SRH vs KKR, Final at Chennai, IPL, May 26 2024 - Ball by Ball Commentary

Final (N), Chennai, May 26, 2024, Indian Premier League
(10.3/20 ov, T:114) 114/2

KKR won by 8 wickets (with 57 balls remaining)

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And with that, IPL 2024 comes to an end. What a ride it has been, ending with the best team lifting the trophy. That's all from our side for tonight. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. See you soon.

And now it's the turn of the coaching staff.

Shreyas collects the trophy from Roger Binny and Jay Shah. His team-mates rush onto the podium for the photos. Smiles, celebrations and confetti.

Shreyas Iyer, the KKR captain: It was comprehensive. This is what we demanded from the players and they stood up. It's difficult to express the feelings. So much to cherish right now. Today, we were lucky enough to bowl first. Everything went in our way. Congrats to SRH for the way they played throughout. It was a high-pressure game and Mitchell Starc had been so good off-field. Phenomenal work ethic, something to learn for youngsters. Russell has got a magic wand and he is looking towards me to bowl. In the majority of the games he gave us breakthroughs. Venkatesh Iyer made things easy for us. As I said earlier, everyone stepped up. There was no one individual who took us here; it was a cumulative effort. It was a flawless season for us.

KKR coach Chandrakant Pandit collects the winners memento on his team's behalf, while Shreyas Iyer collects the cheque.

Pat Cummins, the SRH captain: I thought they bowled fantastically. Obviously not enough tonight. We were outplayed. They didn't give us anything. Just like the last game in Ahmedabad. It was a tricky wicket. Didn't feel like a 200-plus wicket. 160 would have given us a chance. The style of our play, particularly with the bat, scoring 250 three times. So it was a great season. I had not worked with many of the guys before but it was great working with them. A really great squad and the staff was amazing. Had a great time. We play a lot in India but in front of a sea of blue. So it was good to have crowd on our side at times.

SRH coach Daniel Vettori collects the runners-up memento on his team's behalf. Cummins collects the runners-up cheque.

The Hyderabad Cricket Association gets the best pitch and ground award.

Sunil Narine, the MVP (Player of the Tournament): I think coming the ground today felt like 2012. The feeling is overwhelming. I am enjoying my cricket at the moment - batting, bowling and fielding. What helps is that your team is winning. I tried to get the team off the flier and GG said just go in and try to win the games for the team. I tried to do exactly that and I think it was a very good advice. Once you have an opening partner with the same intent, it helps. Varun is world-class bowler. His work ethic and in general the whole bowling line-up - we picked up early wickets and that helped. The whole bowling unit picking up wickets helped us win the title.

Ramandeep Singh wins the award for the Catch of the Season for his effort against LSG.

Nitish Kumar Reddy is the Emerging Player.

Mitchell Starc, the Player of the Match: It was a great night for KKR. What a season. Probably the two most exciting teams in the final. It was awkward journey. I think we had a fantastic squad and we remained such a consistent side with contributions from everyone. That was a big part of our success. We lost the toss and got to use to the ball first. Having watched the game two nights before here, we didn't know what to expect but the bowling unit showed all the skills they have and the wicket-taking balls. There have been plenty of jokes. A lot has been made of the money. I am older and experienced now, so that helped to deal with all that and leading the attack. It was a lot of fun for me personally and we have got an exciting attack. Will be great to see how they go.

Jaggu: "Gambhir didnt get the credit he deserves for 2007 and 2011 world cup wins. Now he is getting more than enough credit. Life has its own ways of giving the things that you deserve."

So, here's what we already know: the orange cap goes to Virat Kohli. The purple cap to Harshal Patel.

11.53pm Finally, the presentation is here.

11.40pm Okay, the stage is set.

Param: "What's the delay in presentation?" --- Not sure, to be honest.

Deepankar DM : "Don't forget GT of the most dominant campaigns."

Pavan: "Darren Lehman won IPL as a player at Rajasthan Royals and as coach of Deccan Chargers! "

Ramprashad: "SRH has two contrasting IPL records: the highest ever score in a match and the lowest ever score in a final. "

Prasanna Raghun: "KKR had two NR this season and 3 losses. But I think this is one of dominant seasons alongside MI 2020. "

Pradeep: "Shane Warne already won it as a player and coach." --- Ha, yes. He was the captain-cum-coach in 2008!

