17th Match, Dublin, July 29, 2022, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
(14.1/20 ov, T:166) 168/4

Reds won by 6 wickets (with 35 balls remaining)

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NW Warriors Innings
Reds Innings
Match Details
North-West Warriors  (20 ovs maximum)
Stephen Doheny  b Campher58426953138.09
Graham Kennedy  b DC Delany2660033.33
Nathan McGuire c †Moor b DC Delany148821175.00
Jared Wilson c Kane b Campher19192830100.00
Shane Getkate c Kane b GJ Delany78121087.50
Andy McBrine (c)c †Moor b Campher32173222188.23
Graham Hume c Campher b Kane2390066.66
Scott MacBeth not out 1112171091.66
Craig Young c Kane b DC Delany2590040.00
Extras(lb 1, w 17)18
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 8.25, 97 Mts)165/8
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Graham Kennedy, 1.4 ov), 2-20 (Nathan McGuire, 3.2 ov), 3-82 (Jared Wilson, 9.6 ov), 4-100 (Shane Getkate, 12.2 ov), 5-123 (Stephen Doheny, 14.6 ov), 6-145 (Graham Hume, 16.4 ov), 7-155 (Andy McBrine, 17.6 ov), 8-165 (Craig Young, 19.6 ov)
Michael Frost201507.5051100
David Delany401734.25132000
1.4 to G Kennedy, off-stump gets knocked out of the ground! Kennedy looks to force the ball into the legside, the ball is too quick for him and the stumps get knocked out of the ground. A great sight for any fast bowler. 4/1
3.2 to NJ McGuire, McGuire looks to power the ball down the ground, leans back too much as he plays the shot and the ball flies high in the air. Moor charges back from behind the stumps, calls for the catch early and dives forward to complete the catch.. 20/2
19.6 to CA Young, Young hits the ball hard down the ground, Kane runs to his right at long-off to take the catch.. 165/8
Curtis Campher403338.2583120
9.6 to J Wilson, Wilson's luck finally runs out! Hits the ball towards long-off, never got enough power into the shot and Kane hares in from the boundary and goes down on his knees to take the catch. 82/3
14.6 to ST Doheny, Doheny looks down accusingly at the pitch, the ball comes back in off the pitch and keeps a little low. Off-stump flies out of the ground and Doheny has to go.. 123/5
17.6 to AR McBrine, strangled down the legside! Camphers ball is going down the legside, McBrine swings at the ball and gets a tiny edge through the keeper. McBrine looks up to the skies in frustration but has to walk off. 155/7
Fionn Hand3044014.6652350
Tyrone Kane403017.5093040
16.4 to GI Hume, yet another batter caught down at long-off. Hume slams the ball flat down the ground, Campher doesn't have to move as the ball picks him out. 145/6
Gareth Delany302518.3383110
12.2 to SC Getkate, Getake hits the ball in the air towards long-on, he knows that he is in trouble as soon as he hits the shot. Kane takes a couple of steps in off the boundary and takes the catch. 100/4
Munster Reds  (T: 166 runs from 20 ovs)
Peter Moor (c)†c sub (G Roulston) b SJ MacBeth74304538246.66
Murray Commins c & b Kennedy42242971175.00
Gareth Delany not out 25193002131.57
Tyrone Kane c Hume b SJ MacBeth4660066.66
Curtis Campher st †Doheny b SJ MacBeth011000.00
Kevin O'Brien not out 185531360.00
Extras(b 4, lb 1)5
TOTAL14.1 Ov (RR: 11.85, 59 Mts)168/4
Fall of wickets: 1-90 (Murray Commins, 7.1 ov), 2-128 (Peter Moor, 10.5 ov), 3-143 (Tyrone Kane, 12.5 ov), 4-143 (Curtis Campher, 12.6 ov)
Andy McBrine302006.6661100
Graham Hume3043014.3336200
Craig Young1017017.0014000
Ryan MacBeth1014014.0030200
Trent McKeegan1021021.0012200
Graham Kennedy302418.0050200
7.1 to M Commins, What a reaction catch from Kennedy! Commins launches the ball back towards the bowler, Kennedy dives to his right and takes an excellent diving catch.. 90/1
Scott MacBeth2.1024311.0740300
10.5 to PJ Moor, Slices the ball towards short third, the sub fielder takes the catch and ends a wonderful display of hittin. 128/2
12.5 to TE Kane, hits the ball down the throat of long-on. 143/3
12.6 to C Campher, gone first ball! Comes down the track and the ball spins past the bat, Doheny takes off the bails and Campher is gone for a golden duck. 143/4
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Pembroke Cricket Club, Sandymount, Dublin
TossNorth-West Warriors, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
David Delany
Match days29 July 2022 - day (20-over match)
Jareth McCready
Roly Black
Match Referee
Philip Thompson
PointsMunster Reds 5, North-West Warriors 0
Reds Innings
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Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy