Eastern Division, Horsford, Jul 29 - 31 2012, Minor Counties Championship
(82 ov)177/7
Match drawn
Cambridgeshire 1st INNINGS
David Clarke  b Eccles3----0.00
Alan Burton c Caswell b Warnes2----0.00
Darren Bicknell lbw b Brown50----0.00
Garry Park c Caswell b Walker29----0.00
Chris Thompson c Caswell b Brown0----0.00
Sean Park c †Gray b Eccles7----0.00
Lewis Bruce c Spelman b Brown5----0.00
James Williams c Arthurton b Brown12----0.00
Paul McMahon (c)not out 20----0.00
Paul Summerskill c †Gray b Eccles21----0.00
Joe Barrs c †Gray b Eccles0----0.00
Extras(b 9, w 3)12
TOTAL(80 Ov, RR: 2.01)161
Fall of wickets: 1-4, 2-19, 3-88, 4-93, 5-96, 6-102, 7-114, 8-121, 9-161, 10-161
Michael Eccles2054442.20---10
Michael Warnes741111.57---10
Luke Caswell63801.33---00
Chris Brown2884541.60---00
James Spelman411102.75---00
George Walker1553312.20---10
Norfolk 1st INNINGS
James Spelman lbw b McMahon28----0.00
Carl Rogers c Clarke b McMahon39----0.00
Sam Arthurton lbw b McMahon63----0.00
Trevor Ward lbw b Bruce4----0.00
Stephen Gray c Clarke b McMahon5----0.00
Peter Lambert  b Bruce2----0.00
Luke Caswell c †Summerskill b McMahon2----0.00
Chris Brown not out 20----0.00
George Walker (c)not out 1----0.00
Extras(b 2, lb 1, nb 4, w 6)13
TOTAL(82 Ov, RR: 2.15)177/7
Fall of wickets: 1-68, 2-75, 3-94, 4-101, 5-106, 6-123, 7-167
Joe Barrs612203.66---00
James Williams902602.88---12
Paul McMahon37106651.78---00
Lewis Bruce2143221.52---00
Garry Park912803.11---10
Manor Park, Horsford
TossCambridgeshire, elected to bat first
SeriesMinor Counties Championship
Match daysday(3-day match)
England Image
Martyn Dobbs
England Image
Paul Joy
PointsCambridgeshire 7, Norfolk 9
Sun, 29 Jul - day 1 -Cambs 1st innings 101/5 (Sean Park 6*, Lewis Bruce 1*, 54 ov)
Mon, 30 Jul - day 2 -Norfolk 1st innings 177/7 (Chris Brown 20*, George Walker 1*, 82 ov)
Tue, 31 Jul - day 3 -Norfolk 1st innings 177/7 (82 ov) - end of match