14th Match (D/N), Sharjah, Feb 13 2016, Pakistan Super League
(18.5/20 ov)127/5
Gladiators won by 5 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

7.00pm That's it from us. Hope you've enjoyed our coverage, and do stay tuned for the second match of the day - Lahore Qalandars v Peshawar Zalmi. Until then, goodbye!

Grant Elliott is the man of the match. "We're bowling very well as a unit, and with that pressure, someone's going to get a couple of wickets, and I was fortunate," he says. "There wasn't a lot of bounce, and maybe a little variation in pace. 150 would have been a good total. I guess changes of pace creates that variation. The batter wants to get at you at his peril."

Shoaib Malik: "Today's wicket wasn't a 180 wicket. It was around 150. We started off well, but could not capitalise on that start. Whoever is settled, should bat till the end. I was settled, I thought it was time to go for a big shot."

Sarfraz Ahmed: "I want to give credit to all the bowlers, I want to take all their names. I understood that the ball was keeping a bit low, so I played a little cautiously and knew we would win if I did that."

Saaib Uppal: "With 10 points, Quetta has clinched a spot in the 1st Qualifying Final! Their remaining two games are essentially dead rubbers now."

Salahuddin: "Karachi playing with 5 all rounders and only 3 specialist batsmen, I think we can see where the problem is"

6.47pm And that is that. Quetta are back on top of the PSL table. They've controlled this game from start to finish. Plenty of strange tactics from Karachi. First, they mixed their batting order up, promoting Tanvir ahead of Mushfiqur and Imad. Then they didn't bowl Mir Hamza at all, and only used Tanvir for two overs.

Tanvir to Anwar Ali, 1 run

length ball on off stump, and Anwar clears his front leg and punches it away to the right of sweeper cover

Tanvir to Sarfaraz, 1 run

shuffles across, exposes all his stumps. Tanvir follows him with a back-of-a-length ball and he tucks it quietly into the square leg region

Tanvir to Sarfaraz, 2 runs

back of a length on off stump, forced off the back foot to the left of sweeper cover

Tanvir to Anwar Ali, 1 run

back of a length on leg stump, cramps the batsman who's looking to create room for himself. Lets it come and dabs to short third man

Tanvir to Sarfaraz, 1 run

shortish outside off, slapped straight to backward point. No chance of a single but the fielder, Imad, threw at the batrsman's end and conceded an overthrow


end of over 184 runs
QG: 121/5CRR: 6.72 RRR: 3.00
Anwar Ali3 (5)
Sarfaraz Ahmed25 (30)
Ravi Bopara 3-0-14-0
Shakib Al Hasan 4-0-34-1
Bopara to Anwar Ali, no run

yorker on leg stump, jabbed back to the bowler

Bopara to Anwar Ali, 2 runs

back of a length slower ball outside off, waits on it and dabs it down to the left of third man

Bopara to Anwar Ali, no run

back of a length now, swiped to mid-on

Bopara to Anwar Ali, no run

length ball on off stump, angling in. Lets it come on, looking to steer it backward of point, but he's denied room and he defends instead, the ball bouncing away behind the stumps

Bopara to Sarfaraz, 1 run

slower ball wide of off, steers it away but can't beat the backward point fielder diving to his right

Bopara to Anwar Ali, 1 run

full on leg stump, clipped to long-on

Anwar Ali is the new batsman. A bit of a wobble, but Quetta only need 10 more, from the last three overs.

end of over 175 runs • 1 wicket
QG: 117/4CRR: 6.88 RRR: 3.33
Sarfaraz Ahmed24 (29)
Shakib Al Hasan 4-0-34-1
Sohail Khan 4-0-28-0
Shakib to Nawaz, OUT

length ball outside off, pushes to the right of cover and takes off for a single. Not a great idea, hit it towards the throwing arm of the fielder, and he hits the stumps direct at the non-striker's end to find Nawaz well short

Mohammad Nawaz run out (Vince) 6 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 85.71
Shakib to Nawaz, 2 runs

down the track, drives with the turn to the left of long-on, and that is excellent running., The fielder had some distance to cover, and Sarfraz took the first run in a hurry and then dived to complete the second

Shakib to Sarfaraz, 1 run

sweeps from a middle-and-leg now, gets an inside edge onto pad, rolls down to short fine leg again

Shakib to Sarfaraz, no run

tossed up, angling down leg, swept to short fine leg

Shakib to Nawaz, 1 run

length ball on middle and off, goes on the back foot to tuck it away to the right of square leg

Shakib to Sarfaraz, 1 run

down the track, Shakib fires it into his feet. Whips it away to deep midwicket