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RCB vs MI, 25th Match at Mumbai, IPL, Apr 11 2024 - Match Result

25th Match (N), Wankhede, April 11, 2024, Indian Premier League
(15.3/20 ov, T:197) 199/3

MI won by 7 wickets (with 27 balls remaining)

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Scores: Sudeep Poojar | Comms: Ashish Pant
Scorecard summary
Royal Challengers Bengaluru 196/8(20 overs)
Mumbai Indians 199/3(15.3 overs)
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Thanks for joining in tonight. What fun if you are a Mumbai Indians supporter. They are back into the competition and how! Not so much if you are an RCB fan. They have now lost five out of six games and sit second to last on the points table. Thank You for tuning in today. On behalf of Sreshth, Chandan and Sudeep, this is Ashish signing off. Ciao!

Jasprit Bumrah is the player of the match: Very happy with the outcome. I will never say I wanted to take a five-for. The wicket was sticky and I am very happy with the contribution. In this format it is very harsh for the bowlers. I try to not be a one-trick pony, I have worked on this early in the career. People start to line you up. I want to have different skills. Bowling is tough, because you will have to take a beating. When things have not worked out for me the next day I have seen the videos and analyzed what did not work. Preparation is always the key. Important to keep pushing yourself before a game. It is not a one-trick pony. You don't always have to bowl a yorker, sometimes you bowl a yorker, sometimes short ball. There is no ego in this format. You can bowl145, but sometimes it is important to bowl slower balls.

Hardik Pandya: [feelings] Wonderful. Always good to win. The way we have won, was great. Impact player has given us the opportunity to use the extra bowler. It gives me extra cushion as well. [Run chase] The way Ro[hit] and Ishan batted, it was important for us to finish the game early. People know what the situation is. When we saw the target get lesser, we thought to get the run rate higher. [Bumrah] I am lucky to have Bumrah in my side. He does this over and over again. Every time I ask him he gets the wickets. He practices in the nets. He has so much experience and the confidence. [Surya] I did tell him, welcome back when he scored the fifty. I have been opposition captain to him as well. Some place he hits, I have never seen any batter hit

Presentation time

Some stat nuggets courtesy Sampath:

1) Ninth instance of Mumbai Indians successfully chasing down a target of 190-plus runs, joint-most by any team in T20s, alongside Punjab Kings.

2) And the 11th time where Royal Challengers Bengaluru failed to defend a target of 190-plus runs, also joint-most in T20s, alongside Punjab Kings. (edited)

3) Top three fastest successful 190-plus target chases in the IPL in terms of run rate have been by Mumbai Indians.

4) 50th win for MI at Wankhede, the first team to reach 50 wins in the IPL at a venue. (Not including super over wins)

Suryakumar Yadav: It is always good to be back in Wankhede. Joining the squad was great. Mentally I was here, just physically in Bangalore. Great to be back, Coming at Wankhede chasing 200 if there is dew it is important to take a chance. Wanted to finish early for the net run rate. [On his shots over point] I just try to play the field. I practice these shots. It is in my muscle memory. [Favorite shot] I think all the shots. The slice over point was my favourite. [Kishan] That's what we have told him. Just go out and enjoy. His intent has been great. He is enjoying the fruits. [Bumrah] It is always good to have Jasprit by your side. It has been 2to 3 years, have never batted Jasprit in the nets. Either he breaks my bat or my foot.

Faf du Plessis: Very tough pill to follow. It was very wet out there, it will be nice to win a toss somehow. Credit to MI how they came out and made our bowlers make a lot of mistakes. Anyone that came in and found the middle of the bat. We spoke about it. [Dew] We knew the dew would play a big part. We needed 215-220. 190 wasn't enough. It is a big thing at some venues. When the dew settles in, it was very tough. We changed the ball many times. It is the only sport where the changes in conditions make a difference. We need that score board pressure. We fought with the bat. We lost crucial wickets at crucial stages. We had to rebuild a lot of the times. The guys played positively. [On Bumrah] He has been the difference in the two innings. We put them under pressure but the one guy, being out there myself, and you see him with the ball in his hand. You want to put him under pressure, but the variety does everyone in. He has got a really good bouncer, slower ball. Someone like Malinga was the best bowler in T20 cricket, but Bumrah has taken over the reins. You know you can bring him on and take the wickets but also be defensive. [What went wrong] I feel like from a batting perspective, we have to push for that 200. We don't have as many weapons in our bowling. So it comes down to the batting. From a bowling perspective, we have lacked penetration. We have to get them two or three down in the powerplay. Always feels like we are on the back foot after the first four overs.

Kaustubh: "Every aspiring bowler must listen carefully what Bumrah said in the post-match"

Naveen Kumar : "So looks like another typical season of Mumbai losing initial few matches and then stringing together wins to get into playoffs. But the bowling mill is clearly not upto the mark yet, barring boom boom."

Pratik Soholkar: "Not a single go to bowler for RCB..they need to bring Lockie now for sure.."

11.15pm Phew, what a chase this has been from Mumbai. They have come out and knocked the wind out of RCB's sails. It was not an easy pitch to defend, but the way MI have gone about the chase, will just uplift them beyond belief. After the first two overs, there was no swing whatsoever for the RCB bowlers and Kishan cashed in. It was Siraj's second over that went for 23 runs which got MI's motor running. MI raced to 100 in 8.3 overs and even when Kishan and Rohit fell, they kept going. Suryakumar came in and hit five fours and four sixes in his 19-ball 52 lighting up the Wankhede crowd. Pandya and Tilak then came in and took MI over the line with 27 balls to spare. RCB's season has now gone from bad to worse.

