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2nd T20I, Kingston, August 12, 2022, New Zealand tour of West Indies
(20 ov, T:216) 125/9

New Zealand won by 90 runs

Player Of The Match
76 (41) & 2 catches
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end of over 2011 runs
WI: 125/9CRR: 6.25 
Hayden Walsh10 (8b 1x6)
Obed McCoy23 (15b 3x4 1x6)
Tim Southee 4-0-34-1
Ish Sodhi 4-0-36-1

With that, comes the end of our coverage. Thanks, for joining us. The next T20I is not too long from now and as always, we will be right here bringing you ball-by-ball updates. Till the time, on behalf of Sreshth and Chandan, this is Ashish signing off!

Kane Williamson, the New Zealand captain: [On NZ's recent success] It was a fantastic performance. We know how strong this WI team is and the fire power they certainly have. Today to go out and execute our plans, there were some outstanding contributions there and to back that up with the ball and the field again, it was an improved performance. [On including the additional spinner] Look, from the outset we knew the schedule was going to be tough so we do have to manage our players but being on the same surface, we also felt that Michael would add to the side and he did in a big way. The way the guys stuck together, it was a really good all-round performance. [Factors behind the team's success] We know that T20 cricket can be very fickle in its nature. We are just trying to improve and bring guys into the side and give them clear roles. It's not trying too hard just to try and make contributions to your team and the style of cricket that we are trying to play. Just trying to keep things nice and simple. The personnel keeps changing, so for a side like us, we are sort of just working towards it, but it is nice to see a couple of good performances. We got another one in a couple of days' time and a few more after that as well. It is just about taking the small steps forward.

Nicholas Pooran, the West Indies captain: We just didn't show up today. New Zealand scored a big total as well. They batted us out of the game. Losing two wickets in the second over, we just couldn't build a partnership from there. [On having just one spinner] In hindsight, yes. We just have two spinners. Akeal [Hosein] is resting as well, so it is kind of difficult to play both of them at the same time. Ideally, we would love to play both of them. It is what it is, we accept the consequences. We didn't bowl well, we should have pitched up a bit more. We were indisciplined. We keep chatting about the same thing over and over in meetings and whenever we come out on the cricket field, we just seem to let ourselves down. We were not able to execute our plans. [Message shared before the chase] We felt that we had to stay in the game, but it just didn't start well for us. We are struggling, we were out-played but this is life. At the moment things are not going our way. It is getting more and more difficult but the more cricket we play, our performance will grow. This is just something we need to accept, stay in it, and fight, we are a new group. We are going to be frustrated, we are going to be disappointed in ourselves, but it is what it is. We can't come everyday and perform the way everyone wants us to perform. We can't come and win every single game. But these are the times we have to stick together as a group. It is difficult, and everyone is going to say that we are losing cricket games, but we are playing cricket games every two days, and it is not that easy on the guys, as well. I am happy the guys are actually fighting it out. It is not that easy to just come on a cricket field, show up and win in cricket every single time, especially when you don't have a pool of players. It is just 15 players, and four players are injured, so I am proud of the boys.

Glenn Phillips is the Player of the Match: [On his knock] Coming back to Sabina Park, it's absolutely amazing. I have great memories here, so to be able to get a fifty for my country over here in front of a crowd, I absolutely love, was special. [Challenges at the start of the innings] Credit to the West Indies boys up front, the way they bowled with the new ball was actually really really good in terms of taking the pace off the ball, especially when it was newer and harder, it did grip into the surface a little bit. As it got older, the pitcher became a little nicer to bat on. The way Daryl [Mitchell] and Neesh [James Neesham] finished it in the end, just showed how much it was at the end. [Similarities to the first T2I] The pitch was very similar to the first T20I, but the way we went about our game plans was a little bit better and all we can ask is to improve one game at a time. [On Ramnaresh Sarwan - Jamaica Tallawahs assistant coach] A lot of credit goes to him on how I play in the Caribbean. He was a massive influence on me. In terms of upskilling, coming to different areas, coming to different areas of the world, we have to upskill ourselves all the time.

Time for presentation.

