2nd Test, Colombo, Aug 14 - 18 2014, Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka
320 & 282
(52.1 ov, target 271)332 & 165
Sri Lanka won by 105 runs
player of the match

12.05pm The Sri Lankans pose for photographs, with a trophy that looks vaguely like the World Cup. That's it from all of us. We already have a report up for all of you to read, and we'll soon have plenty of other stuff from our two correspondents at the ground, Andrew Fernando and Umar Farooq. It's been great to bring you this Test match, and a privilege since it was Mahela's final Test. Reading your comments, I can see how much he meant to his fans. In any case, I'm off now, and I'll leave you all with one final comment:

Ramesh: "In a span of 2 years, we've seen Ponting, Kallis, Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, and now Mahela retire. Test cricket is getting poorer, but some of us are richer to have witnessed some amazing innings by these once-in-a-lifetime players! "

12.00pm Angelo Mathews: "It's an emotional day. Mahela has been a pillar of strength, an older brother for me. He's the smartest guy in the team, the go-to man always, and the effort that he makes with his knowledge and ability is wonderful. Thank you to his parents for bringing him up the way they have. It's not going to be easy to fill his shoes. One of the best players who has ever played the game. But we have a few young players who are ready to take up the challenge."

On Sanga: "I'm trying to keep him as long as possible. We can't lose both of them in a short span of time. Hope he plays for at least one more year with us."

11.50am Mahela has the mike, folks!

"Don't know what to say but I promise I won't cry." He thanks his teammates, the Pakistan team, his coaches, "the past cricketers, everyone who's made me the person I am." He thanks his school (big cheer), the SSC, the SLC, "his excellency the President for gracing this occasion." Thanks the fans for coming in numbers. "I love you all, thank you so much for the support all these years. I still have a little bit left and I promise I'll give it my all for the World Cup."

Thanks his parents, his family and his friends, and his wife, who's standing by his side. "To the little one. It's been a tough journey but I think she's enjoyed it."

"Thank you to the boys. Sanga, I think you still have a little bit left. It's been great to play for Sri Lanka. I've always worn this cap with pride and passion."

And now the President has a memento for him. It's a little gold bat on top of a plinth.

And now the fireworks begin, and it's raining paper and cracker dust! Percy has a hug for Mahela, as do his parents, who've come on to the ground. And now his teammates, one by one.

He kept that speech short and sweet, but you could hear his voice cracking up a bit towards the end.

11.40am Alright, presentation time!

The president of Nalanda College Old Boys' Association presents Mahela with a memento, as does the president of the Sinhalese Sports Club. Both institutions played a huge part in the making of Mahela. And mementoes from the Sri Lankan team and the Pakistan team as well. That's a nice gesture, and Moin Khan does the handing over.

And here's Misbah: "I think we played good cricket in patches but credit should be given to Sri Lanka. Rangana Herath was terrific and I haven't seen many spells like that in Test cricket. Last evening he was getting a bit more bite. Even when we were bowling we were getting a bit more spin and bounce. Today it wasn't like that. We have to look forward, focus on the one-day series, put in some good performances."

Misbah on Mahela: Not only Sri Lankans, all fans all over the world are going to miss him. I really wish him best of luck in his coming life. He will be around in one-day cricket, but in this format everybody is going to miss him. He is really a legend.

Rangana Herath is man of the match, and man of the series as well. "One of the best games I have played." And when Russell Arnold reminds him of all the records he's broken in the match and the series: "I'm trying to get some more better, try and get some more wickets."

And now, on Mahela: "This is an emotional moment because of Mahela. Thankful to him for what he has done for our team and the country."

Andrew Fernando's favourite Mahela shot: "the late cut out off the keeper's gloves."

Robert Sandra: "Although I'm a devout Mormon, Mahela was my 'drug of choice'. I will never forget the way he used his blade like a paintbrush - he was truly cricket's Picasso. "

ajit: "Fav shot of Mahela was an audacious six off brett lee. It showed what an incredible talent he was and how he adapted and incorporated power in a game that was/is reputed to be about touch. Look for a few more shots like this in Aus again before he is completely through."

