2nd Test, Auckland, Jan 24 - 28 1985, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
(59.4 ov)169 & 183
New Zealand won by an innings and 99 runs
Pakistan 1st INNINGS
Mudassar Nazar lbw b Hadlee1234410035.29
Mohsin Khan c Coney b Cairns2680893032.50
Qasim Umar c MD Crowe b Cairns3373893045.20
Javed Miandad (c)c †Smith b Chatfield2668872038.23
Zaheer Abbas c JJ Crowe b Cairns629321020.68
Saleem Malik not out 4164857064.06
Wasim Raja c †Smith b Chatfield4541080.00
Abdul Qadir run out (Wright/†Smith)015000.00
Anil Dalpat c JJ Crowe b Hadlee727341025.92
Wasim Akram c MD Crowe b Hadlee089000.00
Azeem Hafeez c Boock b Hadlee616170037.50
Extras(lb 5, nb 3)8
TOTAL(66.5 Ov, RR: 2.52)169
Fall of wickets: 1-33 (Mudassar Nazar), 2-58 (Mohsin Khan), 3-93 (Qasim Umar), 4-105 (Zaheer Abbas), 5-111 (Javed Miandad), 6-115 (Wasim Raja), 7-123 (Abdul Qadir), 8-147 (Anil Dalpat), 9-151 (Wasim Akram), 10-169 (Azeem Hafeez)
Richard Hadlee19.536043.02---00
Lance Cairns29107332.51---00
Ewen Chatfield1452421.71---00
Jeremy Coney41701.75---00
New Zealand 1st INNINGS
Geoff Howarth (c)c Javed Miandad b Mudassar Nazar1357911022.80
John Wright c Saleem Malik b Wasim Akram662291768028.82
John Reid not out 15831848617049.68
Martin Crowe c sub (Shoaib Mohammad) b Abdul Qadir8412214312068.85
Stephen Boock c Wasim Raja b Azeem Hafeez1052701019.23
Jeff Crowe run out 30961262031.25
Jeremy Coney c †Anil Dalpat b Mudassar Nazar2547672053.19
Richard Hadlee c Mohsin Khan b Azeem Hafeez1318161172.22
Ian Smith c Javed Miandad b Wasim Akram722360031.81
Lance Cairns  b Azeem Hafeez2333352069.69
Ewen Chatfield not out 18110012.50
Extras(b 6, lb 9, nb 6)21
TOTAL(147 Ov, RR: 3.06)451/9d
Fall of wickets: 1-60 (Geoff Howarth), 2-108 (John Wright), 3-245 (Martin Crowe), 4-278 (Stephen Boock), 4-322, 5-359 (Jeff Crowe), 6-366 (Jeremy Coney), 7-387 (Richard Hadlee), 8-411 (Ian Smith), 9-447 (Lance Cairns)
Azeem Hafeez471015733.34---00
Wasim Akram34.4410523.02---00
Mudassar Nazar3458522.50---00
Abdul Qadir2255212.36---00
Wasim Raja10303.00---00
Saleem Malik8.233404.08---00
Pakistan 2nd INNINGS
Mudassar Nazar  b Cairns891872318047.59
Mohsin Khan c Coney b Hadlee1380033.33
Qasim Umar c Cairns b Chatfield2235353062.85
Saleem Malik c Cairns b Chatfield026000.00
Javed Miandad (c)c †Smith b Chatfield18130012.50
Zaheer Abbas c sub (BP Bracewell) b Hadlee1225271048.00
Wasim Raja c Wright b Boock1136491030.55
Abdul Qadir lbw b Cairns1019172052.63
Anil Dalpat lbw b Cairns620241030.00
Azeem Hafeez lbw b Cairns1720243085.00
Wasim Akram not out 01019000.00
Extras(lb 11, nb 3)14
TOTAL(59.4 Ov, RR: 3.06)183
Fall of wickets: 1-13 (Mohsin Khan), 2-54 (Qasim Umar), 3-54 (Saleem Malik), 4-57 (Javed Miandad), 5-79 (Zaheer Abbas), 6-122 (Wasim Raja), 7-140 (Abdul Qadir), 8-152 (Anil Dalpat), 9-178 (Azeem Hafeez), 10-183 (Mudassar Nazar)
Richard Hadlee1716623.88---00
Lance Cairns19.484942.49---00
Ewen Chatfield1954732.47---00
Stephen Boock421012.50---00
Eden Park, Auckland
TossNew Zealand, elected to field first
SeriesPakistan tour of New Zealand
Series resultNew Zealand led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1010
Match daysday(5-day match)
Test debut
Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram
New Zealand Image
Fred Goodall
New Zealand Image
Steve Woodward
Fri, 25 Jan - day 1 -Pakistan 1st innings 147/8 (Saleem Malik 28*, Wasim Akram 0*, null ov)
Sat, 26 Jan - day 2 -New Zealand 1st innings 248/3 (John Reid 73*, Stephen Boock 1*, null ov)
Sun, 27 Jan - day 3 -New Zealand 1st innings 451/9 (John Reid 158*, Ewen Chatfield 1*, null ov)
Mon, 28 Jan - day 4 -Pakistan 2nd innings 183/10 (59.4 ov) - end of match
Day 3
  • JF Reid retired hurt on 123* from 322/4 to 359/5 (gashed chin by a bouncer from Azeem Hafeez)
Day 5
  • Mudassar completes 3000 runs in 51 Tests.