1st T20I (N), Cape Town, Feb 1 2019, Pakistan tour of South Africa
(20 ov, target 193)186/9
South Africa won by 6 runs
Player Of The Match
4 catches
end of over 209 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 186/9CRR: 9.30 
Shadab Khan7 (4)
Usman Shinwari0 (0)
Chris Morris 4-0-39-2
Junior Dala 4-0-44-0

Kobus: "A proud South African following the game on cricinfo. Currently in Poland. Thanks guys. You commentated as if i am watching it on the TV. " --- Thank you Kobus. And I learn that David Miller is indeed the Player of the Match. Thanks for your company this Friday evening. This is Debayan Sen signing off for the moment on behalf of my colleaugues Ranjith P, Liam Brickhill and Danyal Rasool. See you in a couple of days' time for the second T20. Good night and have a nice weekend, wherever you are tuning in from

Usama Ali: "Great match with very small margins. Pakistan will think about all the direct hits they missed. That chance that Hussain Talat had when he didn't go for the catch of Hendricks...Hendricks hit two fours straight after that. As I say, very small margins can be costly. Well played SA"

Anim: "Someone said pak will lose by 8 runs. Its close enough.. "

Brian Roberts: "Surely 6 wickets by a fielder is a record?"

9.40pm What a game this has turned out to be in the end. Pakistan showing enough to suggest why this three-match series will be a humdinger all the way through. It's a six-run win for South Africa, and most of it powered along by David Miller in the field. Four catches and two run-outs -- the commentators confirm that this is a South African record -- but Pakistan gave it an almighty good go. When Hussain Talat and Babar Azam were cobbling together a good partnership for the second wicket, it was a good tight spell of bowling in tandem from Andile Phehlukwayo and Shamsi that brought the hosts back into the equation. This breaks a sequence of 11 consecutive successful chases in T20Is by Pakistan, a record for any team

Dr. Faizy: "Miller will haunt me for the rest of the night."

Abhinav Ojha: "The 2nd match of the 1986 Champions Trophy was between the mighty West Indies and Pakistan. West Indies won the match by nine wickets, but it was not because of their furious fast-bowlers, but because of their "flying Caribbean" Gus Logie. It was the first time in cricket history that a fielder was adjudged as the Man of Match"

Morris to Shadab, 1 run

gone for a swing across the line, and Cloete runs across from his position, and DROPS IT!

Aftab wazeer: "Millar has been everywhere today.. some one is praying u from pakis dear .. guess who!! SARFARAZZ"

Morris to Shadab, 2 runs

full, and he looks to drive it down the ground, but it goes towards long on, where Miller effects a save

Fahad Saeed: "Miller why you so cruel today? "

Morris to Shadab, FOUR runs

full ball, and he thumps it down the ground towards long off

Morris to Malik, OUT

full ball, and he has hit it high, and Miller takes it! It was delivered full, fast, and Malik was looking to get under it enough to go over long on...but then Miller could probably have gone a few feet high off the ground tonight and taken this off the ground. As it stood, he didn' t need to fly...though I wouldn't put it beyond him tonight!

Shoaib Malik c Miller b Morris 49 (53m 31b 5x4 1x6) SR: 158.06
Morris to Shadab, 1 bye

full, and this time, it beats the inside edge, and just shaves the outside of off stump. The batsmen cross over for a bye

Noel: "Pakistan need Carlos Brathwaite for the the last over to win this."

Morris to Malik, 1 run

full, and fast, and he looks to whip it towards midwicket, and can only get a single

16 off this last over, which will be bowled by Chris Morris

Ali: "Question.... Did any fielder ever get a man of the match? " --- There may have been more, but I remember this from another South African

end of over 1913 runs
PAK: 177/8CRR: 9.31 RRR: 16.00
Shoaib Malik48 (29)
Shadab Khan0 (0)
Junior Dala 4-0-44-0
Beuran Hendricks 4-0-40-2
Dala to Malik, 1 leg bye

fuller ball, and he cannot get it away as he looks to swing it away towards midwicket. He will retain strike with a leg-bye, though

Dala to Malik, FOUR runs

length, outside off, and he cuts it towards point, and gets it wide enough of the fielder!

Dala to Malik, 2 runs

fuller, faster, at 140kph, and he plays it off the inside edge towards midwicket. Calls for two, and makes it

Dala to Malik, FOUR runs

goes for a swipe, and the outside edge carries it to third man. There's the boundary they needed!

Muneeb: "It's five-for for Miller."

Dala to Malik, no run

slower ball, outside off, and Malik thought this might eventually go for a wide. He had backed away, though, and eventually couldn't get to it

They need a few boundaries soon to bring the target within range

Dala to Malik, 2 runs

short, and slow, and Malik makes room and cuts it away towards backward point

Sana: "Miller must be the most hated person in Pakistan right now! Why u no drop a catch Miller "

Yasir.bawa: "Seriously how many David Millers are playing today??

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