the ball, which was palpable in the slow-motion replays

Over the wicket

end of over 1711 runs
GT: 149/3CRR: 8.76 RRR: 9.66 • Need 29 runs from 18b
Hardik Pandya20 (12)
David Miller5 (3)
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-37-0
Kieron Pollard 2-0-13-1

Lots of similar comments on @CricWizard's comment. Here are two.

Rahul Oak: "@CricWizard: I'm going to throw a cliche at you, but it's true - A captain is only as good as their team. MI have traditionally been incredible at team building and it's this silly "mega auction" nonsense that's hurt them more than anything else. "

Abhi: "Well, @cricwizard... You can be one of the best captains in the world and if the rest of the team is absolute village level cricketers like me, there's no way you are winning a single game. I feel, it's a combination of good captaincy and individual brilliance."

Bumrah to Hardik, 1 run

Clips a fullish ball just outside off to long-on

Bumrah to Miller, 1 run

Full outside off, driven to long-on

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