3rd ODI, Auckland, Jan 30 2016, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
(42.4/43 ov, target 263)265/7
New Zealand won by 3 wickets (with 2 balls remaining) (D/L method)
player of the match
Martin Guptill
New Zealand

7.40 pm What an entertaining game we've just watched at Eden Park. Excellent partnerships from both teams, followed by big collapses, rain, a tense D-L equation, a massive umpiring mistake and a last-over finish. Would this game have finished differently had umpire Bowden heard the edge off Anderson's bat soon after the resumption? Perhaps. Pakistan had no reviews left to ask for a referral.

Ahsan Butt: "It won't be fair to decry about that decision. Pakistan has lacked the spark in their batting. Openers have failed, no late-innings hitting. Such an ordinary show from Pakistan at this crucial time of the season. Well deserved series win for the Blackcaps."

Jay: "As a Kiwi, we didn't deserve to win this game. Anderson should have been out, and pakistan should have won. Hollow victory. "

michael: "That was terrible batting at the end from NZ. Ronchi, Anderson and Santner all tried to be heroes rather than pick up singles to win the game."

Dave: "He was expensive bowling today, but Santer must be one of the finds of the summer in cricket"

Martin Guptill is Man of the Match for his runs and four catches. "A tough wicket to get your timing on," he says. "Pretty happy with the record, more happy with the win. Surface was a bit slow, hopefully the groundsman can bring it back up for Wednesday (against Australia)."

Azhar Ali: "We played good cricket, batted really well but could not finish the way we wanted, but we had enough on the board to defend. We were short by the way we were going we should have got 30-40 runs, we lost crucial wickets at times but 290 is a tricky score on this track. We tried hard but credit to New Zealand."

Brendon McCullum: "It was a really good game, we were under pressure when we had the ball in hand, Pakistan looked set for 340-350, I thought the way we closed off our bowling certainly helped our batting ... another wonderful stand from Kane and Gup and then it came down to a couple of important moments, we had a bit of luck at the end ... 290 is still a lot of runs and you have to bat well to chase down ... the rain probably helped us at the end, when it shortens the game it favours the batting team ... not too bad, got through it (when asked about his time in the field.)" He signs off by congratulation Pakistan for a hard fought series.

Cam: "Little harsh from Jay. You win some and lose some.Remember Adelaide ? Certainly not a hollow victory. NZ keeps finding ways to win. Well done."

Tim: "Harsh to call that a massive umpiring mistake, it was important, but not a really bad call. very understandable, and if Pakistan hadnt wasted thier review earlier... unfortunate, important call, but not "massive mistake""

Arslan Satti: "A decision like Anderson just ruins a prefect match and win. Sure NZ deserved to win as they played better cricket today BUT sadly that one decision ruined whole match for fans of either side"

Right, that brings our ball-by-ball coverage of this series to an end. But Australia are up next and New Zealand's summer of cricket moves on to its next and final course. That should be a cracking series. Thank you for all your emails today, thank you for returning to us after that technical glitch in the first innings, and thank you for reading. Cheers.

Wahab Riaz to Santner, FOUR runs

there it is! Santner clears his front foot and drives the full and straight ball between midwicket and mid-on to win the series 2-0 for New Zealand

Wahab Riaz to Santner, no run

he's beaten again! After that cool drive, Santner has played two rash slogs across the line, he tries to pull again but misses the good length ball that speeds over the stumps

Dave: "Milne instead of Henry?! Even after his heroics the other day? Harsh from Hess

Wahab Riaz to Santner, no run

short of a length and straight, Santner stays in his crease and pulls but gets beaten

Wahab Riaz to Santner, FOUR runs

what a cracking drive from Santner, this young man is so talented! He backs away towards leg to a good length ball right on the stumps and drives with power through cover, terrific timing and placement

Six to get off the final over. How are Pakistan still in this?! Wahab to bowl the final over.