4.54pm What a clinical performance from New Zealand. Four away series wins for them in T20Is. They follow-up their European tour with another crushing win. West Indies go down by 90 runs, their second-heaviest defeat in terms of runs against New Zealand in T20Is. A 216-run chase was always going to be very tough and losing five wickets with only 28 runs on the board, meant they were never in it. For the visitors, Mitchell Santner and Michael Bracewell starred with the ball, picking three wickets apiece. As far as West Indies go, it is never a nice scorecard, when the No.11 finishes as the highest run-scorer.

Southee to Walsh, SIX runs

Finishes off the game in style, does Walsh! Length on the pads, Walsh gets that flair out and swipes it over wide long-on and all the way. Doesn't matter though. New Zealand take a 2-0 lead in the series.

Southee to McCoy, 1 run

short of a length on middle, slapped to long off

Southee to Walsh, 1 run

short ball that is pulled towards square leg. They can only take a run.

Southee to McCoy, 1 run

Dropped by Neesham running from extra cover. Back of a length again, he looks for a pull, gets a top-edge as the ball seems to be falling in no-man's land. But Neesham covers good ground but shells it after doing all the hard work. Southee is disappointed as a second catch goes down off his bowling tonight.

Southee to McCoy, 2 runs

back of a length on middle, he slams the pull towards deep midwicket, where Phillips looks to go for the catch but the ball falls short. He then adjusts by going back a tad and collects the ball on the bounce.

Southee to McCoy, no run

Slower length ball on middle and leg, he goes for a cross-batted heave, misses.

Sammy : "Topic for debate I really think that teams are putting too much importance to fitness Talent comes before fitness "

end of over 1917 runs
WI: 114/9CRR: 6.00 RRR: 102.00 • Need 102 runs from 6b
Obed McCoy19 (11b 3x4 1x6)
Hayden Walsh3 (6b)
Ish Sodhi 4-0-36-1
Trent Boult 4-0-21-0

This is the highest tenth wicket stand in T20Is for West Indies

Sodhi to McCoy, 1 run

short and he goes back to drill the pull to deep midwicket

Sodhi to McCoy, 4 leg byes

another googly that goes wrong. He loses his line, goes down leg as McCoy looks for the sweep, does not get any bat on it as the ball catches his pads and rolls to the fine leg fence

Sodhi to McCoy, 1 wide

wrong'un outside off, but that is very wide

Sodhi to McCoy, SIX runs

Short and gets the treatment. Wrong'un again as McCoy goes back and pummels it over long-on's head.

Sodhi to McCoy, FOUR runs

High and one-bounce for a four. McCoy is having some fun. Wrong'un that was a tough too full. McCoy crashes it wide of long on

Sodhi to McCoy, no run

another googly outside off, pushed to extra cover

Sodhi to Walsh, 1 run

Wrong'un that is slightly short, he goes back and pulls to deep square leg

end of over 185 runs
WI: 97/9CRR: 5.38 RRR: 59.50 • Need 119 runs from 12b
Obed McCoy8 (6b 2x4)
Hayden Walsh2 (5b)
Trent Boult 4-0-21-0
Tim Southee 3-0-23-1
Boult to McCoy, no run

Length ball outside leg stump, but McCoy had already given himself a lot of room. He looks to dig it out but can't as the ball rolls to the keeper.

Boult to McCoy, no run

fuller in length outside off, driven to mid-off

Boult to McCoy, no run

Slower short ball, he looks for the pull but gets no connection

Boult to McCoy, FOUR runs

Crunched! Nice long half-volley from Boult and McCoy does not miss out and drills the drive past mid-off

Boult to McCoy, no run

similar length ball around middle, McCoy was searching for a hoick straight down but can only inside edge back onto his pads.

Boult to Walsh, 1 run

Pacy length ball sliding down leg, he glances it down to fine leg.

end of over 175 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 92/9CRR: 5.41 RRR: 41.33 • Need 124 runs from 18b
Obed McCoy4 (1b 1x4)
Hayden Walsh1 (4b)
Tim Southee 3-0-23-1
Mitchell Santner 4-0-15-3
Southee to McCoy, FOUR runs

Edged and four! Length outside off, he looks for a drive, instead gets an outside edge that scoots past Sodhi at short third man.

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Over 20 • WI 125/9

New Zealand won by 90 runs
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