Final (D/N), Dhaka, Jun 14 2008, Kitply Cup
(48.2/50 ov, target 316)290
Pakistan won by 25 runs
Player Of The Match
108 (99)
Player Of The Series
208 runs
• The Bulletin by Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

Butt and Younis inspire Pakistan to title

Salman Butt and Younis Khan inspired a downcast bunch to brave the odds and hand Pakistan their first multi-nation title for more than five years

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Scorecard summary
Pakistan315/3(50 overs)
Salman Butt*129 (136)
Younis Khan108 (99)
India290/10(48.2 overs)
MS Dhoni64 (59)
Yuvraj Singh56 (59)
Umar Gul4/57(9)

Gul: "I learnt a lot from IPL. There was still some wayward bowling today but I just kept trying to improve.We had planned that if we bat first out top six batsmen should bat 50 overs. That's how we played today. In the bowling, we wanted to bowl close to the body at their in-form batsmen Gambhir and Sehwag. It's a big victory, a final and that against India. It was a do or die battle for us."

Man of the Match: Younis Khan: "I tried to play it as a normal game. We just wanted to stand there and keep wickets in hand. It was humid out there. Thanks to Allah."

Man of the Series: Salman Butt "It was a perfect team job and it could not have been scripted better. What we tried was to just stay on the wicket and I need to thank Younis bhai as he helped me with his experience. We talked about a boundary a over and get singles later. I won an important game for my country; nothing gets better.

Dhoni: "They got off to a decent start but after that Salman and Younis batted brilliantly. They took on the spinners, took risks and pulled it off. We could have done better but i won't like to take any credit of him. In batting, we lost wickets regularly. Yes there was pressure on me. I promoted Raina and I didn't have partners in the end. I admit i made some mistakes there but one can only learn from all this. The food over here was very good and I love the crowd. We would like to come back soon and entertain them."

Malik: "It's always a big win against India. Credit goes to the guys. Younis and Salman batted brilliantly. After the earlier loss we worked very hard.

Younis is a brilliant player and I knew if he played first four five balls here, he would play a big innings. I would like the thank the crowd who came out and supported us."

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Afridi to Dhoni, OUT

another swing and this time he holes out to sweeper cover. Game over. Pakistan win the series. Malik rushes across and jumps at Afridi. They all converge. Now both teams shake hands with each other. Super win for Pakistan. They rebounded well after a big loss in the earlier game to win when it mattered. The Kitply cup is in the bag.

MS Dhoni c sub (Nasir Jamshed) b Shahid Afridi 64 (95m 59b 3x4 2x6) SR: 108.47
Afridi to Dhoni, SIX runs

one-handed six over deep square leg boundary. He charged down, Afridi hurled it short and fast and Dhoni pulled it away

Afridi, Malik and Misbah discuss together. Afridi to bowl.

end of over 487 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 284/9CRR: 5.91 RRR: 16.00
Ishant Sharma0 (1)
MS Dhoni58 (57)
Umar Gul 9-0-57-4
Sohail Tanvir 10-1-60-1
Umar Gul to Sharma, no run

goes for the yorker, ends up as a low full toss, defended back to Gul.

Umar Gul to Chawla, OUT

cleaned him up with a yorker. Gul has been bowling superbly at the death and continues to be reward for his accurate length. The bat couldn't come down in time and the death rattle for Chawla would have been delightful to Gul's ears. Nasim Ashraf is up on his feet, celebrating the wicket.

Piyush Chawla b Umar Gul 2 (12m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40
Umar Gul to Dhoni, 1 run

full pitched around the off stump and Dhoni unfurls his special bottom-handed twirl and the ball raced along the turf but straight to long-off. Dhoni has a chat with Chawla

Umar Gul to Dhoni, FOUR runs

Dhoni gets a boundary. A low full toss and outside off and Dhoni hit it inside out to wide long-off boundary

Umar Gul to Chawla, 1 leg bye

Piyush moves outside leg and Gul follows him with a yorker on his boots and they get across for leg bye

