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Only ODI, Edinburgh, July 01, 2007, Pakistan tour of Scotland

Match abandoned without a ball bowled

Welcome to the live coverage of the one-off ODI between Scotland and Pakistan. Dampness all round; in the air, on the field and the pitch im afraid

Making my debut on the keyboard, I, Faras Ghani, will take you through the events of the day while hoping there is some action on the field.

The light's improved considerably from when I got here this morning. Covers are off. The only problem now is the bowlers' run up.

Match State: Match start Delayed due to wet outfield

News just in that there is an inspection at 12noon. So im afraid no play till then.

Asif, meanwhile,has found a football from somewhere and shares his skills (or lack of) with the man who took over his vice-captaincy; Salman Butt.

There's a strong Pakistan fanbase lining up here at the Grange Cricket Club. Flags, blowhorns and lots of noise. Unfortunately, no cricket so far. Some of the lads have taken over the nets and I see some hardcore slogging with tennis balls.

Strolling around the park is Talat Ali, Pakistan's manager, while giving advice to whichever player he can get his hands on. "English summers are not that bad," says he. Not that bad?? One reality check required please.

Shoaib Akhtar, however, is raring to go. "I've missed so many games for Pakistan but I've been training hard and keeping fit. Can't wait to go and bowl." Weather permitting, obviously.

11:00am: The crowd is building up (this is no Eden Gardens mind you) as Asif gathers Nazir, Sami, Rao and a radomer for some football. Just a reminder that an inspection is scheduled at 12noon local time so no play till then.

11:30pm local time, 10:30 GMT - Football gathes pace as David Shephard ponders in the press box: "Why do professional international cricketers risk injury by playing football like this?" Wet outfield:recipe for injury. Well said.

If Asif wasn't a cricketer, he surely would've made a decent footballer as he scores yet again! Talat Ali still has hands in his pockets as the Scottish team chats in groups. All bored.

11:48am local time, 10:48 GMT - The most unbelievable event of the morning so far: the Sun came out! Oops, into hiding again and we see Akhtar and Akmal sharing some secrets. Scottish team, perhaps unamused by Pakistani football, has disappeared.

Only 10 minutes to go before the importan people head out to the middle for the inspection. Judging by what i see through my clean glasses, we should see some action pretty soon. Cricket action, that it.

I apologise for the frequent spelling mistakes. Its cold and its a temporary press box hence no heating. Great view though and great company.

11:55am local time, 10:55 GMT - Oh no! Rain! Covers back on as the Pakistan football team takes a break. Rain's only light though so should not be a problem. Fingers crossed. Even my cold ones.

12noon local time, 11:00am GMT - Players are off as rain gets stronger. Doesn't look good at all I'm afraid. The umpires won't bother inspecting the outfield as it pours down.

Umbrellas are the play of the day in the crowd as well as "Let's be hopeful" becomes the press box's slogan.

12:10pm local time, 11:10am GMT - Awful. Simply awful. Buckets and buckets of water coming down as a few spectators head for the exits.

The pitch is covered, the square is covered, as lunch arrives in the press box!

Official word is that lunch will be taken at 1pm local time. Heavy rain over Edinburgh as i dive into my samosas. Great hospitality, this. Unfortunately, by the looks of things, start of play seems far, far away.

12:31pm local time, 11:31am GMT - More of the same: rain. Seagulls now occupy majority of the outfield as Yasir Hameed wanders about the boundary rope. Crowd has all but left but we're staying put. Hang in there my friends.

12:40pm local time, 11:40am GMT - Heavy rain persists but I do see patches of blue up in the sky. "Good 20 minutes of rain to go," chirps a local.

The sun's out again!! Rain's stopped. People come out of temporary shelter. Only a few hours' drying time needed now. But we can still have a game. Its sunny! Sorry for the excitement. Its just that I'm...well..excited!

1pm local time, 12noon GMT - No rain but no sun either. The umpires are taking a stroll around the outfield. Shoaib Akhtar takes the opportunity to sign a few autographs for the patient fans.

Just to answer a few questions, there are no TV cameras at the ground so it's not being shown live. Therefore, Cricinfo is the place to be!

Loud thunder greets Talat Ali and Shoaib Malik as they go for a walk. What must they be chatting about? Dinner plans perhaps?

1:20pm local time, 12:20pm GMT - Rain has stopped. Umbrellas being poked into the ground for 'inspection' purpose. Meanwhile, Windies keeping a check on England while India and South Africa curse the rain.

Also, its a Ferrari one-two after 12 laps in the French GP.

Covers are slowly being taken off as Nasim Ashraf, chairman PCB, makes a surprise appearance and chats to the players.

Taimur from Pakistan thanks for me the F1 update. Err, you're here to follow cricket mate. But I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, pray for some action!

1:35pm local time, 12:35pm GMT - Pakistan players have taken a liking to walking on the outfield. Its Akmal and Butt this time round.

1:37pm local time, 12:37pm GMT - I'm afraid I have bad news. The match has been abandoned without a ball being bowled. Pity.

So there you have it. An end to speculations that we might actually have a Twenty20. Not to be as I bid adieu. Been a pleasure bring the, ummm, action to you. Pakistan now take on India in Glasgow on Tuesday. Tune in then. Goodbye