Sooraj: "a great innings has to be the 180 he scored out of a total of 318, 2 years back, against a then no.1 english team..."

Lakitha: "Aravinda made me watch cricket... Jaya made me love cricket... Mahela made me die for cricket!"

NC Respect : "Century in the semi final vs New Zealand 2007, Final vs India in 2011 are good innings from MJ. But for me the best Inning on MJ was his first ODI century. Murali was called No ball for his action by Ross Emerson, Arjuna and the team were about to left the ground, They were chasing 300+ runs and this man delivers a stunning century. Remember chasing a 300+ score was never this easy back then "

D: "Are my eyes deceiving me, or did Dhammika Prasad and Wahab Riaz just converse with one another without a cricket ball screaming at them?" It definitely happened. And even in the middle of that bouncer barrage from Prasad, Wahab blew him a kiss :)

Damith: "Mahela is clearly the Batman of the common world! He does get beaten by his opponents every now and then but on his day he really displays a mouth-watering show with all his tricks! No joker can stop him then!"

Usman: "Few months back I was watching Sachin Tendulkar farewell and I was really sad but did not cry but today my eyes are full of tears seeing Mahela leaving."

Sandeep: "I'm a grown man crying in office :(. SL won the wc when I was a 11 year old and that is the time cricket became part of life for me. Mahela made his debut the following year and it is with him that I (along with thousands) grew up. Good bye to the boy who became a man who became a hero who became the captain of a country."

Rajiv Perera: "Best inning I have seen from Mahela is the century he got for Nalanda College, Colombo in the inter-school coca-cola final at the SSC against St. Sebastian College, Moratuwa. He came to the crease wih 15-2 and played a breathtaking attacking brand of cricket where the final total was 280+ / 4 and that was when I was still in grade 6 or 7 at Nalanda. What an Innings..."

Ali: "Definitely his 374, he broke the record with his best bud Kumar Sangakkara."

Sujan: "My innings would be the one against England where MJ scored 120 odd to win the match chasing 300+. That was an important match to win since Arjuna walked off with team for calling No-ball when Murali was bowling!!!"

Anuradha: "for me, both the centuries he scored at Lord's reflects his true batesmanship...thank you Mahela"

Shravan: "The World Cup final. If ever there was an innings that deserved to win a Cup, it was that, but alas..But the innings was sheer magic!"

Sachit Talagala: "@Karthik - I remeber the game you mention... It was in Sharjah and while Atapattu played a very measured innings, Mahela was very carefree he almost got out a couple of times. If i remember right Murali took 7 wickets in that match." Oh yes. I've found the scorecard

A couple of comments from all you Mahela fans out there. Sorry I don't have the time to publish all of them:

Anoukh: "Thank you for the memories, Mahela. Cricket will never be the same again for those of us privileged enough to watch you play."

Rajiv Mel: "I wouldnt be lying if I said that my eyes are a bit wet. Mahela formed a huge cornerstone of SL Test Cricket throughout the last two decades during which we were growing up. It is a really emotional moment for an SL Fan."

Chathuranga: "What a farewell for legend Mahela Jayawardena.....!!! I wish if I could be at SSC right now. Badly miss it."

11.25am All of you, do send in your favourite Mahela innings, shot, or any memory you can think of. My first proper memory of a Mahela innings is when he scored a century against India in one of those endless ODI series in the late 90s, might have been in Sharjah. He had a big partnership with Marvan Atapattu, and I cursed Mahela each time he played one of those cover drives or pulls. Scored lots of boundaries with the pull, and made India's bowling look very ordinary that day.

Sohaib: "You're right Karthik, it's pink, how do you know?" I get it right approximately 37.92 per cent of the time.

Don: "Karthik dude go easy on the 'And now' :) " Ha ha! You're right! *Quickly deletes all repeat instances*

Shamalka: "MJs are quite popular and celebrated right throughout the history of the universe. Michael Jackson, Michael Johnson, Michael Jordan, Mitchell Johnson and now Mahela Jayawardene."

