(14.2/20 ov, target 116)119/2
Knights won by 8 wickets (with 34 balls remaining)
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Scores: Justin Smyth
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Scorecard summary
North-West Warriors115/10(20 overs)
Northern Knights119/2(14.2 overs)

That was a special innings that we witnessed today from James McCollum, his 79 off 53 balls anchored a comfortable chase for the Knights.

A mixture of clean hitting and some innovation meant that the Warriors bowlers could never settle into a rhythm, how expensive was it for the Warriors when Rankin dropped that dolly?

The truth was that the Warriors target was never going to be a challenge for this powerful Knights batting order. Chasing this down in less then 16 overs means that they get an all important bonus point.

For the Warriors, its now played three, lost three and they stay at the bottom of the table. Lots of thinking to be done on their journey back to the North West this evening.

The good news for them is that they get another chance to get their season back on track this Thursday when they travel to North County for a double header against the Reds, hopefully you'll be able to join me then.

Until then, this is Justin saying goodbye from a Sunlit Comber. Bye!

McGuire to McCollum, FOUR runs

its going across McCollum, driven hard through the covers and it races to the boundary. Everyone just watches the ball go as they know that the Knights have won!

Fielders all come up.

McGuire to McCollum, FOUR runs

hits the sweep shot through square leg, picks up another boundary and the scores are tied

end of over 1417 runs
NK: 111/2CRR: 7.92 RRR: 0.83
Gary Wilson12 (14)
James McCollum71 (51)
Graham Kennedy 1-0-17-0
Andy McBrine 4-0-15-1

Knights only 5 runs away now, McBrine throws the ball to Maguire.

Kennedy to Wilson, no run

outside off-stump, angled across the batter and Wilson misses with late cut.

Kennedy to McCollum, 1 run

hits the ball hard down the ground, this time McBrine stops it with his chest. Bruise in the morning....

Kennedy to McCollum, 2 runs

pulls the ball towards deep mid-wicket, not a great connection this time

Kennedy to McCollum, FOUR runs

yet another boundary, this time its driven hard through extra cover. Kennedy looks dejected as the ball flies away again

Kennedy to McCollum, FOUR runs

yet another boundary, scoops the ball over the keeper and it runs away

Kennedy to McCollum, SIX runs

McCollum welcomes another bowler with a huge hit down the ground. It was in the slot and the batter punished him. Brings up the 100

end of over 133 runs
NK: 94/2CRR: 7.23 RRR: 3.14
James McCollum54 (46)
Gary Wilson12 (13)
Andy McBrine 4-0-15-1
Boyd Rankin 3-0-25-0

Kennedy come on for his first bowl today.

McBrine to McCollum, 1 run

skips down the pitch and swings hard at the ball, extra cover is deep so they pick up a single

McBrine to McCollum, no run

on legstump, sweeps and the fielder in the ring stops it again

McBrine to Wilson, 1 run

clips the ball through square leg

McBrine to Wilson, no run

gets down and sweeps, can't beat the fielder at short fine leg

McBrine to McCollum, 1 run

plays the ball through mid-off

McBrine to McCollum, no run

McCollum goes down early to play the reverse sweep, the ball leaps off the pitch and hits McCollum on the helmet. Looks ok to carry on

end of over 1212 runs
NK: 91/2CRR: 7.58 RRR: 3.12
James McCollum52 (42)
Gary Wilson11 (11)
Boyd Rankin 3-0-25-0
Andy McBrine 3-0-12-1
Rankin to McCollum, 1 run

clips the ball through square leg, the fielders have to run in off the rope to keep them to one

Rankin to Wilson, 1 run

Wilson's innings so far has mainly been late cuts, plays one again

Rankin to Wilson, 1 wide

Rankin's line is a little off there, angles the ball down the legside

Rankin to Wilson, FOUR runs

Wilson swings hard at the ball, gets a top edge that takes it over the top of the keeper. Smale had no chance with that one

Rankin to McCollum, 1 run

clips the ball towards cow corner, Hunter puts the dive in to stop the ball

Rankin to McCollum, no run

defends the ball into the covers

Match details
The Green, Comber
TossNorth-West Warriors, elected to bat first
SeriesCricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
Match days01 September 2020 - day (20-over match)
T20 debut
Ryan Hunter
Ryan Hunter
Ireland Image
Alan Neill
Ireland Image
Roly Black
Match Referee
Ireland Image
Philip Thompson
PointsNorthern Knights 5, North-West Warriors 0