India vs New Zealand, 1st Test at Kanpur, IND v NZ, Nov 25 2021 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st Test, Kanpur, November 25 - 29, 2021, New Zealand tour of India
345 & 234/7d
(T:284) 296 & 165/9

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
105 & 65
NZ 2nd Innings
Full commentary
end of over 98Maiden
NZ: 165/9CRR: 1.68 
Ajaz Patel2 (23b)
Rachin Ravindra18 (91b 2x4)
Ravindra Jadeja 28-10-40-4
Axar Patel 21-12-23-1

That's all from our side for this Test. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Karthik's report is up. Look out for Sid Monga's copies, which should be in, in some time. And stay safe. See you soon.

Shreyas Iyer is the Player of the Match: It's a great feeling but winning the game would have been icing on the game. The pitch was intact but our bowlers showed great fight. My mindset was to play the sessions and play as many balls as possible. People say I am a very flamboyant player but the situation required me to play longer. So I played for the time. I am really proud the way we came out from a difficult position. I am really happy with the overall performance of the team. The pressure is always there, they had a great start and played out the first two session really well but we bounced back.

Ajinkya Rahane: [on the timing of the declaration] Not really, we tried our best. They played really well. I think the way we came back in the second session was good. The fast bowlers too bowled really well. We wanted to get that partnership going, put some runs on board. Saha and Axar batted really well. Before that Shreyas and Ashwin's partnership was crucial. We wanted to bowl four overs yesterday and 90-95 in all. [on chat with the umpires towards the end] It was about the light. I think the umpires made the right call regarding light. [On having three spinners] Sometimes it feels, am I giving Ashwin too few overs? Am I bowling Axar too much? I am really happy for Shreyas, the way he has worked on his game. Virat will come back for the Mumbai Test. I will not make any comments, the management will take the call.

Kane Williamson: It has been touch and go around this time throughout this Test. The Indian side is a formidable one, they were on top for the large part but we hung around. All three results were in play but we fought hard and showed the fight on the last day. Rachin is a top-order batter, but is not experienced in these conditions. The two fast players we played were outstanding, kept bowling long overs and kept us in the game. We know this Indian side is a very strong one in all departments, so we have to be at our best all the time. As a bowling attack, getting overs under the belt was good. We will play in Mumbai on a different surface, so we need to prepare differently.

Time for the presentation ceremony.


S Rajesh: This breaks a sequence of 14 successive result Tests in India, the longest such streak. Between 1988 and 1994, there were 13 successive results in Tests in India. India were 12-1 in those Tests, with the only defeat coming against NZ in Mumbai, which was the last time they won a Test in India.

Het: "Hey ESPNCricInfo, 6 LBWs this innings, highest in test matches in a single innings?" -- The record is seven. You can check the full list here.

Arijit: "No disrespect to Rahul Dravid but I have a strong feeling that Rahul-Rahane combination is too defensive. Could've showed little more intent with the bat when Saha and Axar were batting. I believe both the batters played as per the instructions given."

Shailesh: "@Raja: Would you have said the same at lunch time? :)Indeed, hindsight is 20/20."

Raghu: "2 Indians batting have denied Team India the victory.. How often does this happen?"

Afaq: "NZ has done a Sydney in Kanpur, can they do a Gabba in Mumbai?"

Raja: "Although, hindsight is easy, will Rahane rue his decision for not declaring earlier?"

R Ashwin: We were bowling in good areas, we knew we had time but light was always going to come into play in the last session. It happened every day of the match. Test cricket is not one of those formats where you come out and bowl good four overs. I am someone who wants to play this format. [on going past Harbhajan's tally] These are milestones that are constantly kept tab on. But as Rahul bhai says, it's not about runs or wickets, it's about how many memories you make. I think getting down to the last session, last mandatory over, Rachin hanging in there, Ajaz playing his part, a great day of Test cricket and I hope those who watched enjoyed it.


Phew! What a passage of play! Nothing short of a heist on New Zealand's part. Latham was superb at the top of the order. Somerville showed great application. Williamson and his soft hands then kept India at bay. Needing six wickets in the final session, India's spinners struck back but the lesser-talked debutant of the match, Rachin Ravindra, showed great composure towards the end - he faced 15.1 overs himself - to ensure New Zealand eked out a draw.

4.22pm Nitin Menon is having a chat with the batters. And now the Indian fielders are talking to Menon. Think Menon has told them the light isn't good enough to continue. Looks like they have called it off. The New Zealand batters have already walked back. Yes, looks like that's it. Kane Williamson is walking out, a shake of hands between him and Rahane. So after engrossing five days, the series stands at 0-0.

Jadeja to Patel, no run

fuller, just outside off, Ajaz comes forward and defends it back towards the bowler

Rahane is having a chat with Jadeja

Bhargav: "Rachin deserves a lot of credit for surviving nearly 16 overs"

Jadeja to Patel, no run

fired in around off, blocked once more

Back to over the wicket

Jadeja to Patel, no run

length ball on the stumps, defended

Jadeja is taking his time. Change of angle as well, around the wicket now

Jadeja to Patel, no run

fuller around off, defended again

Jadeja to Patel, no run

kept low and spun tool. A length ball outside off, spun sharply but Ajaz managed to get an inside edge on to the pad

Jadeja to Patel, no run

fuller outside off, comes forward and blocks

If light stays good, we can continue till 4.30pm or so. Jadeja now

end of over 974 runs
NZ: 165/9CRR: 1.70 
Rachin Ravindra18 (91b 2x4)
Ajaz Patel2 (17b)
Axar Patel 21-12-23-1
Ravichandran Ashwin 30-12-35-3
Axar Patel to Ravindra, no run

fuller around off and middle. Defended on the front foot

Axar Patel to Ravindra, no run

too full around off, Ravindra blocks it on the front foot

Axar Patel to Ravindra, no run

fuller on the stumps, smothered

Axar Patel to Ravindra, FOUR runs

length ball on the stumps and spinning sharply. Takes the inside edge but well away from leg gully. Runs away for four

Axar Patel to Ravindra, no run

fuller and straighter. Comes forward and blocks

Axar Patel to Ravindra, no run

length ball around off, stays back and gets his bat down in time

Another light check. And the umpires are happy with him, so we will continue

end of over 96Maiden
NZ: 161/9CRR: 1.67 
Ajaz Patel2 (17b)
Rachin Ravindra14 (85b 1x4)
Ravichandran Ashwin 30-12-35-3
Axar Patel 20-12-19-1
Ashwin to Patel, no run

an appeal for lbw as Ajaz misses the flick. Given not out but India are going for the review. Think it pitched outside leg. There was no bat involved but as suspected, it pitched outside leg, marginally

Ashwin to Patel, no run

tossed up on the leg stump, comes forward and blocks

Over the wicket

Ashwin to Patel, no run

a carrom ball. On a length outside off, defended at the last moment

Ashwin to Patel, no run

slower again, not too full this time. Defended again

Ashwin to Patel, no run

much slower in the air this time. Defended on the front foot once again

Ashwin to Patel, no run

fuller around off, comes forward and blocks

Nitin Menon is checking light again. I can hear the Indian players talking in the background that the light has improved. Here's Ashwin, around the wicket

end of over 95Maiden
NZ: 161/9CRR: 1.69 
Rachin Ravindra14 (85b 1x4)
Ajaz Patel2 (11b)
Axar Patel 20-12-19-1
Ravindra Jadeja 27-9-40-4
Axar Patel to Ravindra, no run

fuller around off, smothered on the front foot

Axar Patel to Ravindra, no run

fuller on the stumps, comes forward and blocks

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