Only ODI, Edinburgh, Jun 27 2006, Pakistan tour of England and Scotland
(43.5/50 ov, target 204)205/5
Pakistan won by 5 wickets (with 37 balls remaining)
player of the match

An entertaining one-day debut for Scotland and one in which they did themselves credit. At 20 for 4 this morning we all feared that the match might not last beyond halfway, but Watson and McCallum led a fightback which gave their bowlers runs to defend. Indeed, Pakistan themselves wobbled and at 93 for 5 the capacity crowd sensed something remarkable was on the cards. But Pakistan’s experience told, and Razzaq and Yousuf consolidated and then cut loose, ending the game in a flurry of spectacular hits.

Click here to read Andrew McGlashan’s bulletin of the match.

I hope you have enjoyed the commentary and, once again, we apologise for the problems with scoring during the early parts of the Pakistan innings.

Join us tomorrow for the 4th ODI between England and Sri Lanka from Old Trafford. Can Sri Lanka win again? Will England be able to make an even passing impression of an international one-day side? The fun starts at 10.45am (0945GMT). Goodnight.

Nel to Abdul Razzaq, FOUR runs

A fitting end as Razzaq slams the ball for a once-bounce four to give Pakistan a five-wicket win

Nel to Abdul Razzaq, SIX runs

He did connect with that and the ball disappears into the crowd at long-off. And now, the end is near …

Nel to Abdul Razzaq, no run

Another heave which skews off the bat and travels all of ten yards.

Nel to Abdul Razzaq, no run

That was not one out of any known coaching book … a filthy heave is the politest way to describe that

Nel to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 run
end of over 4312 runs
PAK: 194/5CRR: 4.51 RRR: 1.42
Mohammad Yousuf82 (112)
Abdul Razzaq39 (44)
Ross Lyons 9-0-44-1
Ryan Watson 7-0-54-0
Lyons to Mohammad Yousuf, 1 run
Lyons to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run
Lyons to Mohammad Yousuf, 2 runs
Lyons to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR runs

Short again, another boundary. A game which seemed to be heading to a fairly sedate finish is now roaring towards a conclusion

Lyons to Mohammad Yousuf, no run
Lyons to Mohammad Yousuf, FOUR runs

Yousuf, not to be outdone, heaves four off a ball that was down the leg