4th match (N), Hyderabad (Deccan), Apr 9 2018, Indian Premier League
(15.5/20 ov, target 126)127/1
Sunrisers won by 9 wickets (with 25 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
78* (57)

11:24pm And that's all we have tonight. Thanks for joining us and don't forget to return for Chennai's grand homecoming tomorrow. They're facing Kolkata Knight Riders. See you there!

Dhawan: I enjoy playing long innings. It benefits the team, it benefits me. I'm just trying to stretch the good form as long as possible. [About making up for Warner's absence] I've been playing more aggressively, not just in the IPL, but even for India in South Africa and Sri Lanka. I'm just continuing that formula. We have a very balanced side and we have all bases covered. That is the key. It's just the start of the tournament and we hope to keep the rhythm going.

Shikhar Dhawan is the Man of the Match.

Williamson: No doubt we miss Davey. Such a fantastic player for us but the guys were brilliant, all round in the field. A nice team performance. All the bowlers played their part. We picked up wickets at key times and we fielded well, which certainly makes difference. There are some areas we want to work at heading into the next match. I had the best seat in the house as he [Dhawan] hit it cleanly. His intent was brilliant and so was Saha's at the top of the innings.

Kaul: I was working a lot in the domestic season and in the nets and tonight it came off. It was a small total but it's tricky some times when you chase small totals. But our team has great experience and we did it. We are missing him [Warner] but the players are coping and they know what to do and when to do it. Thanks to god, everything's happening really well and I'm looking forward to the coming games.

Rahane: We thought 125 was on the lower side. 150 or 160 would have been great. Credit to our bowlers, they bowled well, they tried their best. We were 50 for 1 and me and Sanju decided to back our intents, but we lost too many wickets. We didn't get any partnerships. I'm unhappy with the drop but these things happen in cricket. This is the first game and we need to learn from our mistakes and move forward. We prepared ourselves really well and we're looking to get better.

11:06pm Utter domination from the home team. Clinical with both bat and ball and it's the kind of loss that can really suck the morale out of a team. Rajasthan Royals have had a forgettable return to the IPL.

Kulkarni to S Dhawan, FOUR runs

finishes with a boundary. A domineering win finished with an imperious shot. Short of a length in the corridor and he gets behind it to swat it over midwicket

Kulkarni to S Dhawan, no run

full and wide outside off. Chases and tries to jam it through point. Beaten

Kulkarni to S Dhawan, no run

short of a length just outside off, punched uppishly to mid-off

Kulkarni to S Dhawan, no run

slower short ball climbing across off stump. Can't get bat on the hook

Kulkarni to S Dhawan, no run

short and wide outside off. Looks to cut and it skids through from under his bat

end of over 153 runs
SRH: 123/1CRR: 8.19 RRR: 0.60
Kane Williamson36 (35)
Shikhar Dhawan74 (52)
D'Arcy Short 2-0-9-0
Jaydev Unadkat 3-0-28-1
Short to Williamson, no run

short of a length just outside off, punched straight to extra cover

Short to Williamson, no run

full on leg stump, paddle sweep straight to short fine

Short to S Dhawan, 1 run

short of a length wide outside off, cut uppishly to point's left. He parries it to sweeper cover

Short to S Dhawan, no run

short ball just outside off, cut straight to backward point

Short to Williamson, 1 run

googly. Floated up full on leg stump, clipped to deep midwicket

Short to S Dhawan, 1 run

tossed up outside off, drags to long-on off the front foot

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