7th T20I, Blantyre, Nov 10 2019, Mozambique Women tour of Malawi
(10/10 ov)42/3
(10/10 ov, target 43)38/9
MWI Womwn won by 4 runs
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Scorecard summary
Malawi Women42/3(10 overs)
Mozambique Women38/9(10 overs)
Match details
Saint Andrews International High School, Blantyre
TossMozambique Women, elected to field first
SeriesMozambique Women tour of Malawi
Series resultMalawi Women won the 7-match series 4-3
Match numberT20I no. 797
Hours of play (local time)9.00 start, First Session 9.00-10.30, Interval 10.30-10.50, Second Session 10.50-12.20
Match days10 November 2019 - day match (20-over match)
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Jamie Aly
Malawi Image
Osman Mhango