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RCB vs SRH, Eliminator at Abu Dhabi, IPL, Nov 06 2020 - Match Result

Eliminator (N), Abu Dhabi, November 06, 2020, Indian Premier League

SRH won by 6 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)

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Scores: Chandan Duorah | Comms: Varun Shetty
Scorecard summary
Royal Challengers Bangalore 131/7(20 overs)
32 (30)
2/33 (4)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 132/4(19.4 overs)
24* (20)
1/12 (4)
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10:01pm And that is all from us here. See you at Qualifier 2. Good night!

Kane Williamson: It was a tough game. It was always gonna be against a class side like RCB. With the quality of their batting, restricting them to 132 said 1) we bowled well, 2) it wasn't going to be easy. It was a challenge to restrict them. We had time, but with two world class legspinners it was never going to be easy. We had to try and get through their spells and they didn't give us much at all. It was just nice that we could get through their overs without losing too many wickets. You try and do your role as well as you can. Batting at 4, it can vary a lot, and surface dependent. It was nice to spend time and make a contribution, put some partnerships together. It's been an interesting last two weeks for us. [Holder] is cooler than me! He's playing beautifully.

Kane Williamson is the Man of the Match.

David Warner: Last few games have taken a bit out. We had to beat the top three to make it first, and we had to knock out three again. We had to sort of change our strategy around the first six, bowl Sandy and Jase with 5 in the powerplay, hold Natarajan and Rash for the middle overs. We had to work out a formula and it's going well. Congratulations to Natarajan and his wife, they had a baby this morning. What a gift for the little one. What a masterclass from Kane, he's done it for years for New Zealand. With the class of batting line up they had, you obviously knew there was something in that wicket with the new ball holding. You had to wait for the ball to be overpitched. The spinners bowled quite slow, fantastic through the middle overs. But end of the day, when you have a guy like Kane at the end [you back him], Bit close for my liking. Delhiis a fantastic team, we've spoken about their world class bowling. Shikhar is in form, Shreyas as well who is a linchpin for them.

Rashid Khan: It was tough, it was the same kind of feeling like the game against KXIP. A game which is Eliminator, and that pressure as well. Thank god we won it. Just kept it very simple for myself, just hit a good area. As long as I'm hitting that area, I'm good. I've watched my videos and analysed that most of the time I've been hit when I bowl full. So I try to bowl the right areas. This wicket sometimes you get a skiddy kind of turn. Today it wasn't that, it was a bit slow and not skidding as much as the last time we played here. You just have to keep it simple, back of a length. [Dube lbw] I think I got it, but the keeper and the guys from the back didn't think so. We just need to do the basics right against Delhi and see what happens.

Virat Kohli: If you talk about the first innings, I don't think we had enough on the board already. The position we got ourselves in the second half, probably better execution...a game of margins. We just didn't have enough runs on the board in my opinion. [The scores in the last few games] Maybe nerves? We just allowed the bowlers to bowl where they wanted to and didn't put them under pressure. We picked out the fielders a lot. It's been a strange kind of phase, 4-5 games for us. A couple of people have stood up and had good seasons. Devdutt, Siraj as well. Yuzi and AB have been solid as ever. Couple of positives. Devdutt has done it with class and efficiency, it's not easy to get 400 runs. It was a tough year. It tells you the strength of teams in the IPL. You don't have home and away so when conditions are same for everyone, the real strengths come out and I thik that's probably why this has been the most competitive IPL. it was amazing to have the opportunity to come out and play. There's a bigger picture going on here and we all have contributed to that. We're privileged we got to be part of that and gave something to the fans.

Kaushik : "This match clearly showed the value of experience. Williamson choosing the right balls to hit the 2 sixes, and boy the dab to third man off Saini, pure class!"

James : "I would give Jason Holder player of the match (for the second game, imo). Good bowling, and helped get them home. "

preet: "Always knew Holder was the find for SRH! Game winning shots in 2 of his games.."

Ravi: "Get on the Kane train everybody. ..."

Asim: "Started the last season with 6 defeats in a row and ending this one with 5 on the bounce...just RCB things"

Tasmeem: "That's how you get a simple task done in the hard way. TBH, the target was such that it didn't give the bowlers much to work with. One partnership was all SRH needed for the win."

9:36pm So Royal Challengers' campaign ends with five losses on the trot. A testament to how well they began the tournament that this streak ends in the Eliminator. The wheels came apart in the second half of the tournament, and culminated in one of their worst performances of the season with the bat today. Sunrisers almost messed up another middling chase, but the two batsmen they've invested in for their last few games, to be the insurance in the middle order, came together with a 65-run stand. And came together at the perfect time. Kane Williamson and Jason Holder, two of the best cricketers on the planet, doing it with calm at the end. Sunrisers have won four in a row, including one against Mumba Indians. Dare I say, they go in as slight favourites to the second qualifier. Two wins away from a title now. The last time they did it, they had also begun in the Eliminator.

