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3rd ODI, Gros Islet, July 19, 2013, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(50 ov, T:230) 229/9

Match tied

Player Of The Match
75 (112)
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end of over 5014 runs
WI: 229/9CRR: 4.58 
Jason Holder19 (9)
Kemar Roach6 (5)
Wahab Riaz 10-1-63-1
Junaid Khan 10-1-54-3

Presentation time:

Misbah: "The way Holder played he took the game away. In the last over we bowled too many full deliveries. I thought 229 was a fightable total, but in the end we missed a couple of tricks. There were a lot of dot balls (in our innings), I thought we were 30 runs short."

Bravo: "I'm also disappointed, this was a game we were supposed to win. It should never have reached that situation, leaving it to the lower order, given the number of batsmen we have. At this level, the number of dot balls in our innings was unacceptable. We need to come up with a plan to cut down on that, back to the drawing board. All in all I was happy with our bowling, we kept them to 229, we had to expect that knock from Akmal. Sunil and Jason had no choice but to go for their shots."

Misbah and Lendl Simmons will share the Man of the Match award.

Misbah: "The ball was gripping, not coming onto the bat."

Simmons: "Thought it was a good batting wicket. Didn't get many big scores in the last two games. We wanted to rotate the strike. Good performance from Sunil and Jason."

That's it from us here. I suppose many of you are still in shock. Those in Pakistan and this corner of the world may not sleep for a while! It's 3AM as I write. Thanks for your company. We'll see you again for the 4th ODI on Sunday. Cheers!

End of match: Jailbreak for West Indies! Pakistan are shell shocked to say the least because this was their game to lose before the last over commenced. With 15 to defend, you will always back yourself. If there's one person you shouldn't be standing next to right now, it's Whatmore. He was fuming after Wahab conceded that six. West Indies feel like they have won this. Pakistan are dejected. You have to feel for them.

Quite a few have commented on that short run during the Pakistan innings.

Uzair: "That one run short called incorrectly by the umpire is the difference here."

Cheema: "Now who is going to correct that mistake by the umpire who called it a short run when it wasn't when Akmal and Riaz were batting in the first inning."

Mazher Arshad has this eerie stat: "This is Pakistan's second tied match in the last two months. Margin to defend in last over was same in both -15!"

Rameez Raja says he would have given the last over to Hafeez instead of Wahab.

Wahab Riaz to Holder, 2 runs

and it's a tie would you believe it! Wahab aims to pitch it fuller on the stumps and doesn't quite succeed, Holder swings and he gets a thick edge that goes past the keeper and races to third man, the throw from Junaid was to the keeper Akmal who didn't collect it at all, not sure what went wrong with Akmal because it wasn't exactly the worst throw

Dav Whatmore was fuming, plenty of fielders gather around Wahab

Wahab Riaz to Holder, SIX runs

hang on! Holder knocks off 6 of those! Wahab bowling length, Holder makes room and carves that clean over extra cover, seriously that was not a fluke hit from a No.11, it was a genuine shot

9 to get off 2

Wahab Riaz to Holder, no run

some respite for Wahab as he shortens the length down the leg side and Holder swings and misses

Wahab Riaz to Holder, FOUR runs

oh well six off the over already! Wahab goes over the wicket and pitches it up, Holder makes room and drives crisply wide of cover, for some reason the boundaries are not as protected as they should be

WI FAN: "Would be a miracle if Holder or Roach pulled a Dhoni!"

Wahab Riaz to Roach, 1 run

that was quite a clean strike by Roach but Misbah was alert at cover to cut that off

Wahab Riaz to Holder, 1 run

close call for Pakistan first up as Holder gets on outside edge past the keeper, third man is more fine so he could cut that off

Wahab has 15 to defend

end of over 499 runs
WI: 215/9CRR: 4.38 RRR: 15.00
Kemar Roach5 (4)
Jason Holder6 (4)
Junaid Khan 10-1-54-3
Saeed Ajmal 10-1-36-3

Mohsin Zunzunia: "Wow! Never seem Pakistan field so great collectively!"

Junaid to Roach, no run

Junaid responds well with a yorker fired outside off, too quick for Roach to get his bat down and make something of it

Junaid to Roach, FOUR runs

Roach hasn't given up yet, this was pitched up on middle and leg and Roach makes room and forces it past midwicket

Errol Erskine: "Pollard has enough ducks this season to start his own duck farm"

Junaid to Roach, no run

full and on the stumps and he can only hammer it back to the bowler

Junaid to Holder, 1 run

fires that full outside off and he gets an outside edge to third man

Junaid to Holder, 2 runs

angles this one towards leg and he swivels and forces it behind, fine effort by Wahab at the fine leg boundary

Junaid to Holder, 2 runs

comes round the wicket and Holder carves that over point

end of over 4815 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 206/9CRR: 4.29 RRR: 12.00
Jason Holder1 (1)
Kemar Roach1 (1)
Saeed Ajmal 10-1-36-3
Junaid Khan 9-1-45-3

Narine only bats in one gear, it seems

Ajmal to Holder, 1 run

stays back and clips it down to short fine leg

Ajmal to Narine, OUT

and Ajmal hits back! What an over this has been, Ajmal bowls a flatter off break, Narine tries to swing it over midwicket, misses and the ball shaves the off stump

Sunil Narine b Saeed Ajmal 14 (4m 5b 2x4 1x6) SR: 280
Ajmal to Narine, FOUR runs

Narine showing how to tackle Ajmal, tossed up and Narine comes forward and launches it clean down the ground, just short of the long-off rope

Ajmal to Narine, no run

Ajmal bowls it slower and Narine swings early and misses

Ajmal to Narine, FOUR runs

early panic for Ajmal! Narine hammers a flatter delivery towards long-on and Riaz at the boundary didn't really see it, in fact nobody chased it

Ajmal to Narine, SIX runs

no problems for Narine! Ajmal tosses it up and Narine smacks it over long-off

end of over 4711 runs • 2 wickets
WI: 191/8CRR: 4.06 RRR: 13.00
Kemar Roach1 (1)
Junaid Khan 9-1-45-3
Saeed Ajmal 9-1-21-2
Junaid to Sammy, OUT

6 and out! Sammy tries to go big once again, Junaid pitches it on a good length, Sammy stays at the crease and tries to club it over long-on, didn't get the elevation, hammers it flat to Hafeez at long-on

Daren Sammy c Mohammad Hafeez b Junaid Khan 10 (8m 5b 0x4 1x6) SR: 200
Junaid to Sammy, SIX runs

well there's still hope as long as Sammy's there, this is a low full toss and Sammy stays at the crease and clubs it over deep midwicket

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