end of over 424 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 257/7CRR: 6.11 RRR: 6.00 • Need 6 runs from 6b
Adam Milne0 (1)
Mitchell Santner2 (3)
Mohammad Irfan8-0-60-1
Wahab Riaz8-0-43-1
Irfan to Milne, no run

what a finish from Irfan! Sends down a speedy delivery across the right-hander and beats Milne's steer to third man

Irfan to Santner, 1 run

short of a length outside off, Santner slugs it towards long on with a flat bat

Irfan to Santner, no run

tries to drive outside off but misses

Irfan to Anderson, OUT

caught by Babar Azam running in from deep midwicket! Anderson was looking to level the scores with a mow over midwicket, but he had to drag the short ball from outside off stump, the bat turned in his hand and he sliced it high in the air

Corey Anderson c Babar Azam b Mohammad Irfan 35 (49m 29b 1x4 3x6) SR: 120.68
Irfan to Santner, 1 run

a full ball on the pads, neatly clipped through leg side for a single

Irfan to Anderson, 1 run

pushed from the crease towards cover point where the fielder fumbles to allow the single

Irfan to Anderson, 1 wide

another appeal for caught behind but this time it is only to try and distract the umpire from calling a wide down leg side, Anderson missed the leg glance but New Zealand get an extra

Ten runs needed off two overs with Anderson on strike.

Bharat: "@wasimqadir. This is why Dhoni and India are against DRS. Unless technology is foolproof and umpires are after all humans and can tend to goof up once in a while. This is where the third umpire has to step in and correct the mistake. That decision has changed the course of this match." I would not go that far, Pakistan's batting failure in the last half of their innings and excellent batting from Guptill and Williamson decided the game.

Santner is at the non-striker's end.

end of over 413 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 253/6CRR: 6.17 RRR: 5.00 • Need 10 runs from 12b
Corey Anderson34 (27)
Wahab Riaz8-0-43-1
Mohammad Amir9-0-39-2
Wahab Riaz to Ronchi, OUT

bowled him! Wahab was full and straight, Ronchi cleared his front foot and swung hard across the line. A dirty slog. He missed and the ball crashed into the stumps at 146 kph. Too late for Pakistan?

Luke Ronchi b Wahab Riaz 20 (26m 21b 1x4 1x6) SR: 95.23
Wahab Riaz to Anderson, 1 run

the slower ball slightly down leg side, Anderson pulls too early and gets a bottom edge past the keeper behind square

Jimbo: "Have to feel for Billy Bowden. Not always easy to hear the knick. He will take a lot of the criticism from Pak for the missed call, but it should not have come down to that. Pak lost their focus, aim, and length since that point." On TV you could hear the nick quite easily, but mistakes happen.

Wahab Riaz to Ronchi, 1 run

short of a length ball and Ronchi jumps back and pulls to deep midwicket

Wahab Riaz to Ronchi, no run

aims for the big drive through cover but gets beaten by the full ball angling away

WasimQadir: "What is the point of using the technology in the game when you put harsh restrictions on the game that effect games like this? Allowing only 1 review in ODI's is very harsh.. ICC needs to rethink on some other lines like a failed review might result in giving couple of runs to opposition instead of no review remaining.. "

Wahab Riaz to Ronchi, no run

good length and straight, Ronchi can afford the luxury of defending on the leg side

Wahab Riaz to Ronchi, 1 wide

the fast bouncer is slightly down leg side and that's a wide

Wahab Riaz to Ronchi, no run

backs away towards leg but is cramped for room by Wahab's short of a length on leg stump, Ronchi tries to cut but is rushed for time and bottom edges past his stumps to the keeper

Matt: "Can't believe Anderson shook his head. More like a Haddin thing to do"

pk: "What is it with Auckland? Ind vs NZ - the tied game, then NZ vs Aus and Pak vs Saf last year and now this. It really does have a thing for thrillers doesn't it?"