Akash Deep to Hardik, SIX runs

What a shot to end things by captain Hardik! Was a full ball outside off, he goes back and across and carves it over deep cover. Mumbai have given RCB a proper hammering. They have chased down 197 in 15.3 overs. That will give their NRR a much-needed boost.

Mayank Shekhar : "No batter gives the vibe that SKY gives when in full flow. Not even Dre Russ, not even Klassen." Agree

Akash Deep to Tilak Varma, 1 run

Yorker on off stump, he digs it past the bowler

Akash Deep to Tilak Varma, FOUR runs

A full toss again, how many of these have we seen tonight? Just below waist high outside off. He opens up the off side and sends it racing past extra cover

Mumbai just need 9 to win off 30 balls. Akash Deep from around the wicket.

end of over 157 runs
MI: 188/3CRR: 12.53 RRR: 1.80 • Need 9 from 30b
Tilak Varma11 (8b 2x4)
Hardik Pandya15 (5b 2x6)
Mohammed Siraj 3-0-37-0
Vijaykumar Vyshak 3-0-32-1
Siraj to Tilak Varma, 1 run

Short of a length ball on Tilak's hips who swivels and pulls to deep backward square leg

Siraj to Tilak Varma, no run

Misses out. Fuller in length outside off. He looks to force the drive outside off. Can't make a connection.

SD: "I'm wondering what is the safe score that RCB bowlers can defend."

Siraj to Tilak Varma, FOUR runs

Another four! On-pace back of a length ball outside off, he hacks the pull in the vacant wide long-on area.

Siraj to Tilak Varma, no run

beaten by the lack of pace. Slower back of a length ball angling across the batter, who eyes the pull but is early into it

Siraj to Hardik, 1 run

Juuust short of long off. Length ball outside off, he flat-bats it to the Prabudessai who was sprinting in. But he can't reach it

Siraj to Tilak Varma, 1 run

Low full toss outside off, he drives to deep cover


end of over 1412 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 181/3CRR: 12.92 RRR: 2.66 • Need 16 from 36b
Tilak Varma5 (3b 1x4)
Hardik Pandya14 (4b 2x6)
Vijaykumar Vyshak 3-0-32-1
Reece Topley 3-0-34-0
Vyshak to Tilak Varma, 1 run

Slower back of a length ball outside off, he thrashes the cut to deep point

Vyshak to Tilak Varma, no run

Fuller outside off, he drives to extra cover

Vyshak to Tilak Varma, FOUR runs

Edged and four. The luck going Tilak's way. Was a back of a length ball on leg stump. He was looking to pull it away, gets a thick under-edge past the keeper

Sanam: "Imagine Surya in the squad in that SRH match."

Vyshak to Suryakumar, OUT

He's found the fielder. Was the height of the ball okay, though? Yep, it was. Very close, but just about alright. A full toss just below Surya's waist outside off. He scythes it but straight to deep point who takes a comfortable catch. A sensational knock from Surya comes to an end.

Suryakumar Yadav c Lomror b Vyshak 52 (19b 5x4 4x6 27m) SR: 273.68
Vyshak to Hardik, 1 run

Misses out this time. On-pace length ball just outside off. He looks to go hard at it, loses his shape and drags the ball to deep midwicket

Vyshak to Hardik, SIX runs

Hardik gets into the act now. Slower ball but that was right in the slot for the batter, who clears his front leg and muscles him over long off

MI need 28 off 42.

end of over 1318 runs
MI: 169/2CRR: 13.00 RRR: 4.00 • Need 28 from 42b
Suryakumar Yadav52 (18b 5x4 4x6)
Hardik Pandya7 (2b 1x6)
Reece Topley 3-0-34-0
Will Jacks 2-0-24-1
Topley to Suryakumar, no run

A dot ball....what! Fuller, angling across from Surya, who can't get a bat on that

Topley to Suryakumar, FOUR runs

Four more and Suryakumar Yadav races to his fifty off 17 balls! Slower back of a length ball on off, he pulls him over midwicket. There is no fielder in the deep there. 22nd IPL fifty for Surya, this is the fastest of the lot

Topley to Suryakumar, FOUR runs

And now that inside-the-line scoop from Surya. Slower length ball well outside off, he gets across, bends down on one knee and scoops this over short fine. The angles that Surya creates are sometimes beyond believable. He is striking at 300!

Topley to Suryakumar, SIX runs

Oh, dear me. I am running out of adjectives to describe Surya tonight. On a length outside off. Was an on-pace ball. Surya, once again carves him over deep point. All wrist-work there and some amazing bat speed..

Topley to Suryakumar, no run

Goes for that scoop, but can't connect. Length ball well outside off, he gets right across but Topley angled that well outside off

Afeef: "Going to be Pathirana vs Topley for catch of the season."

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
Ishan Kishan
69 runs (34)
7 fours5 sixes
Productive shot
16 runs
2 fours1 six
F du Plessis
61 runs (40)
4 fours3 sixes
Productive shot
cover drive
18 runs
3 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
JJ Bumrah
S Gopal
Match details
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
TossMumbai Indians, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Hours of play (local time)19.30 start, First Session 19.30-21.00, Interval 21.00-21.20, Second Session 21.20-22.50
Match days11 April 2024 - night (20-over match)
RCB Player Replacement
Impact player in out (1st innings, 16.5 ov)
MI Player Replacement
Impact player in out (2nd innings, 8.5 ov)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsMumbai Indians 2, Royal Challengers Bengaluru 0
Win Probability
MI 100%
100%50%100%RCB InningsMI Innings

Over 16 • MI 199/3

MI won by 7 wickets (with 27 balls remaining)
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