Saini to Holder, FOUR runs

that's past point for the win! Oh that is questionably tactics, honestly. Yorkers outside off with third man and point inside. Holder shuffles again, waits on the yorker length delivery. It's a low full toss and he gets it to point's right

Saini to Holder, FOUR runs

drilled to long-off's left! This is driving length outside off. Holder has taken a big step into the off side for the full ball that he expects there. Gets a little more than he expects - a pretty friendly driving ball. Gets the front leg out of the way and opens the face to beat that fielder

Saini to Holder, no run

beaten outside off. Yorker outside off at 144.6kph. Holder is a little late on the swish as it marginally tails inwards

Saini to Williamson, 1 run

overpitched outside off, driven along the ground to sweeper cover to bring up his fifty. He needed to bring it this deep after his start, and he has done exactly that

Right, we are into the last over and Saini must defend 8. Williamson has the strike. Point, third man, extra cover and fine leg in.

end of over 199 runs
SRH: 123/4CRR: 6.47 RRR: 9.00
Kane Williamson49 (43b 2x4 2x6)
Jason Holder16 (17b 1x4)
Mohammed Siraj 4-0-28-2
Navdeep Saini 3-0-22-0
Siraj to Williamson, 1 run

ramped wide of short fine and then he slips at the other end. Full ball outside off, gets low and gets a bit too much bat on this. It floats harmlessly and lands to Saini's left

Siraj to Williamson, no run

full slower ball, a dipping full toss on off stump. KW making room by getting into the leg side but is deceived by the pace. It bounce back to the bowler

Siraj to Williamson, 2 runs

steps across and ramps over short fine. Another overpitched ball outside off. Gets the front leg into the off side and gets a bit too much elevation on that for it to run away. Plops into the turf and short fine runs back and drags it in

Siraj to Holder, 1 run

yorker length at middle stump, jammed down to long-on where Kohli does superbly with a one-handed pick up to keep them to one

Siraj to Holder, FOUR runs

outside half and it's past short third. That's a length ball, outside off. Holder gets the front leg away and looks to blaze that through the off side. The bat face is open and it slides off it. Point was back, third man was in

Siraj to Williamson, 1 run

inside edge to short fine as he looks to latch onto a full ball outside off

end of over 1810 runs
SRH: 114/4CRR: 6.33 RRR: 9.00
Kane Williamson45 (39b 2x4 2x6)
Jason Holder11 (15b)
Navdeep Saini 3-0-22-0
Shivam Dube 1-0-7-0

18 off 12 and a conference now. a short one, between Kohli, AB, Finch and Zampa. Siraj will bowl the 19th.

Saini to Williamson, 1 run

low full toss at off stump, shuffles and flicks to deep midwicket

Saini to Williamson, 2 runs

full and just outside off, chopped to sweeper's left and an early call for the second

Saini to Williamson, FOUR runs

steered between keeper and short third. Good length and angled into the corridor. Waits on it, stays sufficiently inside the line and opens the face to dab that fine of the fielder

Got to say those last two balls were there for boundaries

Saini to Holder, 1 run

good length and just outside off, slapped firmly on the rise and bursts through Chahal's grasp at extra cover. But he recovers and keeps it to one

Saini to Williamson, 1 run

dropped at deep square. Saves five runs though. Williamson has chipped a thigh-high full toss to Padikkal, who might have just stretched upwards too early for this catch. Can't keep his balance as he lands on his back foot and loses footing. Lobs it back in but too far away to return to take it

Saini to Holder, 1 run

full outside off, driven long the ground to sweeper

Saini now. Third man, point, extra cover and square leg are in.

end of over 177 runs
SRH: 104/4CRR: 6.11 RRR: 9.33
Kane Williamson37 (35b 1x4 2x6)
Jason Holder9 (13b)
Shivam Dube 1-0-7-0
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-24-1

That is a very tidy over, I imagine Kohli will be overjoyed with only 7 off Dube.

Dube to Williamson, no run

short of a length and just outside off, opens the face and runs it straight to short third

Dube to Williamson, FOUR runs

crunched to sweeper's right. The intention is clear now from Dube - he'll bowl full and at the stumps. KW is backing just about a foot into the leg side to account for that. For his smarts, he's rewarded with an overpitched ball just outside off and he leans into that drive

Dube to Holder, 1 run

yorker floated up at off stump, squeezed down to long-on off the toe-end

Dube to Holder, no run

beaten on the slog as Dube slows it down. Good length, offcutter, following him down leg side. It's past his inside edge

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
AB de Villiers
56 runs (43)
5 fours0 six
Productive shot
cut shot
12 runs
1 four0 six
KS Williamson
50 runs (44)
2 fours2 sixes
Productive shot
slog sweep
12 runs
0 four2 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
JO Holder
Mohammed Siraj
Match details
Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
TossSunrisers Hyderabad, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultSunrisers Hyderabad advanced
Hours of play (local time)18.00 start, First Session 18.00-19.30, Interval 19.30-19.50, Second Session 19.50- 21.20
Match days6 November 2020 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
Win Probability
SRH 100%
100%50%100%RCB InningsSRH Innings

Over 20 • SRH 132/4

SRH won by 6 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
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