3rd T20I, Port Elizabeth, Dec 26 2012, New Zealand tour of South Africa
(20 ov, target 180)146/9
South Africa won by 33 runs
Player Of The Match
68 (51)
end of over 2010 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 146/9CRR: 7.30 
Doug Bracewell15 (9)
Mitchell McClenaghan1 (1)
Rory Kleinveldt 4-0-25-1
Morne Morkel 4-0-37-0

Faf du Plessis gets the series trophy, his side looks a very happy and satisfied bunch, and that is all we have for now, apart from telling you to read Firdose Moonda's match report. Abhishek Purohit signing off, along with Devashish Fuloria. Have a good evening

Faf du Plessis: "This is my first time captaining. So it is a nice time when you see at the scoreboard and see 44 required off 1 ball. We have been consistently good in all games. It has been a learning experience for me, it is a young bunch, there is so much energy. I have always captained at a young age, I enjoy it, it keeps my mind busy. It is about finding that line, you have to take responsibility, but you cannot afford to lose your flair. Cannot wait for the Test to start on the 2nd."

Henry Davids is the Man of the Match. Davids: "i am loving cricket at the moment. Great support from my wife, my family. Best cricketing experience I have ever had. My aim was to go out, get game time and enjoy it. Confidence that I carried from the Champions League helped a lot."

Brendon McCullum: "SA played well in those clutch moments. We were 10% off throughout and against a good side that exposes you. 160-165 would have been a really pleasing score to keep them to, but they played well in the back half of their innings. Had our top order got going we could have been competitive but we could not get those partnerships. Some of the guys leave tomorrow, we will try and retain the focus, work out our plans and try and put SA under some pressure [in the Tests]."

South Africa just too strong for New Zealand in the end. The hosts walk around the ground, stumps in hand, acknowledging what has been generous support through the afternoon. A disappointed Brendon McCullum trudges out. Have to feel this was the format in which New Zealand had their best chance, but who knows, they just won a Test in Sri Lanka. The first of two Tests will start in Cape Town on the second day of the New Year

Kleinveldt to Bracewell, 2 runs

ends with one more back of the hand slower one, dragged wide of deep midwicket, and that is the series won for South Africa

Kleinveldt to McClenaghan, 1 run

pushed away tamely towards point

Kleinveldt to Bracewell, 1 run

full, drilled down the ground

Kleinveldt to Bracewell, 1 wide

another slower one from back of the hand, sails full and wide outside off

Kleinveldt to Bracewell, FOUR runs

slow and short, he pulls it calmly between deep square and deep midwicket

Kleinveldt to Hira, OUT

that will be the end of the fun for Hira, swats a full toss straight to long on, they check for the no-ball, Kleinveldt is safe, by an inch or so

Ronnie Hira c Ontong b Kleinveldt 12 (11m 9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 133.33
Kleinveldt to Bracewell, 1 run

back of the hand slower one, he hits out at it, sweeper cover runs in, cover and extra cover run back, no one gets to it

end of over 1913 runs
NZ: 136/8CRR: 7.15 RRR: 44.00
Doug Bracewell7 (5)
Ronnie Hira12 (8)
Morne Morkel 4-0-37-0
Rory Kleinveldt 3-0-15-0
Morkel to Bracewell, 1 run

full toss, helped away on the bounce to deep midwicket

Morkel to Bracewell, FOUR runs
Morkel to Hira, 1 run

shortish down the leg side, pulled away neatly, to deep backward square leg

Morkel to Hira, 2 runs

Hira going after everything, ends up slicing high over backward point, on the bounce to third man

Crowd singing the South African national anthem

Morkel to Hira, 1 wide

very full, very wide, outside off

Morkel to Hira, no run

walks across for the scoop over short fine, beaten totally by the slower one

Morkel to Hira, FOUR runs

Hira backing away, and heaving a full one down the ground, through Morne Morkel's hands