Mathi: "GG created history. he is the only player to win ipl trophy as a captain and coach for the same franchise." --- Technically, he is the mentor. Chandrakant Pandit is the coach.

Rohit: "@Vysakh - I believe Rajasthan did win the tournament with just 3 losses in the first ipl" --- Right, they also lost only three.

10.50pm Stay around for the presentation, which should begin soon.

Vysakh Vinayan: "Strongest IPL team ever? Only LOST 3 games entire season!"

Rahmanullah Gurbaz: My mom is watching from the home. She is feeling good now. I asked mom before the match if she wanted anything. She said just the win. When Salt was playing, I wasn't expecting to get a chance but I knew it's a long tournament and I needed to be ready. Once I got the chance, I was well prepared.

B Arun: I think it was pretty tough, the last two years. It was touch and go - we didn't qualify. It needed a lot of introspection and now we can savour this moment. [On Harshit Rana] He has been outstanding. It's about backing your strengths. [On Starc] I think Mitch coming into the team boosted the confidence of other youngsters in the side. He is probably the best bowler in the world. Once he understood the Indian conditions, he was excellent. Spinners mature with age, and with Sunny and Varun bowling in tandem, it was superb. [On Narine the batter] He brought a totally different dimension to our batting. It was Gautam who insisted that he opened and it paid dividends. It's a great night and now it's time to celebrate.

Ramandeep Singh: It's a great environment. Poora gaah payeya hoeya hai [We have had a ball]. I am the DJ, I play the song people demand.

Suyash Sharma: The environment was great, thanks to GG sir and other coached.

Angkrish Raghuvanshi: It's yet to sink in yet. Maybe it will after the party at night.

Vaibhav Arora: My role is to take wickets with the new ball. After that the spinners were doing their jobs. So today also the aim was to take wickets in the powerplay, which happened as well.

Rinku Singh: My dream of seven years is complete. Finally I will lift the trophy. I am proud of my whole team and GG sir. It was God's plan.

Nitish Rana: I want to share one short story that when GG bhaiya was named the mentor, I sent him a long message as I was really happy. But he replied saying, "Thank you but I would be happy if we stand at the podium with the trophy in our hands." Today is that day and I will never forget that message.

Ramandeep Singh: I am really happy. We worked really hard for it, so feeling really happy.

Harshit Rana: I cannot tell how happy I am.

Venkatesh Iyer: Really happy with it. As Varun mentioned, Abhishek Nayar deserves all the credit in the world. Some contributions go unnoticed, I want to make sure they don't. This guy deserves all the credit in the world for the way he has been working for this franchise. This win is for the fans who turned up year after year and waited for ten years.

Abhishek Nayar: It means everything. I started playing IPL in the first season and it has taken me 16 years for the first title after two finals. I am really happy for the boys. I cannot express how happy I am. The big man [Russell] turning up as usual. It is the most surreal feeling I have had in a long time.

Varun Chakravarathy: All I can think right now is of the person who built this Indian core: Abhishek Nayar. "Please come here," he asks Abhishek to join.

Andre Russell: No words to describe [holds his tears]. It means so much. I am happy that all of us were very disciplined and worked towards one goal. This franchise has done a lot for me. It's a big gift from all of us to them.

Abhi: "One-sided and boring!! Which has been the closest IPL final? " --- I remember MI beating CSK by one run on the last ball in 2019

10.25pm A pretty one-sided game, perhaps the most one-sided IPL final ever, but KKR won't be complaining. Celebrations in the KKR camp. Gloomy scenes in the SRH one. After the KKR bowlers bowled out SRH for a mere 113, their batters took just 10.3 overs to chase those down. In the end, the most consistent side won the tournament.

