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Pakistan vs England, 1st T20I at Dubai, , Feb 19 2010 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st T20I (N), Dubai (DICS), February 19, 2010, Pakistan tour of United Arab Emirates
(18.3/20 ov, T:130) 130/3

England won by 7 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
67* (51)
Full commentary

That's it from me, Sahil Dutta, and from Andrew McGlashan, hope you enjoyed all the action and will join us tomorrow for the return of Shahid Afridi in the second match starting at 18.00 (14.00 GMT).

For a rather more enlightening account of today's action do check out Andrew Miller's bulletin and to keep in touch of all the weekend's sport, and reaction from Tiger Woods' statement, check out the new site.

Paul Collingwood confirms that 'everyone played very well' and pays tribute to Pietersen's composed innings.

Shoaib Malik says his team were 20-25 runs short and praises England's new ball bowlers for restricting his side. He thinks the pitch lacked a bit of pace but and says he is looking forward to the return of Afridi.

Paul Allott, of all people, is presenting the man-of-the-match award and it goes to... Eoin Morgan, who wins $1000 for his efforts.

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Well, England have beaten the World Champions at a canter. After losing three wickets early Pietersen and Morgan first steadied the ship before expanding their strokeplay and Morgan in particular was very fluent, making the run chase look very simple.

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Umar Gul to Morgan, SIX runs

Morgan finishes it in style! Short and Morgan, up on one leg, smashes a pull shot miles over fine leg for six. What an innings from Morgan! England win by seven wickets

Umar Gul to Morgan, FOUR runs

fuller this time and swung away for another four down to square leg, brings up the highest partnership for any wicket for England in T20 cricket

Umar Gul to Morgan, FOUR runs

oh dear, Pakistan don't want that, it's short and outside off stump, Morgan flashes a cut to the third man boundary to bring up the 100-run stand

Umar Gul to bowl an important over.

end of over 183 runs
ENG: 116/3CRR: 6.44 RRR: 7.00
Kevin Pietersen43 (43b 3x4)
Eoin Morgan53 (48b 5x4 1x6)
Saeed Ajmal 4-0-18-0
Shoaib Malik 3-0-28-0
Ajmal to Pietersen, no run

nicely bowled, tight on the stumps and Pietersen can't get it away

Ajmal to Morgan, 1 run

doosra here, Morgan doesn't read it from the hand but forces it away for one

Ajmal to Morgan, no run

attempts a flamboyant sweep but swings at fresh air

Ajmal to Morgan, no run

shorter and cut away but straight to the fielder at point

Ajmal to Pietersen, 1 run

nicely played but Pietersen, dropping into the leg side and scampering through for a single

Ajmal to Morgan, 1 run

full and Morgan is down on one knee, dabbing it behind him to fine leg for a single

end of over 174 runs
ENG: 113/3CRR: 6.64 RRR: 5.66
Eoin Morgan51 (44b 5x4 1x6)
Kevin Pietersen42 (41b 3x4)
Shoaib Malik 3-0-28-0
Umar Gul 3-0-22-0
Malik to Morgan, 1 run

less incident here, worked away for a single

Malik to Morgan, 2 runs

another needless reverse-sweep, didn't play it well at all but a misfield allows runs. Horrid mix up, Morgan dives and reaches his fifty with an ungainly sprawling finish

Malik to Morgan, no run

bit of a needless reverse-sweep for Morgan here, misses and it crashes into the pads

Malik to Pietersen, 1 run

this time he gets it away, driving nicely down the ground

Malik to Pietersen, no run

replay of the last ball, clipped firmly straight to the fielder at short, straight midwicket

Malik to Pietersen, no run

nicely bowled, full and clipped neatly to straight midwicket

end of over 1611 runs
ENG: 109/3CRR: 6.81 RRR: 5.25
Eoin Morgan48 (41b 5x4 1x6)
Kevin Pietersen41 (38b 3x4)
Umar Gul 3-0-22-0
Saeed Ajmal 3-0-15-0
Umar Gul to Morgan, 2 runs

fuller and clipped into the leg side where a misfield at midwicket allows an extra run

Umar Gul to Morgan, no run

real effort ball from Gul, don't think he took too kindly to being pumped back over his head, sharp and shorter and flashes past the outside edge of Morgan's back-foot forcing shot

Umar Gul to Morgan, FOUR runs

fuller this time from Gul, Morgan waits and drives effortlessly straight over Gul's head for four. Top shot

Umar Gul to Morgan, no run

slightly fuller this time and pushed calmly into the off side

Umar Gul to Morgan, FOUR runs

well, that is an excellent shot. Short-arm jabbing a ball which was only just short of a good length, and timing it perfectly for four well in front of midwicket