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1st Test, Galle, July 04 - 07, 2009, Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka
292 & 217
(T:168) 342 & 117

Sri Lanka won by 50 runs

Player Of The Match
20*, 1/52 & 4/15
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PAK 2nd Innings
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Herath was the star for Sri Lanka today with four wickets, and he started Pakistan's downfall with the wicket of Yousuf. Sangakkara is a happy man, winning his first Test as captain and leading his side to 1-0 lead. Galle has yet again lived up to its reputation. The highest score to win a Test here is just 6 runs, and had Pakistan won this game, they would have achieved only the third-highest score in the fourth innings at this venue. What an opportunity squandered! They've lost by fifty runs after they were in a situation to win this comfortably. There will undoubtedly be a lot of introspection about this devastating loss. There were not too many demons in the track, it didn't behave all too different from the way it did yesterday but some poor shot selection coupled with a professional display from Sri Lanka's bowlers shut them out.

Given the manner of their defeat, coming back into this series will be a massive task. Sri Lanka now stand an excellent chance of reversing their poor home record against Pakistan. They have never won a series against them at home, and now's probably their best shot at one.

It's a difficult choice for the Man of the Match with many good performances, but Herath might just squeeze it with the effort today. We'll see. By the way, this is only the fourth Test Sri Lanka have won without Murali since his debut.

Hold fire, we'll get you the details from the presentation shortly.

Oshada: "An interesting coincidence I noticed is that Pakistan had a lead of 50 runs after the 1st innings, but lost by the same margin at the end! It was reckless batting, but all credit to Sri Lanka's bowlers!"

Younis: "We never thought we'd lose this game. We lacked partnerships, and all credit goes to Sri Lanka for putting pressure on us. Batting first or second doesn't matter, but it was important to get our basics right. We were chasing just 97, and got no partnerships going. "

Sangakkara: "The consensus was to bowl in the right areas and the channels. The wicket was great with a bit for everyone, and i'd like to commend my team for an excellent performance. Herath was bowling particularly well to Yousuf, and Thushara got it to swing. All credit to them for putting the ball in the right areas. It's nice when things work out - getting Herath to fly in from England for this Test - but we need to still work on our batting."

Herath is the Man of the Match: "I'm so happy I came from England and helped my team win. I got a good day's rest on the first day. I've played with Sangakkara for 3-4 years, and he asked me to do today what I had done earlier while playing with him. The wicket of Yousuf was important, I had dismissed him a couple of times before and I was confident I could do it today as well."

I'll round off with this comment from Ahmad: "Though I am sad that Pakistan made a mess out of their last innings as a Pakistani fan. But as a cricket fan I feel this game is victory for good old Test cricket." Yup, you've gotta love this form of the game.

That's all we have from here, folks. Thanks for tuning in and mailing us your feedback. Do join us again in five days time for the second Test in Colombo. Until then, on behalf of everyone at Cricinfo, this is Sid Talya signing off. Goodbye, Alvidaa, Khuda-haafiz!

Herath to Abdur Rauf, OUT

All over! Flighted on middle, Rauf's yes lit up, tried to drill it down the ground, it spun away to take the outside edge and Jayawardene took a sharp catch at slip to end the Test

Abdur Rauf c Jayawardene b Herath 13 (54b 0x4 0x6 83m) SR: 24.07
Herath to Abdur Rauf, no run

pads it away, pitched outside leg so no danger in doing that

Herath to Abdur Rauf, no run

flighted on the off stump, covers the spin well with a big stride forward

end of over 442 runs
PAK: 117/9CRR: 2.65 
Saeed Ajmal1 (8b)
Abdur Rauf13 (51b)
Ajantha Mendis 10-0-27-2
Rangana Herath 11-5-15-3
Mendis to Ajmal, no run

flighted on the off, defends it down to short leg

Mendis to Abdur Rauf, 1 run

the offspinner, gets to the pitch and drives it down the ground to long-off

Mendis to Abdur Rauf, no run

spun in, defends it back onto the pitch with bat close to pad

Mendis to Abdur Rauf, no run

short of a length on the off, punched off the back foot to the bowler

Mendis to Ajmal, 1 bye

slipped it down the leg side this time, Dilshan fumbles to concede a bye

Mendis to Ajmal, no run

zipped away, got front and across and tried to push it past the bowler, missed

end of over 43Maiden
PAK: 115/9CRR: 2.67 
Abdur Rauf12 (48b)
Saeed Ajmal1 (5b)
Rangana Herath 11-5-15-3
Ajantha Mendis 9-0-26-2
Herath to Abdur Rauf, no run

drifting into middle and leg, defended into the leg side

Herath to Abdur Rauf, no run

same result, he's not going to chase it if it's a little too wide

Herath to Abdur Rauf, no run

much closer to the off stump, spinning away, left alone

Herath to Abdur Rauf, no run

much flatter, spinning away from outside off and he leaves it alone

Herath to Abdur Rauf, no run

signs of aggression, charges down the ground and drills it to mid-on

Herath to Abdur Rauf, no run

beats the outside edge, tossing it up and Rauf fails to read the spin

end of over 425 runs
PAK: 115/9CRR: 2.73 
Abdur Rauf12 (42b)
Saeed Ajmal1 (5b)
Ajantha Mendis 9-0-26-2
Rangana Herath 10-4-15-3
Mendis to Abdur Rauf, 1 run

spun the other way, takes the outside edge to roll wide of third man for a single

Mendis to Abdur Rauf, no run

the straighter one but he was well forward, it could have been sliding down and the height was a question too

Mendis to Abdur Rauf, no run

the offspinner, gets to the pitch and drops it wide of short leg

Mendis to Abdur Rauf, 2 runs

Rauf is lucky, short on middle, tries to whip it away, gets the leading edge well wide of short cover for a couple of runs

Mendis to Ajmal, 1 run

tossed up on the off, works it away towards midwicket for a single

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