11.15am MJ's holding his baby girl, who's wearing a puzzled expression and a frilly pink hat. (I'm colour-blind and I might be wrong)

11.00am Mahela is chaired around the boundary on the shoulders of his teammates. Welegedara and Prasad are the ones doing the carrying. Now they've passed him on to Binura Fernando and Lahiru Gamage, who chair him around half the perimeter of the ground before he asks to be set down. Walks around the outfield now, leading the team, waving to the crowd.

A bunch of junior cricketers from Nalanda College, for whom he played all those years ago. They have their bats raised in a guard of honour, and he walks through that lovely tunnel of bats. And is that Percy behind him with the flag? Looks like him.

And now the cameras pan to his parents in the crowd. Mahinda Rajapakse, Sri Lanka's President, is in the stadium as well.

All the Pakistan cricketers give him a hug, one by one. Waqar Younis has a word in his ear and pats him on the back.

Mahela now goes up into one of the boxes, where Rajapakse embraces him. Sanath Jayasuriya's standing by his side as well. And now he walks up to where his parents are, and gives both of them a hug. Big smile on his face as he returns to the ground, and I suppose he'll have a speech to make at the presentation.

10.55am And Sri Lanka have finished the job in just under an hour. It was always going to be difficult for Pakistan, and though Sarfraz and Wahab looked pretty comfortable out there, the target was a little too far away, and once Sarfraz was out with so many runs still to get, there was only going to be one winner.

Herath to Wahab Riaz, OUT

whoa, ho! And that's the win for Sri Lanka. Looks to launch this over the leg side, and the top-edge goes flying way over the off side. Sanga ran to his right from point, Kaushal to his left from short cover, and they collided, but Sanga emerged with the ball in his hands

Wahab Riaz c Silva b Herath 17 (67m 46b 1x4 1x6) SR: 36.95
end of over 527 runs
PAK: 165/8CRR: 3.17 
Saeed Ajmal3 (9)
Wahab Riaz17 (45)
Chanaka Welegedara9-4-22-1
Rangana Herath22-2-57-4
Welegedara to Ajmal, no run

short ball, and it's pulled very well down to deep midwicket

Welegedara to Ajmal, no run

length ball, angled towards off. Tries to work it across the line without moving his feet, and it goes off his leading edge towards mid-off

So is Ajantha Mendis. He's got a baseball cap on

Welegedara to Wahab Riaz, 1 leg bye

full on the pads, and he clips it away backward of square

Lasith Malinga is in the stands, wearing a spiffy-looking beret

Welegedara to Wahab Riaz, no run

bouncer now, and he ducks safely underneath

Welegedara to Wahab Riaz, no run

short now, and he backs away and tries to pull. Too early into the shot and it pops up off the face of his bat and drops down into the off side

Welegedara to Wahab Riaz, SIX runs

gives himself room to this length ball outside off, and he tonks it over mid-off. He's on the back foot and still times it well enough to carry over the rope

Jiten Surtani: "I don't think Sri Lanka field settings should baffle you because this unexplainable field setting was there yesterday also... its just that the wickets fell quickly enough and hence no attention was paid to it.... if you see, all of the seven wickets yesterday involved only the bowler, keeper or slip."

end of over 512 runs
PAK: 158/8CRR: 3.09 
Saeed Ajmal3 (7)
Wahab Riaz11 (41)
Rangana Herath22-2-57-4
Chanaka Welegedara8-4-16-1
Herath to Ajmal, no run

tossed up again, towards leg stump, and he defends with a straight bat down the pitch

Herath to Ajmal, no run

loopy this time, draws him forward, and he gets a thickish outside edge behind point

Herath to Ajmal, no run

quicker, flatter, on the stumps, and he tucks it away towards square leg

Herath to Ajmal, no run

tossed up on middle, and he gets forward to block

Herath to Ajmal, no run

full on off, angling in, and he defends back to the bowler

Herath to Ajmal, 2 runs

sweeps from just outside leg, uppish, but short fine isn't fine enough to catch that. Chases down to the boundary to cut that off