9th Match (N), Chennai, April 17, 2021, Indian Premier League
(19.4/20 ov, T:151) 137

Mumbai won by 13 runs

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Scores: Chandan Duorah
Comms: Varun Shetty
Scorecard summary
Mumbai Indians 150/5(20 overs)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 137/10(19.4 overs)
Rahul Chahar3/19 (4)
Trent Boult3/28 (3.4)

11.37pm And that is all from our coverage tonight. Thank you for joining us and see you tomorrow on double-header day.

Kieron Pollard: I think the situation dictates who comes first, we are all padded up and whenever we're called on, we're ready. There's no secret. We have to find a way and again in the back end getting those extra runs helped us. it's very difficult to adjust on this pitch when you only have a couple of balls, but that's what we train for. It's good when you scrap the victories, it gives you confidence. When it's coming out nicely you want to bowl another one, but what the team needs at the moment is you need the main bowlers. Just happy to do my job there.

Kieron Pollard is the Player of the Match.

Rohit Sharma: Great effort from the bowling unit, we knew it was not going to be easy. When you have a pitch like that and the bowlers execute, it makes it easy for a captain. I thought we had a good score for this pitch. You saw both the teams capitalizing on the powerplay. Having said that, we can do better in the middle overs. All the players are experienced enough to do that. But I don't want to take credit away from them, when you have guys like Rashid and Mujeeb bowling it's not easy. The pitch is getting slower and slower, bowlers are always in the game till 20 overs. Even the seamers it's not easy to get them away and the slowish nature makes it harder for the batter to slog straight away. You need one set batsman at the end, just need some intelligent batting. I thought our fielding was good today, that's something we take pride in, we want to be the best unit in the tournament.

Hardik Pandya: I don't spend much time on fielding, just make sure I'm ticking the boxes. To be honest, the run out of Warner I wasn't expecting he was that far. I threw it just to make sure the ball is getting old and then realised he was far outside. The powerplay I thought they were fantastic, credit goes to our bowlers. The experience that everyone as a unit showed, that's what matters. Whenever you get the opportunity you seize it and you win it. The kind of experience we have, lots of players go to the captain to give feedback and that helps.

David Warner: I don't know how to take that. Two of us got set, my run out, Jonny stepping on his wickets, and false shots in the middle proved that if you don't have two guys at the end, you don't win. These scores are very chaseable, it's just poor batting. If you get a partnership and have one guy at the end, you can chase down 150 easily. You just need smart cricket in the middle, we aren't doing that. I think our bowlers adapted well to this wicket, it's slower than the ones we played on earlier. We've got to learn from the mistakes and right now it's just the batsmen. We've got to take responsibility. Got to move forward, put some smiles on our faces. Have been speaking to the phsyio and Williamson is coming along nicely and I'm sure if he's ready to go he might get an opportunity.

RajatMaheshwari: "From 71-1 to getting bowled out at 137 (SRH), this is some comeback from MI! Fielders complemented with the catches as well as with the direct hits! Basics done right!"

Barns : "5 wickets for 8 runs, they were destined to lose. "

Hitesh: "Such are standards of Mumbai Indians that bowlers like boult has to adjust to match bumrah's accuracy great step towards becoming barca of cricket!!!!"

Sachin: "Just don't give single chance to Mumbai, They know how to win it. Champion for a reason."

Roma: "Those leaked runs due to lousy fielding and dropped catches, not very ideal death bowling, unnecessary run outs.... SRH have no one but themselves to blame for this. (From a heartbroken Riser!)"

SandyKam : "Okay, SRH needed experience in middle, they bought a finisher Kedar with international experience... Yet they play Abhishek, Samad, Virat, Saha but not Kedar?! They deserve to lose. "

11.11pm Once again, SRH have found a way to lose. But equally, once again, Mumbai Indians have taken the smallest of chances and turned it into a comfortable victory. What a team this is, really. Their batting is still not coming together in the second half, but then neither is anybody else's at this ground, and that is what they're thriving on right now. For Sunrisers, it is the same old story. When their top three batsmen don't get deep into the innings, they look a very timid, anxious team in chase. That much was clear towards the end tonight. Didn't help that Bairstow stepped on his wicket, Pandey looked to clear the fence in panic, and Warner was run out looking for a run that wasn't existent. Three losses in three and stuck at the bottom.

Boult to Khaleel Ahmed, OUT

splits middle and off and Mumbai Indians have done it yet again. Yorker nailed once again and Mujeeb's attempted chop is futile. Boult finishes with three wickets

Khaleel Ahmed b Boult 1 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Boult to Mujeeb, 1 run

yorker at middle stump, looks to drive, thick outside edge straight to short third

Boult to Khaleel Ahmed, 1 run

yorker at off stump, Stays deep in the crease and squeezes it to point's right

Hat-trick ball. Geez, there seems to be one every match.

Boult to Bhuvneshwar, OUT

tonks off stump! 139kph, dead-on yorker starting at middle and curving away. Bhuvi looks to club across the line but that is long past his attempt

Bhuvneshwar Kumar b Boult 1 (9m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
end of over 195 runs • 1 wicket
SRH: 135/8CRR: 7.10 RRR: 16.00
Bhuvneshwar Kumar1 (1)
Mujeeb Ur Rahman0 (0)
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-14-1
Trent Boult 3-0-26-1

16 needed off the last over. Boult will bowl it.