Umar Gul to Dhoni, 1 leg bye

Dhoni walked across the stumps and tried to paddle a full delivery past short fineleg missed and was struck on the pad just outside off stump

end of over 4714 runs
INDIA: 277/8CRR: 5.89 RRR: 13.00
MS Dhoni53 (54)
Piyush Chawla2 (3)
Sohail Tanvir 10-1-60-1
Umar Gul 8-0-52-3
Tanvir to Dhoni, 1 run

lunges forward to take the ball on the full and drives to long-off for a single

Tanvir to Dhoni, 2 runs

just outside off stump, almost yorker-length again, Dhoni crouches to chop it past Akmal and runs hard to come back for the 2nd run

Tanvir to Dhoni, 2 runs

gets this one fuller, driven to right of long-off, they come back for the second run, the throw comes chest-high to Tanvir who breaks the stumps and Piyush just about manages to drag back the crease in time. The bails weren't completely dislodged by the time the bat came in. Dhoni reached his fifty with those couple of runs

Tanvir to Dhoni, SIX runs

on a length and that allows Dhoni to get under the ball and send it soaring over long-on. Tanvir has been repeatedly hitting the yorker length and he just got off the length this time and was punished.

Tanvir to Dhoni, 2 runs

fullish, on the middle and leg line, Dhoni took out the front leg away from the line and whipped it to wide long-on region

Tanvir to Chawla, 1 run

full toss just below waist-high, swung to deep square leg region.

end of over 463 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 263/8CRR: 5.71 RRR: 13.25
Piyush Chawla1 (2)
MS Dhoni40 (49)
Umar Gul 8-0-52-3
Sohail Tanvir 9-1-46-1
Umar Gul to Chawla, 1 run

really full again, nagging length and Piyush can only dig it out to the off side.

Umar Gul to Chawla, no run

lovely probing delivery rushing past the outside edge. Fab bowling from Pakistan at the death.

Umar Gul to Praveen, OUT

trapped in front. He thrust his front foot across and tried to paddle a low full toss on the leg stump line. It would have hit the leg stump.

Praveen Kumar lbw b Umar Gul 5 (12m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 62.5
Umar Gul to Dhoni, 1 run

low dipping full toss, he went for a yorker, hit straight to long-off

Umar Gul to Praveen, 1 run

full and straight, mistimes a drive to long-on. Praveen is standing still on the leg stump line and trying to drive hard but has been unable to connect cleanly

Umar Gul to Praveen, no run

fullish, just outside off stump, the yorker length, Praveen tries to chop it to third man but can't connect. Dhoni walks across to have a chat

Asad Tahir: "I remember the day when Saeed Anwar and Ijaz Ahmed scored centuries to guide Pakistan to 315 at Dhaka but Ganguly's cameo got India the win. But today I am more than happy to see we are not letting history repeat itself!" And of course, several Indian fans have emailed citing the same game and hoping for a reprise!

Best performances - batters
Salman Butt portrait
Salman Butt PAK
129 runs (136)
12 fours
3 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
38 runs
5 fours
0 six
Younis Khan portrait
Younis Khan PAK
108 runs (99)
8 fours
3 sixes
Productive shot
on side drive on front foot
30 runs
2 fours
2 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
Umar Gul portrait
Umar Gul PAK
Iftikhar Anjum portrait
Iftikhar Anjum PAK
Match details
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur
TossPakistan, elected to bat first
SeriesKitply Cup
Player Of The Match
Younis Khan
Younis Khan
Player Of The Series
Salman Butt
Salman Butt
Series resultPakistan won the 2008 Kitply Cup
Match numberODI no. 2707
Hours of play (local time)15.00 start, First Session 15.00-18.30 Interval 18.30-19.15, Second Session 19.15-22.45
Match days14 June 2008 - daynight (50-over match)
Sri Lanka Image
Asoka de Silva
Bangladesh Image
Nadir Shah
TV Umpire
Bangladesh Image
AFM Akhtaruddin
Reserve Umpire
Bangladesh Image
Enamul Haque
Match Referee
New Zealand Image
Jeff Crowe