50th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), Oct 4 2021, Indian Premier League
(19.4/20 ov, target 137)139/7
Capitals won by 3 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

Another tight finish, but Capitals now go up to No. 1 in the points table with 20 points. Super Kings down to No. 2, as both these sides aim for a top-two finish. Anyway, it is the fourth spot for the playoffs that looks up for grabs at the moment, and so do join us for the clash between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians tomorrow. Until then, it is goodnight and goodbye from our side!

Axar Patel is the Player of the Match for his 2 for 18: "It is difficult to assess the length and line, and the pace of the ball [on such pitches]. I thought they scored five or ten runs less in the powerplay. Hetmyer and I were discussing that they would bowl wide yorkers according to their field. Batting is your confidence booster, especially since we will be going to the playoffs. This confidence then helps you later."

Here's the winning captain Pant: "Not a bad birthday present, but in the end we made it tough for us. Prithvi got us to a decent start... We were always in the chase since it was a low total. Shikhar started well... [Ashwin at No 6?] Just to keep the left-right combination, that's it! Absolutely big win, and want to be absolutely sure we finish in the top two."

Time for the presentations

Mohan dalai: "Everyone is saying CSK should regroup and think about 2 losses, but I think DC is the team should regroup and think on their batting ,last 2 games they got lucky to cross the line and win"

Raunak: "CSK don't seem invincible, last ball win against KKR, shellacked by RR, last over loss to DC, lots to ponder"

As Ask Cricinfo reminds us, this is Capitals' fourth successive win against Super Kings.

SuGP: "CSK need to regroup here, 2 losses in a row. "

Hetmyer after that finish: "It's very important [to finish off games]. I was thinking I was out [when the catch was dropped], but the guy missed it. [Plan against Bravo?] For me it was easy. I have had lot of practice in the CPL. I tried to go as straight as possible."

ARM: "MSD has got to stop sending himself up the order before Jadeja, has cost CSK some crucial runs today."

Here's Dhoni speaking after the loss: "We were looking to get close to 150. After we lost a few wickets - and around the 15-16 over wicket - we were looking good. There were shots played... and if it had come down to eight or ten deliveries, it could have made a difference. It's a two-paced wicket - some balls come to you and some don't. It's not a placid wicket where you can play your shots. I felt the taller bowlers where the ones who were getting that movement. It was a very good effort [by the bowlers]. But it was important not to give away too many in the first six overs."

shoeb arif: "CSK losing steam towards the business end of the tournament just like DC last year.. "

Sathish: "Gautam is going to have sleepless nights!"

9.36pm So another tense finish in a low-scoring affair in the UAE. A very calm and calculated effort from Hetmyer with 28 not out from 18 balls. Otherwise, only Dhawan contributed with a respectable score of 39, as Capitals bag two more points to boost their chances of a top-two finish. Thakur was outstanding for Super Kings - and Jadeja was pretty good too - but in vain.

Bravo to Rabada, FOUR runs

clipped behind to fine leg, and four! Not quite in control of that shot, but who cares? Capitals win by three wickets. Hetmyer leaps to punch the air, as Rabada flicks behind a very full ball on leg after playing with a bit of a room

And he doesn't bowl after running in all the way...

Long-off back

Rabada is the new man. Bravo around the wicket.

Bravo to Axar Patel, OUT

nabbed at cover! Axar is left frustrated. Slower ball which takes almost ages to come on a full length just outside off, and he chips that to Moeen standing closer in at cover after opening the face of the bat. Some late drama here?

Axar Patel c Ali b Bravo 5 (28m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Bravo to Axar Patel, no run

swing and a miss! Good length ball outside off, and he is beaten on his heave

Bravo to Hetmyer, 2 wide

wide outside off, and beyond Dhoni too. Hazlewood slides to this right to stop that. Very full and wide of off, and Hetmyer lets that go

Dhoni wants his helmet to stand up to the stumps to ensure Hetmyer stays inside his crease.

Bravo to Hetmyer, 2 runs

change of pace, and full and wide of off. Slashed to deep point's left, and they pocket a rapid two

Can Bravo defend six in the final over?

LP: "Gowtham was in for whom?" --- For Rayudu.

end of over 1910 runs
DC: 131/6CRR: 6.89 RRR: 6.00 • Need 6 runs from 6b
Shimron Hetmyer26 (17)
Axar Patel5 (8)
Josh Hazlewood 4-0-27-1
Dwayne Bravo 1-0-12-0
Hazlewood to Hetmyer, 1 run

heaved to deep midwicket. Very full ball on middle, and played across the line

Hazlewood to Hetmyer, 2 runs

lands between long-on and the fielder running across behind him! Another good length ball on middle, and sliced over the bowler's head with the open face of the bat

Hazlewood to Hetmyer, SIX runs

whacked away over deep square leg! Gets this one off the middle of the bat, as he swings this good length ball on leg far and wide for six. Big blow at a crucial time

Stuart: "Relax, CSK will still get home. 2 wickets coming in this over "

Hazlewood to Hetmyer, no run

short delivery on leg, and he misses his pull. Cramped for him, as the ball hits him near his stomach

Stays over for Hetmyer. But Bravo tying Hetmyer's shoelaces first.

Hazlewood to Axar Patel, 1 run

pulls that good length ball on middle to fine leg

Hazlewood to Axar Patel, no run

short delivery on leg, and he makes room to pull that to midwicket. Throw at the bowler's end where Hetmyer was diving, but is safe since the ball doesn't hit

Hazlewood replaces Thakur. Over the wicket.

SuGP: "Everybody will agree 17.3 is the game dropped by gowtham"

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