Shahbaz Ahmed to Venkatesh Iyer, 1 run

A third IPL title for KKR, their first since 2014. Full and way outside off. Venkatesh looks to fetch it from there, gets an inside edge into the ground, perhaps deflecting off his shoe, to beat the keeper. The single takes KKR across the line

Shahbaz Ahmed to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run

scores are level. A length ball around off. Shreyas drops it on the off side and takes a single

Shahbaz Ahmed to Venkatesh Iyer, 1 run

dropped. Full on the stumps. Venkatesh sweeps it in the air behind square leg. Tripathi charges in, puts in the dive but ends up dropping the low chance

Three required

end of over 105 runs
KKR: 111/2CRR: 11.10 RRR: 0.30 • Need 3 runs from 60b
Venkatesh Iyer50 (24b 4x4 3x6)
Shreyas Iyer5 (2b 1x4)
Aiden Markram 1-0-5-0
Shahbaz Ahmed 2-0-19-1
Markram to Venkatesh Iyer, 1 run

a length ball outside off. Goes back and cuts it towards sweeper cover. Gets to his fifty

Markram to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run

a length ball spinning in. Helped towards backward square leg

Over the wicket

Markram to Venkatesh Iyer, 1 run

length ball around off. Goes back and pulls it over midwicket. Only a single

Markram to Venkatesh Iyer, no run

backs away towards the leg side before going for the fine reverse hit. Misses again

Markram to Venkatesh Iyer, no run

goes for the reverse hit but fails to connect and gets hit on the body

Markram to Venkatesh Iyer, 2 runs

length outside off. Venkatesh pulls it but fails to middle it. Falls safely over midwicket for a couple

Markram, around the wicket

end of over 913 runs • 1 wicket
KKR: 106/2CRR: 11.77 RRR: 0.72 • Need 8 runs from 66b
Shreyas Iyer4 (1b 1x4)
Venkatesh Iyer46 (19b 4x4 3x6)
Shahbaz Ahmed 2-0-19-1
Jaydev Unadkat 1-0-9-0
Shahbaz Ahmed to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR runs

and he opens his account. Full delivery and he reverse-sweeps it past short third for four

Shreyas Iyer is the new batter

Shahbaz Ahmed to Gurbaz, OUT

given lbw! But Gurbaz has reviewed it straightaway. It was full on the stumps. Gurbaz moved across to sweep it fine. Looks like he missed it and the ball went past the leg stump, perhaps brushing the pad on its way and beating the keeper to the boundary. Even if it's not out, KKR will not get any runs as the ball would be deemed dead right after the umpire raised the finger. The third umpire says the ball-tracking and the UltraEdge is down, so he stays with on-field decision. Gurbaz isn't happy

Rahmanullah Gurbaz lbw b Shahbaz Ahmed 39 (32b 5x4 2x6 46m) SR: 121.87
Shahbaz Ahmed to Gurbaz, SIX runs

down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball, and launches it over the bowler's head. KKR just 12 away now

Shahbaz Ahmed to Gurbaz, no run

Shahbaz follows Gurbaz who was backing away. Defended in the end

Shahbaz Ahmed to Venkatesh Iyer, 1 leg bye

goes for the reverse pull but the ball pitch on the leg stump and turns to it Venkatesh on the pads. He picks up a leg-bye

Shahbaz Ahmed to Venkatesh Iyer, 2 runs

full outside off. Drags it towards deep midwicket for a couple

Thanks, Ashish. Only 21 required

end of over 89 runs
KKR: 93/1CRR: 11.62 RRR: 1.75 • Need 21 runs from 72b
Rahmanullah Gurbaz33 (29b 5x4 1x6)
Venkatesh Iyer44 (17b 4x4 3x6)
Jaydev Unadkat 1-0-9-0
Shahbaz Ahmed 1-0-7-0

Here's Hemant to take you to the end

Unadkat to Gurbaz, FOUR runs

Slower back of a length ball outside off, but this one just sits up to be smacked. Gurbaz waits for it and hammers it to the deep midwicket fence

Jasmeet: "This is the mindset needed in the Finals, don't just win, dominate and win it convincingly!!!"

Unadkat to Venkatesh Iyer, 1 run

Fuller, on pace ball on off stump. He lofts this to long-on and calls for two again. Not on this time, though

Unadkat to Venkatesh Iyer, 2 runs

Slower back of a length ball outside off, he thumps this to the right of long off and calls for two immediately.

Unadkat to Venkatesh Iyer, no run

Takes all the pace off the ball. Slower back of a length ball on off. Iyer is way too early into his pull and misses

Unadkat to Gurbaz, 1 run

Slower back of a length ball outside off, he pushes towards point for another quick run

Around the wicket

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Over 11 • KKR 114/2

KKR won by 8 wickets (with 57 balls remaining)
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