1st Test, Abu Dhabi, Nov 16 - 19 2018, Pakistan v New Zealand
153 & 249
(58.4 ov, target 176)227 & 171
New Zealand won by 4 runs
player of the match
Ajaz Patel
New Zealand

Phew! What nervy last few moments. But New Zealand have 1-0 lead now, with two Tests to go. For now, that's all from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. See you soon, everyone!

Kane Williamson: We knew the surface was not an easy one. There was considerable turn from day one and all the spinners bowled well. A great advertisement for Test cricket. In the end, it came down to the wire. We will sit down and review our performance and the things to improve upon. The attitude, certainly today and throughout the game, was brilliant. How those two bowlers [Ajaz and Wagner] bowled, for almost I think 20 overs, was brilliant. From our perspective, it's important to look at things we could have done better, but at the same, the fighting spirit we should, we would like to hold on to that.

Sarfraz Ahmed: We are really disappointing, we didn't get a good start, but then Azhar and Shafiq put in a good stand but then the collapse was really disappointing. You have to give credit to Ajaz as well. I think the shots batsmen played towards the end were really disappointing. We had an opportunity to win this Test but we will try not to repeat the mistakes we made here.

Ajaz Patel (Man-of-the-Match): My game plan is very simple, even though the scoreboard didn't look single. As a unit, we kept chipping away. A lot of credit goes to the environment we have, a very calm environment we have. In terms of the pressure on debut, I think I have put in a lot of handwork, leaving the rest to Allah. It's an absolute dream come true in the end. We know Pakistan have got very good players of spin, but we kept chipping in there, and in the end, all thanks to Allah.

2.42pm Time for presentation.

Pakistan were cruising at 130 for 3 at one stage, that's when Wagner removed Shafiq moments before the lunch break. Then there was a mix-up between Babar Azam and Azhar Ali, resulting in Babar's wicket, and that gave New Zealand a real opening. Ajaz Patel bowled that beautiful line and length, just around off, teasing batsmen with optimum flight. Still, the steely Azhar Ali was there. One can say he should have farmed the strike once Bilal got out. Did he leave it too late? Perhaps, but then he took them within five runs of victory, before Ajaz Patel dealt the final blow.

Ajaz Patel: A dream come true. The plan was to keep it simple and quite, bowl on middle and off, nice and straight. I am 30 now, I have put a lot of work in to put myself here.

2.30pm What a Test match we had. A well-deserved victory for New Zealand, by a narrow margin of four runs. Wagner bowled 13 on the trot, a debut to remember for Ajaz Patel, a five-wicket haul including that final wicket of Azhar Ali. Gary Stead's first Test as a coach, he is absolutely delighted

Patel to Azhar Ali, OUT

given lbw. Pakistan review. Bowled from around the wicket, was slower in the air, Azhar Ali pushes forward but it spins past him, hits him high on the thigh. Did it pitch outside leg, was it too high? All sorts of things to be checked. Pitched in line, spins back to hit in line and stumps? Whoa!!! Umpire's call on the stumps as replay shows it would have hit the off bail. In the end, it's Azhar Ali who loses his wicket. Absolute scenes here. Azhar Ali is distraught, hugs and handshakes in the New Zealand camp. Had it been given not out, it would have remained not out, what luck!

Azhar Ali lbw b Patel 65 (136b 5x4 0x6) SR: 47.79
Patel to Azhar Ali, no run

arm ball, outside off, goes back and late-cuts it towards deep backward point

Patel to Azhar Ali, no run

short of length, goes back and punches it towards sweeper cover

Patel to Azhar Ali, no run

tossed up around off, pushes it uppishly towards cover-point

end of over 581 run
PAK: 171/9CRR: 2.94 
Mohammad Abbas0 (10)
Azhar Ali65 (132)
Neil Wagner 13-4-27-2
Ajaz Patel 23-4-59-4
Wagner to Abbas, no run

goes for the bouncer, Abbas does well to duck under it. Survives another one. Pakistan only five away now

Yasir: "Wagner has bowled 13 Overs in this spell."

Over the wicket. Silly point, short leg

Wagner to Azhar Ali, 1 run

pitched short but doesn't bounce at all, was a slower one I think, Azhar adjusts well and dabs it towards third man

Tayyab: "Will Azhar Ali finish like how Inzi did vs Bangladesh?" -- Inzamam was also one of two unbeaten batsmen when they won by one wicket against Australia in Karachi

Wagner to Azhar Ali, no run

looks to scoop it over the keeper, this is pressure now. Moved across to the length ball but didn't get anything on it

Wagner to Azhar Ali, no run

short outside off, pulls it towards midwicket this time, more like a drag this one, still no run

Wagner to Azhar Ali, no run

another pull down to fine leg, doesn't take the single

Someone asked for the scorecard of Ind-WI draw with scores level. Here you go

Wagner to Azhar Ali, no run

short delivery from around the wicket, pulls it down towards deep backward square leg

end of over 571 run
PAK: 170/9CRR: 2.98 
Azhar Ali64 (127)
Mohammad Abbas0 (9)
Ajaz Patel 23-4-59-4
Neil Wagner 12-4-26-2
Patel to Azhar Ali, 1 run

down the track, Ajaz shortens his length but Azhar manages to push it down the ground for a single, to long-off

Patel to Azhar Ali, no run

goes for the reverse sweep, Williamson is at short third man, makes a good stop

Patel to Azhar Ali, no run

length ball, stays in his crease and blocks

Patel to Azhar Ali, no run

use of feet and drives it along the ground towards long-off

Patel to Azhar Ali, no run

short, some room there, goes for the cut. Williamson is there at third man

Patel to Azhar Ali, no run

fuller on the stumps, defended from the crease