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63rd Match (N), Brabourne, May 15, 2022, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, T:179) 154/8

Royals won by 24 runs

Full commentary
end of over 209 runs • 1 wicket
LSG: 154/8CRR: 7.70 
Mohsin Khan9 (7)
Avesh Khan1 (2)
Prasidh Krishna 4-0-32-2
Obed McCoy 4-0-35-2

The super sunday's done and there's still only one team that's officially qualified. That'll change in the next few days as the games go on. You can catch all the action here on ESPNcricinfo. For now, it is a goodbye from me, Ekanth, on behalf of my fellow commentator, Vishal Dikshit, and our scorers, Ranjith P and M Venkat Raghav.

Trent Boult, POTM for his 2 for 18 and 17* (9): Happy to get swing, some days are better than others. I'm happy with the wickets. I have a simple game with the ball, I try to pitch it up and am happy to swing it. But not happy at no. 8 but we'll see how it goes there. Neesham's catch was good, the intensity in the field was high. It's nice to be on the right side of the result. I'm not surprised that today's four was my first but I'm discussing my batting at a press conference which I didn't think would happen. It's a tough place to bowl, foreign for me. It offers a lot of learnings and opportunities, and this is an exciting tournament to be a part of.

Sandeep: "Just loved the post match conversation between Sanju and Harsha"

Sanju Samson, RR Captain: This win was satisfying. The atmosphere is chilled and nice, it's not easy to maintain it when there are losses and we have done it well. Batting first suits our approach well, we want to bat positively and the bowling unit is good as well. (On returning to a conventional batting order) Decisions are judged by results, Ashwin did well last game as well. (On fielding) The intensity in the field was good. Special mention to Neesham who brought a lot of energy. (On using Ashwin in different phases) The bonus of having quality spinners is you can use them anywhere. (On speaking tamil in the middle) I do speak a lot of tamil, speak to friends and watch movies. (On batting approach) Every batter played well without complicating or analyzing too much. So we did well despite being a batter short.

Aayush: "What is the qualification scenario for the Rajasthan royals after this game ????" Our stats team says both RR and LSG just have to make sure they don't lose too badly, thanks to RCB's poor NRR. RCB will have to win by around 80 and RR lose by around 80, for RCB to go above RR, but RR play after RCB.. so they have an advantage.

Sarik: "Rahul assuming more responsibility than he should affecting his strike rate. If he had played an inning of 40 runs on 20 balls then it could have been a different result " Yes, but Boult was sensational upfront. Playing him out made sense.

Royals are now placed second on the Points Table thanks to this win.

KL Rahul, LSG Captain: It was a gettable target, a good pitch. New ball was assisting the bowlers. We were good with the ball, the batting group has not performed collectively in a few games. We have to go back and get better. The pitch at Pune was harder. This was a better pitch. There was seam movement earlier and they bowled well. Losing two wickets was bad, we've lost games because of that before. So we need to find ways to get a good start when there is movement with the ball. Executing what we want to is the aim. Holding our nerve and give ourselves a chance to play out the new ball or play out a good spell. There's often enough time to make up and go big from there.

11:27 pm: Royals complete a 24 run win against LSG, handshakes all round. Their bowling has been excellent with Boult setting the table upfront. Ashwin bowled well in the middle, wickets were never too far away throughout the innings. Hooda and Krunal got a partnership going but Royals had enough runs in the bank for the required rate to impose itself. The bowling at the end was good enough to keep Stoinis away from bringing it as close as last time.

Prasidh to Mohsin Khan, 1 run

Yorker outside off is dug out to the offside

Prasidh to Mohsin Khan, 1 wide

Wide and full, Mohsin tried to reach out after making room to swipe at it but misses. Wide

Prasidh to Mohsin Khan, no run

Bouncer is well-directed at the head, Mohsin pulls at it as he sways but misses

Rahul Oak: "Has IPL 2022 become a bat first tournament at this stage or is the jury still out?" Yes. Your thoughts?

Prasidh to Avesh Khan, 1 run

Makes room and swings through a slower length ball on leg, gets it to wide long-off

Prasidh to Avesh Khan, no run

Swings at a length ball outside off and misses

Prasidh to Stoinis, OUT

Parag takes it easily at long-on this time! Length ball outside off, Stoinis slapped across the line, it goes up and Parag comes in and takes it. He slowly took the ball down and cheekily lifted it just before it hit the ground

Marcus Stoinis c Parag b Prasidh Krishna 27 (42m 17b 1x4 2x6) SR: 158.82
Prasidh to Stoinis, SIX runs

Yorker length ball on off, Stoinis lunges forward, makes it a low full toss, and swings through the line. It sails over long-off

34 needed off 6

end of over 1915 runs
LSG: 145/7CRR: 7.63 RRR: 34.00 • Need 34 runs from 6b
Mohsin Khan8 (5)
Marcus Stoinis21 (15)
Obed McCoy 4-0-35-2
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-42-1
McCoy to Mohsin Khan, FOUR runs

Similar line and length, the front leg comes out the way and the lofted square drive connects. It goes over point and rolls to the fence

McCoy to Mohsin Khan, no run

Length outside off, Mohsin swings out of shape trying to go over deep-midwicket and misses. It goes over the bat on its way to the keeper

McCoy to Mohsin Khan, 2 runs

Low full toss outside off is driven along the ground to sweeper cover

McCoy to Mohsin Khan, 1 wide

Full down leg, beats the whip aimed to send it fine. Wide. McCoy isn't fully fit but is continuing to try his best to complete his spell

Shaheer : "Are we seeing a repeat of the previous RR vs LSG game where Stoinis brought them so close but just couldn't get them over the line?" This might not go as close.

McCoy to Mohsin Khan, 1 wide

Length down leg, beats the fine pull but it's a wide

McCoy to Stoinis, 1 run

Parag takes an excellent catch diving diagonally to his right at long-on! It's sent upstairs but it looked good on first viewing. Nope, third umpire, Bruce Oxenford, observes it hit the ground, gives it not-out. It came off a full ball outside off and Stoinis swung it across. Parag ran through and took the catch on the move but the ball looks to have reached him on the half volley

McCoy to Stoinis, FOUR runs

Slower one on a length sits up outside off and Stoinis clobbers it to the right of deep-midwicket. Neesham runs across swiftly and tries to parry it in but it's going away.

McCoy to Stoinis, 1 wide

Slow yorker well outside the off side tramline, left alone

McCoy looks to have cramps in his legs. A team-mate helps, the physio comes in and returns as gets better

McCoy to Mohsin Khan, 1 run

Full on leg, the slower yorker length ball is worked to long-on

end of over 1810 runs
LSG: 130/7CRR: 7.22 RRR: 24.50 • Need 49 runs from 12b
Marcus Stoinis16 (13)
Mohsin Khan1 (1)
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-42-1
Obed McCoy 3-0-20-2
Chahal to Stoinis, SIX runs

Six? Yes! Stoinis' free swing came off a full ball on leg. He made further room and whacked it over long-on

Chahal to Mohsin Khan, 1 run

Gets on a knee and drags a full ball on the tramline to long-on along the ground off the bottom of the bat

Chahal to Stoinis, 1 run

Full on middle, makes room and swipes it to the right of long-on. He called for two, Samson yelled 'one'. That was the case in the end

Chahal to Stoinis, 2 runs

Wide, good length ball sits up and is slapped over cover to the deep. Boult bolts to his left and stops it

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