Sai Charan: "It's mind-blowing how many times we take Bumrah for granted as fans and as well the Captain himself and he just keeps delivering."

Bumrah to Bhuvneshwar, 1 run

slower ball, short of a length outside off. Shapes to cut, steers to backward point's left. A diving stop from the fielder. Bhuvi has the strike for the last over

KishorE Veerara: "Those two sixes by Pollard is making a big difference in the result of this match"

Bumrah to Shankar, OUT

no, he's decided to try and pick up the boundary and sliced it straight up for long-off. This is the end of this chase, barring a serious miracle. Full slower ball outside off, reaching out in front of his body once again, trying to loft it straight. Just no control at all. Bumrah's bowled something like 9 consecutive slower balls and they've had no answers

Vijay Shankar c Yadav b Bumrah 28 (44m 25b 0x4 2x6) SR: 112

Surely now Shankar's aim will be to get to the other end and make sure he's there in the last over?

Bumrah to Shankar, no run

beaten as he looks to run this to the keeper's right. A full ball outside off, looks to guide it with an open face

Bumrah to Shankar, 2 runs

swung to deep square's left. Slower ball at a length outside off, shuffles outside off and swings for the turn into him. Manages to connect but it's a real scramble to come back for the second. Bumrah not happy with Boult who slowed as he got behind that and couldn't get the throw in

Bumrah to Shankar, no run

slower ball at a length, wide outside off. Reaches out and swipes across the line. Can't make connection

Bumrah to Shankar, 2 runs

low full toss just outside off, steps into the off side and jabs it past extra cover. An easy two to sweeper's right

21 off 12. Shankar in strike.

end of over 186 runs • 2 wickets
SRH: 130/7CRR: 7.22 RRR: 10.50
Vijay Shankar24 (20)
Trent Boult 3-0-26-1
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-9-0
Boult to Rashid Khan, OUT

he's been given lbw and he reviews. It's a searing yorker that's caught him dead in front of middle and off. But did it catch the toe of the bat or his actual toe? Looks like the latter...right toe. Nothing on Ultra Edge as that passes the bat and tracking will confirm that this is plumb. Brilliant, brilliant yorker from Boult. The option to play Bumrah out has been snatched by the two wickets he's taken in this over

Rashid Khan lbw b Boult 0 (4m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Boult to Shankar, 1 run

yorker at leg stump, stabbed towards deep midwicket and an immediate call for two. No chance as the fielder sprints in

Malli: "Hardik is winning it for Mumbai on the field"

Boult to Abdul Samad, OUT

got him! Hardik Pandya has nailed another direct hit. This time at the non-strikers end. Yorker length ball outside off, jams it to extra cover's right and is deep in the crease when he does it. Has to gather his bearings as he takes off. Hardik swoops down one with his right hand and hits it stumps on the half-volley. Don't think Samad would have had a chance even if he'd had any momentum at the start of the run

Abdul Samad run out (HH Pandya) 7 (16m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 87.5
Boult to Abdul Samad, FOUR runs

nicely placed! Waits on this slow short ball outside off, shuffles into line, adjusts for the pace and pulls firmly into the floor to bisect deep square and deep midwicket

Boult to Abdul Samad, no run

slower yorker, full and wide. Looks like it landed just past the wide marker, but after it had passed the batsman. he let that go

Looks like the plan is to give neither of them any regular paced deliveries

Boult to Shankar, 1 run

offcutter at a length on leg, clipped aerially towards deep square

end of over 174 runs
SRH: 124/5CRR: 7.29 RRR: 9.00
Vijay Shankar22 (18)
Abdul Samad3 (5)
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-9-0
Krunal Pandya 3-0-30-1

Only four off that. 27 needed in 18 now. Boult is coming on. Can he squeeze in a couple of wickets? He'll know that they're itching to come after him.

Bumrah to Shankar, 1 run

slower ball, short and just outside off. Cut to sweeper cover

Bumrah to Abdul Samad, 1 run

full and just outside off, drilled along the floor to long-on

Bumrah to Shankar, 1 run

short of a length offcutter, into off stump. Opens the face and runs it to third man

Bumrah to Shankar, no run

past the inside edge. Bumrah thinks there might have been an inside edge it appears. No reviews left of course. But that was past him it appears. A climbing offbreak from outside off, he was looking to jab into the covers. Ultra Edge shows it clipped the top of the knee flap

Best performances - batters
JM Bairstow
JM Bairstow SRH
43 runs (22)
3 fours4 sixes
Productive shot
on drive
13 runs
0 four2 sixes
Q de Kock
Q de Kock MI
40 runs (39)
5 fours0 six
Productive shot
on drive
8 runs
1 four0 six
Best performances - bowlers
RD Chahar
RD Chahar MI
TA Boult
TA Boult MI
Match details
MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai
TossMumbai Indians, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Kieron Pollard
Match days17 April 2021 - night (20-over match)
New Zealand
Chris Gaffaney
Krishnamachari Srinivasan
TV Umpire
KN Ananthapadmanabhan
Reserve Umpire
Tapan Sharma
Match Referee
Sunil Chaturvedi
PointsMumbai Indians 2, Sunrisers Hyderabad 0
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